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Started by Sheep March 24th, 2022 1:04 AM
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The series has so many evolution methods at this point, from simple ones like leveling up a little to more obscure things like taking a certain amount of damage and going to a specific location. Are there any evolution methods you'd change for certain Pokémon? What would you change them to?


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Tyrogue - Make it evolve into Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan with evolutionary stones, and into Hitmontop simply at level 20.

Salandit - Make it evolve regardless of its gender.

Galarian Yamask - Make it evolve by using a Dusk Stone on it, or by levelling up at the Dusty Bowl.

Milcery - Remove the spinning requirement for evolution.

Basculin - Make it evolve by learning Double-Edge.

Qwilfish - Make it evolve by learning Barb Barrage.

Stantler - Make it evolve by learning Psyshield Bash.

Ursaring - Make it evolve by using a Peat Block at night.

All trade evolutions - Bring the Linking Cord from PLA over to the main games, and make it obtainable like any other evolutionary stone.

Karrablast and Shelmet - Level up with any of the other line in your team.

Deino, Zweilous, Vanillite, Vanillish, Larvesta, Rufflet, Vullaby, Pawniard, Golett, Mienfoo, Tynamo, Litwick, Klink, Goomy, and Dreepy - Lower their evolution levels.

Wurmple - Make it evolve into Silcoon at day, and into Cascoon at night.

Galarian Farfetch'd - Make it evolve by level. Maybe level 35?
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Tyrogue's is already mentioned, but the evolution method is annoying enough when you're aiming for a specific one that I'm gonna mention it again =p
Stones would be one option, another could be time of day based, or perhaps from the moves it learns.
Tyrogue currently learns no moves through level up. Just have it learn 1 of each move specific to one of the evos: Mach Punch at level 12 for Hitmonchan, Low Kick at level 16 for Hitmonlee, Rapid Spin at level 20 for Hitmontop. Tyrogue starts with 4 moves and learns nothing else through level up, so whichever of the three moves you let it learn would let it evolve into the corresponding Hitmon on the next level up.

Also the really obscure evolution methods that basically require you to look them up such as Runerigus or Sirfetch'ds. Could make Runerigus a level 34 evo like Cohagrigus. Sirfetch'd could be either a stone or happiness evo.

Trade evos that require held items. These are just a pain and you can get scammed too easily. Just make the current held item a usable item like an evolution stone.

Wurmple... please just give us some control over what it evolves into. It's pretty much just RNG whether you get Silcoon or Cascoon. Easiest would probably be to just make Silcoon a daytime evo and Cascoon a nighttime evo.

Nincada. I don't mind needing a free party slot for Shedinja. What I do mind is that it only counts Pokeballs. So Great Balls, Net balls etc don't work. I'd change it so it works with any type of pokeball that you can buy in a pokemart rather than only the default pokeball.

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Anything that requires trading: make it like Legends Arceus.

Evos from LA that require using moves in Strong/Agile style: change them to evolutions on move learned.

Crabrawler: Kinda needs to change so that it can evolve outside Alola. Just level up in an icy location I guess...

Level 30+ defeat a wild Shelder with a Water type move > Slowbro
Level 30+ defeat a wild Shelder with a Psychic type move > Slowking

Not a fan of Tyrogue's evolution method, but not a fan of how EVs work to begin with either. Add some tweaks to EV mechanics and Tyrogue evolution might not be an issue anymore.
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Can I just say I agree with most of these, especially removing trading and lowering levels? And I'd like to add a few more:

Feebas to Milotic: High friendship, level 20 just like Magikarp to Gyarados, or just level up with the Prism Scale. Adding a new trade evolution so late was... not Game Freak's brighest idea.

Rockruff to Dusk Lycanroc: Have it evolve at sundown hours regardless of Ability.

Combee and Salandit: Have them evolve regardless of gender, but give the males new evolutions. Something like a crawling grave-robber for Salandit, and a white-knight drone for Combee.

Espurr to Meowstic: Remove the gendered requirement; have the female form be a daytime evolution, and the male form be a nighttime evolution.

Exeggcute to A-Exeggutor, Pikachu to A-Raichu, Cubone to A-Marowak: Alola Stone. Alternatively, Sun Stone for Exeggcute, (level up with) Big Malasada for Pikachu, and Reaper Cloth or Dusk Stone for Cubone.

Koffing to G-Weezing: Galar Stone or an exclusive item - Air Purifier, perhaps?

Scyther to Kleavor, Stantler to Wyrdeer, Ursaring to Ursaluna, Goomy to H-Sliggoo, Quilava to H-Typhlosion, Dewott to H-Samurott, Dartrix to H-Decidueye, Rufflet to H-Braviary, Petilil to H-Lilligant, Bergmite to H-Avalugg: Hisui Stone or Hisui/Historical Scroll.

Pokémon who got regional forms with evolutions when the originals have none like Qwilfish, Corsola, Linoone, Farfetch'd, Mr. Mime and Basculin: Have them evolve into new forms too, to level the playing field.


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Will weigh in on the Tyrogue situation. Considered doing it by natures, like Toxel. Prefers a different route: moves. Shifts Helping Hand to its evolutions. Learns three new moves at level 15: Mach Punch, Low Kick, and Rapid Spin. Automatically learns one at 15 with its open moveslot. Evolves based on the move highest up of its four moves. Remains Tyrogue if you somehow have none of them.

Dislikes most of the "evolve by knowing [move]", incidentally, due to many not being good. Misses it too easily. Hid Piloswine's Ancientpower behind a move relearner.

Piloswine, Tangela, and Yanma: Evolves by holding an old item (such as a fossil, Old Gateau, or Rare Bone), defeating a chain of 10 Pokemon caught with an Old Rod, or defeating a Pokemon in an old place (like Ruins of Alph). Adds a back-up of evolving at 10 + the level of the learned move (or previous evolution, in Piloswine's case).

Lickitung: Evolve at level 40 OR use Lick and Wrap a combined 20 times.

Aipom: Evolve at level 35 OR hit a combined total of 50 times with Fury Attack and Double Hit.

Bonsly and Mime Jr: Evolve at level 17 and 24, respectively. Why is the world did Mime Jr learn Mimic at level 15 in Sun/Moon, but 32 in Sword/Shield?

Lifts the gender lock on evolutions. Increases the evolution level for the previously locked evolution by 7. Retains some flavor that way. Disregards cases like male Vespiquens sounding incorrect. Lived with female Mr. Mimes before now.

Covered trade evolutions already.

Switches Sunkern to participate in three battles under sunlight OR level 30. Tacks on "or level 60" for Sliggoo. Allows Rain Dance and Sunny Day to work as well.
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I would change the Basculin evolution method but I can't think of anything, any suggestions?


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All trading evolution to have an option to be able to just hold the item since, nowadays, you can't really trade without spending money on Nintendo Switch Online. Give us that link cable thingy they put in Legends and make it an item in future games.
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Legends introduced some great evo changes, we absolutely should have that going forward. It's a little restrictive to force people to need to trade to evolve certain things especially when most trade partners are found on the internet and you'd need a NSO subscription to gain access to that. Not everyone has a friend irl who can come over and help them with this! So yes, please give us easier alternatives.

Also, while Espeon and Umbreon's evolution methods are interesting, I just wish we could use the Sun and Moon Stone on them. Same with Glaceon and Leafeon with Ice and Leaf Stone. But I guess that's too same-y and maybe not that interesting to them? But I would personally love that consistency. :x

I would change the Basculin evolution method but I can't think of anything, any suggestions?
Something like getting to lv. 40 and having used Double-Edge at least 10 times would be okay I think. Not as tedious as in Legends imo?


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The really obscure ones that have been present lately. Like ursaring during a full moon, galar farteched with 3 critical hits, holding the system upside down, etc.


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Do Mega Evolutions count here? Because there's one Pokémon that would definitely benefit from having its Mega "degraded" to a regular form change - Diancie.

Remove the Mega Evolution requirement to access her second form, and make it so that you can power her up through a regular held item, as happens when Hoopa changes forms with the Prison Bottle. I'd call it Rose Diamond or Precious Diamond.

Why they made Diancie not change forms regularly like most other Mythicals and locked her precious second form behind a Mega Stone is beyond me.


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Just Milcery. As someone who got all 72, it gets old pretty fast.

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