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Hello there, Pokemon Down Under is a Fangame featuring a cast of new Fakemon that takes place within an Australian-based region called the Bormel Region. It’s a region known for its varying landscape from the lush forest to the outback and it’s diverse Pokemon. We are currently in the early stages of development with the First Town and Route 1 being made, although not finished. We will be working with Essentials for this project.

You’d embark on a journey with you and your rival Liam and get your a starter(Embat the Fire Bat, Venopus the Water Platypus, and Caileaf the Grass Crocodile Pokemon) from professor Sequoia. From there you’d go on your basic 8 badged quest going against an evil organization called Team Noir. They are an organization willing to do anything in the name of profit with their leader remaining to be an enigma to this very day.

The game’s story takes place before Red And Blue with the theme itself is "Change". The Pokemon League itself is at a time where it’s still trying to find it’s identity leading to 3 types of gyms emerging:
-Tournee-styled Gyms:Your classic battle to-the-top styled tournee with field effects to spice things up allowing a challenge for your average trainer .

-Trial-Styled Gyms:They are more-so based around a route and while still having a puzzle element are mostly there to test your skill as a trainer.

-Basic-Gyms:Your normal gyms that are within a building and feature a puzzle.

We are looking for Idea makers, Artists, and Spriters to make this project happen!![/html][/QUOTE]

Credit goes to : , Kyledove, Saurave, rhevarhe_duh, ShinyLugia249, MechaMudskipper, POKEM4NlAC, 07harris/Paranoid,
19dante91, 27alexmad27, 874521, Alistair, Alucus, Atomika, Bakura155 ,Blue Beedrill ,Boomxbig, Bulbapedia and Bulbaforums ,chimcharsfireworkd ,Chio ,CNickC/CNC ,Dewitty ,Flood, Fused,
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These are the ones responsible for the tilesets shown on the maps.[/QUOTE]