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i was annoyed when i saw that no one else had made a thread for this yet, so i made one
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Doesn't seem to be much talk of the manga full-stop on here...

I've decided to buy all the ones featuring characters I know, which means Vol. 1 through HGSS, and ORAS (I originally read up to some events at Mt Coronet late in DP, and also the start of HGSS). Are you a long-time reader? Would you recommend I keep going, fill in the gaps and get SwSh?


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I haven't read this arc yet. But, I'm glad they avoided naming the main characters straight up "Sword and Shield" by changing their first names to Casey and Henry as...awfully different as those names are to Tsurugi and Tate.

I plan to pick it up soon. But, I have to finish up the S/M chapters first, honestly.
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It's forever funny to me that their last names are Sword and Shield like if I were to name my weapon, it would be Henry, and my defense ad-blocker, goddamn Casey.
I also headcanon Casey as somewhere on the AS or perhaps someone with ADHD, like Black.