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*Sitting in a very disgustingly slimey pool*

Stupid, dang Grimer get off my face.... Oh hi boils and ghouls, come to see exactly what the heck "Tales from the Pokmon Crypt" is? Well i suppose I'll tell y...ahhhh get off, get off! *Throws Grimer down* As I was saying *glares at Grimer* hey this reminds me of a story about a young trainer who had the same problem of getting rid of an unwanted guest.......

"Go, Thor! Use your Thunder attack!" Jimmy commanded his Ampharos.Thor powered up and released an incredibly powerful blast of electricity.

"Quick, Wobbufett use your Mirror Coat!" The opponent trainer shouted. Wobbufett glowed a strange color as the electricity hit him. It bounced off and shot back in the direction of the unaware Ampharos.

"Look out!" Jimmy cried, but it was too late Ampharos was pounded by the strong Electric attack and was sent flying, knocking Jimmy down....

Jimmy rolled out of bed and hit his head on the night-table.

"OWWWWWWW!" He bellowed as he began to rub his head. "Stupid dream!" He climbed back into his soft, warm bed and stared up at the ceiling. CREEEEEEEEEEKKKK! An odd, loud noise came from the attic.

"Wha...wha...what was that?" Jimmy quivered. THUD! CREEK...creeeeek...CREEK! "Thor is that you?" Jimmy questioned but then he noticed his small Mareep sleeping at the foot of his bed. Shaking slighty, Jimmy got out of his cozy bed, grabbed a flashlight and headed for the trapdoor in the hall. He jumped up and grabbed on to the string to the dusty, old door. THWACK! The ladder quickly came down and nailed him in the face.

"Stupid....ladder...." Jimmy mumbled as he rubbed his head once again. Slowly he edged his way up the wooden ladder and then peeked around the attic, still standing on the second-to-the-top-step. He turned the flashlight around looking in the small circle of light it produced. Suddenly an eerie shadow shot past the light. Jimmy fumbled with the flashlight and it fell to the ground. CREEEEEEEK! A sound came from behind him....Jimmy whipped his head around but he couldn't see anything in the now pitch black room. He quickly looked down to see where the flashlight had fallen, then he looked back up straight into two very large red eyes.

"AHhhhhh" Jimmy shouted as he lost his grip on the ladder and also fell to the ground.

"Jimmy, what the heck are you doing!" His mom shouted at him loudly as she emerged from her bedroom.

"Mom there's something in the attic!!" Jimmy cried, shaking strongly now.

"What are you talking about....?" His mom said tiredly as she grabbed the flashlight and began to climb the wooden steps. "There's nothing up hu...." She shot up into the attic and let out a blood-curdling scream.

"Mom!" Jimmy cried, he looked up into the square off darkness in the ceiling. The flash light shot down and hit him in the face.

"OW....Cheeses, Dairy and Hostess!" He cried as he rubbed his face once again. "Now you've gone and pissed me off!" He said angrily as he too began to climb the ladder.

He quickly reached the top hopped into the room and hit the light switch. The room was illuminated at once but to Jimmy's surprise all he saw was his mom lieing there unconsious and a small rattata.

"What the heck!" Jimmy shouted, when all of the sudden....POOF! The rattata turned into a very large Gengar and flew straight at Jimmy. ZZZZZAAAAPPPPPP! The Gengar was hit by a blast of electricity from below and fell to the floor...POOF it turned into a pink pile of goop known as Ditto.

"Thanks Thor, I owe ya one!" Jimmy shouted down to his yellow-sheep Pokmon and then he crawled over to his mom to see if she was alright. She woke up and seemed to have forgotten what had happened.

"How'd I get here...?" She asked.

"Well you see.." Jimmy began but his mom suddenly slapped him hard on the forehead.

"OOWWWWWW WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT FOR!" Jimmy shouted furiously.

"Geez, sorry, there was a fly on your head. Now go back to sleep" She replied with a yawn.

*Still sitting in a disgusting pool* So as you can see things aren't always as they seem. *Removes face mask to reveal a hideously ugly old man* MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *Grimer jumps back onto face* GET THIS STUPID THING OFF ME!!!!

(lol, please tell me what you think!! :P)