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Idea High Fantasy Pokémon

Started by Petuuuhhh August 7th, 2019 12:18 PM
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I was just thinking of making Pokémon into a high fantasy game. It would require quite a few mechanic rewrites, but would be completely doable in pokeemerald. Instead of moves, you have weapons, shields, and magic. These are gained through TMs/HMs, Move Tutors, and breeding. Level up moves would be replaced with looting enemy corpses - yeah, I know, I said corpse in a Pokémon game, but this isn’t a traditional Pokémon game. Lol. Anyway, enemies would spawn weapons/shields/spells, which are TMs. HMs would be special and obtained not through loot, of course.

Or maybe I could have unarmed attacks and special magic powers be level up moves. I’m making this up as I go. Armor would be items that you equip. Weapons/shields/spells would have wear replacing PP, and once it reaches zero, it would break. Wear would carry over once you unequip the weapon/shield/spell - going to refer to that as Weapon Shield Spell or WSS for now on.

So there would need to be a rewrite of the TM function that makes the player able to have individual WSSs. Also, instead of Pokémon, you’d have characters. Instead of using Balls, you’d have recruitment attempts.

Enemies would be more frequently found as overworld sprites, replacing trainers. However, some of these enemies could be recruitable. But, wild grass could be also used as enemy spawn areas.

I probably can’t make this hack, but I thought someone might be interested in taking it up for themselves.
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