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Took your time or rushed it sorta? I've had my Scarlet for about roughly I think 2mo I think now and I've mostly left it idled. I did, however pick up most of the gifts except the sandwich ingredients from December. Also including the Pikachu. As of now I'm on the 4th gym and haven't felt rushed or in a hurry to play it much or beat. How about you guys?


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A little over a week. Spent more time exploring than usual (mainly for Pokemon). Was not thorough, however. Barely touched the edges and northern third of Paldea.
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Roughly a month to complete all of the story and the PokeDex.
I explored as thoroughly as Miraidon would let me at the time of passing through an area and would go back later 😁

Badges collected: 18
Paldea Pokédex: 400 / 400
Shiny Pokémon battled: 7
Recipes collected: 66
Total Playtime: 126:29

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I think around 3 or 4 weeks? Including finishing the dex. Normally I play slower but Pokémon is just so fun that I blast through it. Always have fun aha.


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Badges: 5
Pokédex: 152 Caught / 193 Seen
Shiny: 2
Recipes: 26
Playtime: 032:53

I play pretty slowly - went counter-clockwise around the map, I’ve done all the way up through the area where you find the Titan Orthworm, taking on Klawf, 1 Team Star and 3 Gyms in the process. Also a successful shiny hunt (Dreepy) and an unsuccessful one (Shuppet).

The game is…good! But I finally got really into PLA (Again, slow - about 90 hours and I’ve only half explored Cobalt Coastlands, still just have Wyrdeer and Ursaluna), finished off BDSP (well, minus Arceus obviously), and feel the draw on Gen VI / VII before they inevitably shut down WFC for those.

I was making good progress, but the fact that they Charizard was a post-game only battle put me off it in a major way, haven’t come back for the Greninja either (although a member has given me both Charmander and Froakie!). I’m making sure to do one of each format of ranked battles each month (actually won one in singles with my unevolved team haha), and regularly checking Serebii for event codes though.

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I don't remember exactly how long it took me with the games exactly, but it definitely took me a while. If I'm not mistaken, it took me like a month and half maybe to finish my goals in the game, which is much longer than any other Pokémon playthrough I've ever done. On average, I'm usually finished with a Pokémon game in like two weeks. However, much of this can be chalked up to the fact that I spent the vast majority of my time exploring Paldea and catching a ton of Pokémon rather than worrying about the story and the fact that I had to EV train my Pokémon "the hard way" this time. By that, I mean I normally save myself the trouble by simply breeding Pokémon with great IVs in a previous game that I've already completed, EV-training them with vitamins instead of battles, transferring them to the newest game while they're freshly hatched at level 1 using Pokémon HOME, and beginning my adventure with them in the new game. Doing this, I only have to EV train my Starter, which is super easy. However, this is the first game where I was unable to do this, as I got Pokémon Violet shortly after release day without Pokémon HOME compatibility. (I was able to trade for EV-trained Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond). I was able to get the Pokémon I wanted to begin my adventure with in trades in Pokemon Violet, but my friend that I traded with couldn't do any EV training. Thus, I had to EV train all my Pokémon from scratch, which took a good minute. It was worth it though because it was fun and the fact that I was able to do it despite not doing it in a while proved to me that I still got it! I also found that because of the free roam gameplay and the ability to avoid or even run from trainers made EV training much easier this generation.

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Well, in terms of completing the story, it didn't take me more than a week. I started quite slow, then at some point I just started getting the badges. After defeating Grusha as my 4th gym, I collected all the badges, defeated all the dominants (minus I couple I had battled before the 4th gym) and Team Star (same stuff as dominants) in like an afternoon. Then I defeated Arven, Penny and the League in one day. Then another day to complete the Area 0 thing. In general both like from 2 to 3 hours I guess. I don't know precisely. However, I haven't got yet into completing pokedex and other stuff.
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I finished the main story in three days, then played for three more and put the game down, with my playtime being around 50 hours by the end of it. I wasn't really rushing through or anything, but when I get into a game I tend to play for 8-10 hours a day until I'm satisfied, and with Pokemon I tend to drop everything else. There was a surprising amount of exploration for me to do, plus I wanted to get one of every Pokemon that I could without trading etc. and that always takes a few hours even with the regional Pokedex being painfully small in modern titles.


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I coulda swore I posted on here already... But I guess not.

I finished Violet in a week and a half(ish). I would've finished it much faster if I wasn't such a Dex maniac lol.
Though it took quite a bit longer for me to finish that, due to me not being on this site yet.
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Probably 2-3 weeks. I really took my time with this one because there was so much to explore. While exploring I’d find something new and get distracted exploring that. I did manage to complete a living dex along the way.
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About 3 weeks, though I normally would have taken a bit more time. I was playing alongside a friend though, so I went along with his pace (I try to complete the Pokedex more and more as I go along, he tends to just speed through, so there was a bit of pacing issue XD). Though, with the whole theme of treasuring your friends and such the game has, it felt fitting to play it that way.