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~Stand By Me, My Friend~ Doraemon Fan Club!

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Old May 3rd, 2015 (5:33 AM).
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    Stand By Me, My Friend

    Doraemon, Is the childhood memories, The Twinkling stars, The Hanging Happiness,The Jingle Lights, The Fun of eternity for me. It is indeed a show for child, But still no one can hold themselves watching it again and again.

    Welcome to My Doraemon Club! Even if this is club based on a show for kids, i can't tell how many of the adults here can stay away from the show. I really am i big fan of this show. This anime made me reckon my own true self. The inner self of mine. This show have given me many lifetime lessons. Like the lesson of Never losing hope,Never to abandon a friend, To help other people in any cost, To look forward towards our dream and make them come true, to change the future by changing today, And more..

    Doraemon could be sometime very annoying, sometimes Funny, And sometimes emotional. But despite the unacceptable things in this anime, it is and forever will be my way of ceasing gloom situations from making us chuck our own inner self.


    1. Follow all of PC's and The Fan Club $ Groups rule!' rules.

    2. Please don't spam, troll or harass. Nor post sexual content.

    3. Be respectful and don't disrespect any one, anything!

    4. All are free to post their own reason Of having a bad vision towards the show(if they think its unacceptable for people) They can just simply express it kindly, No getting rude!


    Name :
    Some words to describe how they feel about the show:
    Reason of Joining:
    Answer to the topic (Any topic from our topic list)

    22nd century's People

    *What have you learned by watching Doraemon?
    *Do you find Nobita's some things unacceptable? if so than also tell what you like about him
    *Describe a little about your favorite character in the show and why you love him/her


    My Club |Paired With IndianCharizard |

    Old May 3rd, 2015 (12:24 PM).
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    bumping this up and approvingggg~

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