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Hi !
So yeah this might be a silly question seems like that, but i've a precise idea in mind.

Pretty much, I'd like to make the Oval Charm more powerful for testing purposes. If you own it, as long as you take the egg in the daycare, another egg will be ready for you.
I'd like to see how to setup that and make efficient.

I think it'd fit more in the Old Man Script, pretty much saying "if you have this item, then the $PokemonGlobal.daycareEgg = 1

But i'm not sure if it's the best way, i'm really new with that and couldn't something similar. I thought about using "$Trainer.has_item" but i'm not sure how to setup that.

Thanks a lot o/

Was able to figure out, It was a condition on a sprite with a check in the item bag.
Perfect <3