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Posted June 16th, 2019
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Pokemon Giratina's Legend

Creator: Andrea
Rom base: RUBY USA
Language: ITA
Andrea (founder, scripter, tilesetter, grapher)
¶ Al ™ (Tilesetter, tileset palette, animation tile)
Pierz___ (Scripter, beta tester)
Simone O (Spriter, general help)
Paradox (Door animation)

The "Chosen One", the person who has been given the power to alter the past for a better life in the present!
This power, ended up in the wrong hands would lead to the ruin of the region Shinzo!
Team Rocket is ready to impossesarsi of this enormous power!
You, the chosen one be able to foil the plans of Team Rocket and maintain peace?


Download alpha 0.52:

How to apply the patch:
To be able to patch the ROM you need to use the Tsukuyomi UPS tool, available at the following link:
Then you will need to download a POKEMON RUBY (USA) rom and expand it to 32MB using the XSE.
Finally, apply the patch!

Important notes:
It appears that the ROM only works with specific versions of the VBA and certain settings.
- Make sure you use version 1.7.2 of the VBA and set it as follows: "Options> Emulator> Save Type> Flash 128K".
- If you are using Windows 10, be sure to run the emulator with the "windows 7 compatibility mode".
This way, you shouldn't have any problems with freeze or white screens!

Paradox: Animation Door
Chaos: House, rocks, trees, lake, Laboratory, cave
Interior: Alucus
Zito: House
Derlo: Market center
Zeno: Tilescreen
Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted June 16th, 2019
191 posts
6.9 Years
them insterted simply unlz I delete a pokemon.
With this asm routine copy the image into a byte offset, and aven't got to replace no.
Then through the script call routine by the command "callasm" and the offset in which you have inserted :)

Oh I forgot to say one thing:
It is probably going to use the day night and with routine asm season ;)
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