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Started by Aquacorde March 26th, 2022 3:37 PM
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What would it be? What do you wanna play, if you could just wish it into existence and not have deal with any of the hard stuff involved? Setting, mechanics, schedule, character concepts, storylines... idk. Whatcha thinking about?

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The Pokemon Ranger RP I talked about like a year ago.

It's not Pokemon related but I'd love if I could RP JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Nothing sounds more fun than picking out a favorite song and designing a stand based on it and writing out all the crazy applications it could have sounds like a blast. Perhaps one of these days I could try to set it up myself because I like the idea that much, but I think I'm a ways off from being able to run one (although well I suppose that is the point of this thread, huh).

Anything Pokemon related? I dunno, something more relaxed so I can throw Jules into it and not have to stress about getting something out regularly while also being in two different RPs and dealing with general life stuff? I like Jules. Wish I could write him again.


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Shamelessly bringing up PMD role-plays again because I just can't get enough! It would be a fairly relaxed RP, but with mechanics/a small plot to start with so it doesn't have to be completely sandbox. Actually, maybe it's a totally free-reign RP where members can come up with their own quests/mini plots at their own pace, and JP with each other that way (some world-building will already be set as a guide, of course). But also important - there is the option to go solo, too. I know solo posting in an RP kind of defeats the point because it's meant to be social lol, so I'm in the minority who prefer it, but when you're stretched for time/energy then it's good to have a solo journey to fall back on. Keeps you writing and relaxed!

+1 for a Pokémon Ranger RP, too!

For a non-Pokémon RP? Well, I like RPs that are meaningful to me and my interests, so I'd be happy for all sorts of video game RPs, potentially! The most important thing for me is that any member can pick things up again and keep writing even if the plot slows down, or others are busy.
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Everything in life is a cycle and I have a one track mind lol. I talk about the others enough but I will say they've had enough of an impact on me to keep me thinking about them after all these years, only makes sense that I'd want to re-explore that with whatever my mind can conjure up now.

Which probably isn't much, but I like to hope.


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I'd really would love to play in a Johto adventure setting --

Like, where we can talk about the customs, traditions and beliefs in there, because Johto fascinates me with them, and tbh, I don't think any RP has really scratched the surface with them yet. ie. What were the "unnamed pokemon" that perished in the great fire? Why is Ho=oh awaiting a trainer with a pure heart? What roles do Entei, Suicine, and Raikou do? How do the Kimono Girls infulence all that? That sort of thing.

Like, it doesn't have to be perfect or to cannon, just take a leap of faith and make your own cannon, even! That's what kinda attracted me to Z/Spear, but would love it in a thought provoking manner in Johto too.

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I do approve of the idea of a Ranger RP because I'm just a Ranger stan in general.

Something that I can see being fun are things in a "Legends" vibe RP? Like, settling a new land, discovering stuff, etc.

I guess I kinda want to see the Superhero RP that starwalker mentioned some time ago, too?
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Maid RP.... please make it happen
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We sorta talked about it in the Square One thread... but just like an adventure style through one (or multiple depending on how long people stay interested) of the canon regions. Something similar to the games stories... just sorta creating a world where people live, some people go battling and gym training, others do the contest thing and some people just live and work with cool pokemon friends. Maybe an evil team/other bad guy does the thing and unlikely allies have to stop the thing. I dunno man...

Also... a Star Fox RP would be kinda fun... thats a world I havent visited in a long time... also Perfect Dark... when I was super young I was part of a huge-ish forum RP... thems were fun times too.

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battlestar galactica rp


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An rp about chimeras and or animal people. Or, perhaps Pokemon Chimeras, since this is a Pokemon forum. (People that can transform into PokeMeras struggling to live in a Pokemon trainer society). This is pretty self indulgent of me, though.
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