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How do you feel the monetization is on the Pokémon mobile games? This includes past games that have shut down as well as all the current ones. Did you find any to be particularly greedy, or some to be fairly generous?

Extra: What do you think about Pokémon, a series primarily marketed at kids, to have mobile games with a gacha system?


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For me atleast, someone who has been playing it since 2020, Pokemon Masters is one of the better gacha games for f2p players, it doesn't really require you to get the big new unit most of the time. Most of the content is perfectly clearable without paid units. Masters also has a pity system where if you spend about 1.5 months worth of f2p gems on a single banner, you get it guaranteed. So if you simply resist the temptation and save and only go for your favorites, your should get what you want without paying a dime.

Pokemon GO has the really bad ticket system for some events which I hate. You also only get remote raid passes once a week, which severely limits f2p players. So Pokemon GO is pretty pay to win.

Cafe Mix/Remix has been pretty pay to win as of late due to the introduction of the new delivery system, as the game was not originally designed with that in mind and still only gave you like 1000 acorns every month. This recent update though starting with Electrode seems to fix that issue as all the event rewards have been adjusted to give almost 5x more acorns than before.

Never played Unite.