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Pokémon FULL EXTOL - Black Silence [M] (IC)

Started by Neo Emolga October 11th, 2015 1:08 PM
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It's been three days since Suncatcher Island went from being a vacation destination to a sick and twisted science experiment. And you've been in the middle of it ever since.

The deception went off quickly. Day one, all civilian communications went dead, the only airport on the island was shut down with no flights having any clearance to leave, and all three harbors on the island underwent lockdown. Anyone caught trying to escape to Hoenn, the next closest mainland, was caught by unknown assailants. Initial rumors suspected Team Aqua or some other criminal organization. But it was much worse than that.

Since then, there's been hysteria and many reported missing or dead. Chemical agents have been deployed in populated areas that either mutate people and Pokémon, or just outright kill them in grizzly ways as what appear to be failed science experiments. Others have reported seeing disoriented Pokémon that show evidence of having once been human, trying to seek help from people who don't even know what's going on.

It's been three days now, and everyone on the island has been under the threat of what has been revealed as EXTOL, a deranged, scientific, cult-like organization that has been capturing humans and their Pokémon and using them for twisted experimentation. Witnesses have reported seeing strange individuals in high-tech orange and black hazmat suits deploying the chemical agents, capturing innocent civilians, and gunning down or using their Pokémon to neutralize anyone posing as a serious threat.

Rumors have been going around that several of the chemical agents have turned humans into half-human, half-Pokémon creatures. Others have reported seeing humans turned completely into Pokémon, and others confirm even stranger mutations, or failed mutations resulting in death. The truth is Hoenn knows nothing about the incident and EXTOL has been manipulating communications, hacking servers, putting double-agents within the emergency response branches of Hoenn's municipalities, and doing everything they can to make the situation seem perfectly normal to buy themselves as much time as possible. By the time Hoenn finds out, it may be too late for anyone to intervene.


By now, half the island seems to have gone missing or is confirmed dead. Beyond even that, half of the survivors have shown evidence of being the victim of twisted, mad experimentation. Some of them are now fully Pokémon, whether they were transformed into one or were mind-swapped with one of their own Pokémon. Many others have been turned into half-Pokémon, half human creatures called Pokémorphs. And the experimentations have gone even beyond that madness. Some of these victims have been force-evolved into Pokémon forms that shouldn't even exist, while others have been turned into a creature of multiple Pokémon combined together. Growth mutagens, contagions, and other macabre supplemental experimentation have been confirmed as well. It seems as the days go on, the results are getting worse and more monstrous.

No one knows all the details about EXTOL, but if insane research like this were to be leaked or even sold, it would have extremely deadly consequences and would threaten the world. As a survivor, somehow, you need to fight back and escape. So far, no one living has managed to escape from the island, but somehow you need to make it to Hoenn. But you also need evidence. Making it to Hoenn alone won't be enough unless they are convinced there is a real problem and they have enough intel to make an emergency response. Some of the victims, however, worry as to what kind of response that might entail. Already tensions have begun to arise between victims that are convinced they would be euthanized by military intervention and those seeking rescue.


  • Witnesses and victims of the experimentation have reported there are multiple secret facilities on the island dedicated to the unethical testing, and it can be easily assumed many are still there. Those that survive are only released for further testing later and to monitor their activity as a social experiment. Most of these survivors have implant trackers to monitor their behavior, vitals, and locations, so escaping for them will be significantly harder.
  • Of the three harbors that exist on the island, almost none of the ships that could make the trip to the Hoenn mainland are still operable. Those that attempted to escape using their Pokémon were also never heard from again. There also haven't been any reports of seeing EXTOL watercraft or aircraft. The only airport on the island has been shut down, and most of the planes there have been rendered inoperable.
  • EXTOL field operatives and scientists have been reported being seen with orange and black hazmat suits, military uniforms, and lab coats with a -shaped EXTOL insignia on their uniforms, weaponry, and equipment. Most of them are wearing masks and other covering on their faces to avoid being seen. It is known that EXTOL has been refraining from using any of their chemical agents or experiments on each other, however.
  • Island Population situation:
    • ¼ of the island population has been confirmed dead.
    • ¼ of the island population has gone missing or has been captured. Chances are good these people will either soon be dead or will be mutated.
    • ¼ have been confirmed as mutated. This includes people that have been fully turned into Pokémon, transformed into Pokémorphs, or some other form of mutation. These afflicted creatures are capable of using Pokémon attacks and abilities.
    • ¼ are still humans that are accounted for. This statistic, however, is rapidly dropping.


There are plenty of current mysteries regarding the situation. These are storyline basepoints that can be decided as the RP moves along.

  • No one knows most of the details about EXTOL, such as who their leader is, what their goals are, and what they plan on doing with the results of the live human and Pokémon experiments. No one really knows how exactly how many operatives and scientists are involved either, but there are clear indications there are at least a few thousand. Some suspect it may be a terrorist group, a paramilitary organization, or simply a highly-funded group of fanatics that promised power and survival to their sponsors while the rest of the world burns.
  • EXTOL technology seems to be extremely advanced and unlike any other. Case in point, most civilians would not know how to use it. Their firearms are protected with biometrics that only allow for authorized personnel to use them. So far, their equipment and personnel have been deceptive and make it appear that everything on Suncatcher Island is perfectly fine.
  • No one on Suncatcher Island is aware of what's going on in Hoenn or if anyone on the mainland has been notified yet. There are rumors that "some guy" might have made it, but there's no confirmation. Oddly enough, no one has arrived at the island either for quite some time now. No one is sure how EXTOL is handling this to ensure the island remains isolated from the outside world.
  • No one is currently aware of any means to reverse the effect of the mutagens. At the current moment, no one has been able to apprehend an EXTOL operative for questioning about this.


Large locations are marked with a large dot while smaller locations and towns are marked with a small one. Locations marked in red are known EXTOL locations, although EXTOL operatives have spread to most of the other locations on the map.


Angel City - To the south, Angel City is one of the oldest and most historical cities on the island, but has still changed and kept up to date with technology and innovation, but many of the buildings are historical and cultural. St. Anne Seaport often the place where cruise ships arrive and there all kinds of boats to tour the island and other recreational vessels. Many sailboats, houseboats, and personal watercrafts can be seen in the harbor here as well.
CURRENT STATUS - Currently contested by the resistance movement and EXTOL, the stranded civilians are trying hard to keep a hold of Angel City and its major seaport, but at the moment, any ship that could have provided an escape from the island has been seized by EXTOL or destroyed. The stranded freight ships are too slow to make any kind of escape, and would either have to be extremely well-defended to have any kind of a chance to make it to the mainland. EXTOL would definitely not let any of these ships escape easily, and most of them have been disabled.

Dayside City - Dayside City is a modern, hip, and urbanized hotspot for tourist attractions, entertainment, souvenirs, gaming, gambling, and Pokémon battling tournaments. Most of the architecture is very modern and even cyberpunk in some regards with neon lights, futuristic designs, and concept construction. Anyone on vacation is bound to be drawn to spend a lot of money here.
CURRENT STATUS - Dayside is currently a warzone between EXTOL operatives and resisting civilians. A massive amount of people and Pokémon became afflicted here due to the dropped mutagens, and for the most part, the tests were successful and the mutations succeeded with little to no side-effects in terms of physical or mental trauma, besides the shock of the transformations. EXTOL has been trying to capture these mutated survivors to experiment further, but resistance has been heavy and the mutated victims have no intention of letting EXTOL do even more damage.

Highloft - Highloft is a city mainly for resident locals that want a place away from the tourist attractions and fanfare. Unlike the other major cities of Suncatcher Island, Highloft is away from the beaches and mostly has rocky coasts. Like Angel City, Highloft is an older city that also offers many historical sights, but is usually not the first place tourists seek out to explore. Within the city itself, Fairchild Seaport is the oldest and largest commercial seaport and is mainly where most of the island's ship-carried imports come from. The dockyards here are mostly filled with shipping crates, shipping containers, and large freight carriers. Meanwhile, large cranes, warehouses, and dockyards are present as well.
CURRENT STATUS - While most places in Highloft are without power, save for ones that have generators, generally not too much damage has been done to the locals, although they have been trying to seek outside help, but their radio frequencies have been intercepted and hijacked by EXTOL's operative. Meanwhile, the stranded freight ships are too slow to make any kind of escape, and would either have to be extremely well-defended to have any kind of a chance to make it to the mainland. EXTOL would definitely not let any of these ships escape easily, and most of them have been disabled.


The Golden Hibiscus Resort - This upscale, 4-star resort sports a Hawaiian theme and has plenty of facilities and activities including scuba diving, sailing, sandy beaches, fishing, three restaurants, three pools, tennis courts, a golf course, an onsite Pokémon Center, two Pokémon battling arenas, and 300 rooms all with free Wi-Fi. The Golden Hibiscus is one of the highest-rated and most popular resorts on Suncatcher Island and uses a Bellossom named Jubilee as its promotional mascot.
CURRENT STATUS - Only lightly damaged from the attacks, EXTOL operations struck hard on this resort, but the mutagens deployed where mainly non-lethal ones that ended up mutating and transforming most of the occupants. Some of the afflicted were captured, but for the most part, the resistance movement has managed to keep EXTOL operations from apprehending any more victims. It is unlikely they will be able to hold out for long, however.

Sunrise Eve Resort - Slightly smaller than the Golden Hibiscus, this Japanese-themed 250 room resort features a serine beach, two pools, two restaurants, and many other onsite activities including a Pokémon battling arena and Pokémon Center. Many of the buildings have a pagoda-style architecture style while tranquil lakes, gardens, and flowerbeds are scattered throughout the resort.
CURRENT STATUS - Damage to the resort facilities has been minimal, but this resort was one of the first places that were hit the hardest by EXTOL, and it was confirmed that most of the mutagen gases that were deployed on this resort were in fact very fatal. Not too many unaffected individuals are still here besides twisted corpses of a failed experimental mutagen. Many of the toxic mutagen fumes are still present, and it is extremely risky to go here without some kind of protection. Meanwhile, plenty of EXTOL operatives are still in the area looking for stragglers and are conducting research, collecting data, and gathering samples from the deadly results of the mutagen deployment.

Sea Breeze Resort - The smallest of the three resorts, Sea Breeze is a 180 room resort with two pools (one outdoor, one indoor), gym, one restaurant, sandy beaches, a Pokémon Center, a Pokémon battling arena, and sailing. For the most part, Sea Breeze is mainly a modern resort without much of a theme, but it is appreciate for those looking for a smaller, quieter, cheaper resort as opposed to the more expensive ones up north.
CURRENT STATUS - This resort has only seen minimal involvement from the EXTOL strikes, and has become somewhat of a fortified haven for humans and a few of the afflicted mutants. Currently, this resort is trying to get electronic communications back online, but most of their attempts have only met with failure.


Fisher Desalination Plant - This plant provides most of the drinking and bathing water for the entire island, although smaller plants exist in some of the major cities. Most of the equipment is very modern and is able to keep up with the population growth of the island over the years, but usually only the locals see and work at this plant.
CURRENT STATUS - This plant has faced only minimal harassment from EXTOL and still largely remains in control of the locals, as controlling the island's water supply isn't as high of a priority for EXTOL as keeping control of some of the other major utility areas on the island.

Jukon Power Plant - The Jukon Power Plant is the only power plant on the island, able to provide enough electric power for the entire island to function. This fusion power plant is able to provide clean energy with no environment risk. The site is typically not seen by visitors on vacation and mainly employs local workers and transfers.
CURRENT STATUS - EXTOL fully controls the Jukon Power Plant, and they have taken most locations except their own off the power grid. The plant is heavily guarded by EXTOL operatives, as losing the plant could compromise their operations significantly.

Suncatcher International Airport - As the only airport on the island, this airport is the way most tourists come in and head back home, although there are plenty of visitors that arrive by cruise ship as well. On a normal day, typically thirty commercial flights will depart and arrive.
CURRENT STATUS - EXTOL operatives have full control over the airport, and no planes are able to depart. A few flights are still arriving, but as soon as they land, EXTOL seizes the plane and all passengers on board. No one besides EXTOL has managed to figure out what becomes of them.


Farwind Naval Base - As the main naval base of Suncatcher Island, Farwind is in the northwestern coast of Suncatcher island, also away from the tourist attractions. Farwind is also under the ownership of the Hoenn Navy, and houses several battleships, submarines, cruisers, destroyers, and a single aircraft carrier.
CURRENT STATUS - This naval base was an absolute priority one for EXTOL to wipe out first before any radio communications were sent out. EXTOL didn't even use experimental mutagens, they simply killed off almost every naval soldier, officer, and Pokémon in the immediate area before any of them could raise an alarm. EXTOL then purged the lethal gasses, disposed of the bodies, and assimilated the position of the Hoenn Navy. So far, it seems their plan has worked. At the current moment, the Hoenn Navy hasn't suspected something went wrong. In the meantime, EXTOL maintains adamant control over the naval base and ensures no one even gets close to it.

Karn Airforce Base - Home to just a small portion of the Hoenn Air Force, this base houses plenty of military combat planes and helicopter as well as training facilities, hangars, barracks, and housing for Hoenn's combat pilots and their families.
CURRENT STATUS - Like the Farwind Naval Base, Karn was one of the first targets attacked in order for EXTOL to disarm all of Suncatcher's military outposts. After assimilating the Hoenn Air Force, EXTOL has been using their planes and helicopters to make sure no one tries to leave the island or interfere with their operations.


These locations are marked in red on the map. These are the only known EXTOL locations. There are several others that have not be discovered, reported, and distributed among the resistance and the victims. At the current moment, the main base of operations for EXTOL has not been discovered.

EXTOL Weapon and Bunker Base - Only a few have been able to scout this location, but it is known that this is a major weapon hold and area where EXTOL's operatives have been staying. Not too many resistance members have been able to scout it, but it is known that a major EXTOL operation is located here.

Western EXTOL Labs - This is one of the many EXTOL labs that are on the island, but this one remains as the only one that has been found and charted. Several victims that have undergone mutations and transformations can all attest that a major EXTOL laboratory operation is within this forest. Many of these victims can also attest that these labs are still holding hundreds of humans and mutated victims for future experiments. Time is rapidly running out for them second by second.

EXTOL Naval Base - A small and concealed EXTOL naval base was found by one Hoenn Air Force pilot who was attempting to escape the siege that befell the Karn Base. After being nearly spotted, he turned back and managed to turn his way back to Pascal Town after walking for several days trying to escape EXTOL surveillance. Not much is known about this naval base, but rumor has it that it was originally a forgotten historical naval base that was repurposed for EXTOL's intentions.


Description: <This is their current description. If they've been affected by the experiments and have been changed physically, detail those descriptions, not what they looked like before.>
Personality: <Current personality, which may have been affected by the experimentation.>
Background: <History of your character and how they ended up on the island. If they were the victim of a EXTOL experiment during the past three days, provide the details here.>
Pokémon: <0-3, no legendaries.>
Other: <Any additional details you want to include>


Gelius "Slash" Jade Parker - Played by Gelius3
Brian Dominio - Played by Neo Emolga
Candall - Played by Godzil
Shaylee Thompson - Played by STARDU5T
Muz Gin - Played by Air Kosong
Claus Thantos - Played by Andydemon

Neo Emolga

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Brian Domino (Human)
Current Location: Sunset Beach Hotel
Affected RPers: N/A

For once, Brian thought he had lucked out by going cheap. Most of the larger resorts had already been bombed and he had seen what those bombs and bio weapons had done to people and Pokémon alike. Besides, he figured cutting back on the room freed up more cash for drinking.

He had all intentions of getting off the island as soon as possible, but that was going to be a difficult feat in itself. But with his girlfriend Karen missing, he needed to find her first before anything got further out of control. Meanwhile, he had a bad feeling about those other mutated people. He figured the chances of them being able to reverse the effects were somewhere between zero and nothing. The other problem with them was the fact any rescuer might not be willing to pick up mutated monsters. He could only hope that kind of outcome had not happened to Karen.

For now, he had gathered with a few others in the lobby of the hotel. Things were in disarray, the phones were dead, the power was out, and the internet was down. For the most part, things were still intact unlike some of the other places on the island that had been hit. There were seven other human survivors in there with him, and all of them looked tense. Brian was just looking at the fancy ceiling fans above, wishing they were on to deal with the sweat, humid heat that was drifting in the air. He also could smell the sweat coming from one of the hefty other guys in the room, and it was making him gag a bit.

"How long is it going to take before someone realizes we've got a serious problem!?" One blonde-hair teenage girl shouted to the others. "We can't stay here, you saw what those maniacs are capable of!"

"Chill," Brian shrugged, thinking it wasn't a big deal. "Gettin' all fussed up 'bout it ain't gonna help. Hey, jus' be happy you're still human. We stand a better chance of gettin' a ride out of 'ere than those other guys that got gassed."

"Becky, he's got a point," Her stern boyfriend James told her. "This situation looks like crap, but it could be a whole lot worse. Rumor has it those other resorts were almost completely purged. And some of those people ended up as-"

"I don't care!" Rebecca shouted, growing impatient. "What's not to say something isn't going to happen here also!? 'Count your blessings!' I've heard that way too many times. Do that once we're actually off this stupid island!"

Brian just shrugged and chuckled again, taking another sip of the cup of coffee he poured for himself that would have ordinarily cost him five bucks. To him, she was obviously too worried about the whole thing, and he knew people that just got stressed out about stuff like that generally didn't fare well and make dumb mistakes.

"At least help yourself to the free beer," Brian laughed.

"Shut up, you!" Rebecca snapped at him. "You're not helping!"

A simple kick back in the lounge chair simply said nothing more than "whatever." And to Brian, that was perfectly fine. He figured it might be a good idea to lie low for now anyway and let the dust settle first. He was thinking about Karen, but he figured she would meet him back at the hotel anyway. Why would she go anywhere else? But in the meantime, the beer was no longer chilled and wasn't nearly as good as it could have been.

"Look, let's just try to remain calm," A balding and graying middle-aged man named Steve told the others. "If we panic, we might make a bad decision."

"We can't just sit here!" Rebecca complained to him. "Those lab freaks will eventually find us! And everyone else at this stupid hotel already left this place! They're probably off the island by now!"

"We don't know that for sure," Steve told her in a voice of caution. "The opposite might be true as well."

Brian nodded with the man, figuring they didn't have a way off the island yet anyway. He figured if they weren't dead yet, they were probably doing something right. And there was the fact they were still human. Everyone else might be stuck here left to live out the rest of their lives in some quarantined freak zoo or something like that. Or at least they likely wouldn't be welcomed back into normal human society so easily.

"Do we have a plan?" Dennis asked, sitting in the corner as the black-haired twenty-year-old smoked a cigarette. "'Cause we're going to run out of food and water eventually. And if we don't get help before that happens, we're screwed."

"Dude, relax," Brian told him, thinking he was fretting over stuff also. "If we run out of supplies, we can jus' send someone to drive out and find some."

"What if everything is taken by then!?" Dennis exclaimed, thinking Brain was taking it too casually. "We need to get out there and find something before everything is looted clean. Either that, or come up with some real solution to get off this damn rock."

Brian figured the hotel was pretty well-stocked, but a good portion of the food would go bad without power to keep everything refrigerated and preserved. In the meantime, driving to town might be risky, and there was no telling how the roads would be.


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Sunrise Eve Hotel

Candall moves through the quiet hallway, the only sound the soft *splat* of its footsteps. It approaches a door, reaching out to open it, but stops. It examins its hand, slowly, curiously, turning it back and forth. The other human didn't have green hands. His skin had been more tan, and less shiny in the light. Candall makes its arms shorter and thicker, until the hands were hidden in the sleeves of the hoodie.

Satisfied by this alteration to its disguise, Candall again grabs the door handle, finding the door unlocked. With no power, the automatic locks were disabled, but Candall doesn't care why, only what. What is inside this room? It finds the room to be well-lit, as the window is smashed and is letting in sunlight. There's a bed, an open suitcase, some candy bars...


...and a pair of boots by the bed. Candall lowers the mask to cover its "face", stepping over to the boots. It loses an inch of height as it steps into the boots, finding it very simple to tie the laces. It takes a few steps, happy to hear the heavy *clunk* of the boots.

"Much... better. More huuuman." It looks around, making a sniffing sound (it lacks an actual nose, but its memory tells it that sound helps detect smells), looking for anything else of interest. Finding nothing, it moves on, looking for more humans or food.


A young man named Larry breathes a sigh of relief from inside the closet. He had heard the wet footsteps coming his way and hid, and was very glad he did. When he saw the creature enter, he had almost stepped out, thinking it was another survivor. He had only hesitated because of the mask, and seeing what was underneath nearly made him scream. He doesn't even mind that it took his boots or... "ate" his candy, but resolves to leave this hotel immediately.


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Gelius - Somewhere in Suncatcher Island - Introducing Gelius! Black And Red Colored Swiftness.

"Help me!" A Man said. He was surrounded by 2 thugs.

"Give us everything you have!" The Thug at the left said.

"Or else you will die..." The other said.

"B-b-but i don't have anything!" The Man said. But it was no use. The thugs took out their knives and smirked.

"Then there is only one way out..." One of the thugs said as he tried to hit the man. The Man gave out a squeak. But before the knife hit the man, a claw was seen to take out the knife, and then something flew over by the thug. "What was that!?" The thug said as the figure landed on a rock, and then turned around. The figure showed his claws and then lowered his black hat.

"I am..." He said as he turned his face up. "Your worst nightmare." He then sped towards the thugs, disarming the remaining one, and then freezing theirs feet and hands.

The thug was in shock, with his mouth wide open. "How did you do that? Why you are so fast?" He said.

"... It does not matter." The figure said. Then he turned to the man. "Go. Get yourself a shelter." Then the figure left, flying away, but not up high.

30 Minutes later...

The Figure landed on the Sea Breeze Resort. he then entered inside, meeting a man with Blaziken feathers and Pikachu ears and tail. "Hey Gelius." He said. A Lombre was with him.

"Gavin, Oliver..." Gelius said as kept walking.

"So... You found anything that will switch the minds with me and Lombre again?" Oliver said.

"Lombre! Lom Lom." The person that had a Pokemon's mind said.

"Not yet." Gelius said as he walked past Maya and Olivia. Both of them then follow the group.

"Gelius!" Maya said. "You were out for some quite time." She was sick worried.

"We were worried." Olivia said. "Where you are going."

"To my room." Gelius said as he closed the door.

Gelius lays down on the bed. Since the disaster, Gelius claimed the room when he arrived the hotel. It was quite a mess, but it was better than nothing. But that's not what haunted Gelius' mind... Since Gordon and Lilly's death, Gelius became a cold person. The experiment did almost nothing to the personality, but his friends' death did hurt his feelings and personality, leaving a scar. And above that scar, Gelius threads his cold personality. Since then, Gelius started following his own rules too.

From the outside, Olivia and Maya were worried if Gelius would turn back to his old self. Gavin and Oliver were taking care of the Pokemon and the humanized Lombre. "I wonder if he ever turns back to his old self. You know, we are his friends, and we don't want a friend hurt... Do we?" Olivia said.

"I don't know... But i must admit... This is a different Gelius than the one we are used to..." Maya said.

"Don't worry." Oliver said, looking up. But he could not look to their faces because... Well now he is short. Olivia and Maya then understood that he was with troubles to look up, and then they crouch. "Much better." Oliver said, relieved. "Anyways... What i was going to say?... Ah! I was saying to not worry. All he needs is a time to think. Only time will fix him."

"He is right." Gavin said, before getting back to feed his Pikachu.
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Claus Thantos (Mutated Human)
Sea Breeze Resort
Affected RPers: N/A

Somewhere in the Sea Breeze Resort area, Claus was wandering in search of supplies. Though he wasn't in it for the gain, it was more to give him an excuse to look around. The bulk of what the resort had to offer had already been picked off by looters, went bad from lack of refrigeration over the past three days, or had been picked up by the people involved in the Haven they established here. Incidentally enough, Claus was one of those people, although he sees them as more of a temporary means to an end, one he will simply leave and go somewhere else if that end isn't met.

For the past three days Claus has been looking for someone, someone important to him, and he won't leave the island until he finds her. "Luna." Claus muttered as he looked down at his hand, they weren't ordinary hands, not anymore. During the initial attack, Claus was exposed to some kind of chemical, one that caused his body to change, his arms now appeared to be that of a Zoroark, right down to the red claws, and his eyes had change color as well. These changes gave him new abilities, this much was true, such as increased strength and the ability to use certain Pokemon attacks. Closing his now clawed hand into a fist, Claus wondered how Luna would think of him once he found her. Would she call him a monster?

After a moment, Claus lowered his hand and shook his head. No, Luna would never look at someone and call them a monster just based on whether they were human or a mutant. That's not the kind of person she was. As Claus thought about her more, he thought about how they would get off the island once he found her. He knew that it wouldn't be easy, and it might be harder for Claus still now with his mutations, something that made him think 'What if she had become mutated as well', to which he simply said, 'No matter what, he would get her off this island.' In Claus's mind, if anyone deserved to be able to leave this Hell they found themselves in, it was her.

At that moment, Claus heard a footstep behind him, prompting him to quickly turn around and see someone approaching him with a wooden baseball bat.

"Alright, you mutated freak," The man said arrogantly, "Why don't you fork over whatever supplies you have and no one has to get hurt!"

Irritated by the threat, Claus simply glared at the man as if to say that even trying to attack him would be a fatal mistake.

The glare seemed to work, for as soon as the man looked him in the eyes, he started to show signs of hesitation. At that moment, Claus saw an opening and went for it.

Before the man knew it, Claus was right in front of him as he grabbed his wrists and threw him over his left shoulder, slamming him onto the ground face up and reeling in pain. From there, Claus pulled the bat out his grasp, took it in both of his hands and snapped it in two before throwing the pieces aside. Once he disposed of the man's weapon, Claus proceeded to grab the man by the collar of his shirt, pick him up off the ground, force him up against a nearby wall and aimed the claws on his free hand at the man's throat.

"Pathetic." Claus said to the man now at his mercy.

"Wait, please! I'm sorry! Don't kill me, please!" The man begged.

"I'm not too fond of the changes my body has gone through after those bastards attacked the island, but I won't hesitate to use them." Claus stated. "Here's the new deal, scum. If you ever try to pull something like that on me again, or if you so much as think of going after anyone else, I'll break every bone in your body, got it!"

"Yes, yes! Just don't hurt me, please!" The man replied.

"Good, now before you go I have a question. I'm looking for someone. A woman in white, she has long blue hair and hazel eyes. Sound familiar?" Claus asked.

"N-No, I haven't seen her. I'm sorry!" The man answered.

Claus simply went "Hmph" at his answer and threw the man to the ground. As he watched the man scramble back to his feet and run away, Claus said to himself, "No new leads....Dammit."

Now that that nuisance was settled, Claus gripped one of the shoulder straps on his backpack and set off to find the group he was currently staying with.
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Shaylee Thompson
Forests South of Pascal Town

The soldiers helmet cracked and the glass visor shattered as Shaylee slammed the mans head against the concrete wall of one of Extols secret hideouts. Blood seeped from the mans nose and face as she pounded his head against the wall one more time, then shoved his back against the wall and held him there with one hand and held her other darkened rock like fist threateningly before his face. Youre going to answer a few questions for me, she growled threateningly, and dont bother screaming for help. All your comrades are dead, nobody is coming to help you. Do what I ask, and I might be merciful. She put a false grin on her face that really only made her even more intimidating and didnt help the soldier much. He gulped nervously, but nodded his head slowly.

Good! Im so glad we could come to an agreement! The venom in her voice betrayed her words. With her next sentence she dropped all pretense of being nice. Change me back. I dont care how, there any way to change me back?

The soldier shook his head slowly. He choked trying to speak and coughed up a mouthful of blood which dropped down onto his suit and boots. Trying again he rasped through a broken body and throat, I-I-Im s-sorry, theres n-nothing. A-at least I dont know. The scientists might...m-maybe. Not that they would r-really want t-to.

The man looked genuinely sorry for her, but Shaylee had no time for pity, Fine. Well drop that. Why are you here. What is Extol here to do and what do they want.

The soldiers pupils dilated and his breathing became ragged. I-I dont...I c-cant...I..Im just a hired g-gun. He swallowed and licked his lips, nervous to continue. T-t-they a-are going to...going to st- His sentence ended suddenly as Shaylee heard a gunshot ring out behind her and the soldiers head exploded plastering her in blood. Instinctively she dove to one side and two more bullets struck the wall where she had been.

Coming out of her roll she went into an all out sprint towards the newcomer. It wasnt the smartest of plans, but there was no real cover and she had no long range weapon with her. She cursed herself for not at least taking the dead soldiers handgun, her days in the cockpit had made her lazy and forgetful in the field. She closed on the soldier quickly, surprisingly quickly considering her new body appeared to be made of stone. She felt a few tugs on her body on her chest and lower abdomen and she knew she had been shot, but she ignored it and kept on going, slamming her fist into the now panicking mans head with a satisfying crunch. Stopping, she knelt down and checked the now crumple soldier on the ground, profusely bleeding through his now useless helmet.

Looking down at her body she was surprised to not see any blood, or whatever liquid fire now glowed between the cracks in her rock-like skin. She ran her fingers along her cobbly skin and found that her skin had been chipped in a few places where she had been shot, but no more damage than that. She smiled to herself realizing that she was practically bullet proof now, although she made a mental note to be careful anyway. If bullets could chip her skin then more bullets could potentially kill her.

Satisfied with her new discovery and that the soldier was properly dead she moved on, taking cover in one of the three small white sheds with Extol symbols on each of them. After taking survey of the small clearing in what was otherwise a dense forest, almost a jungle, she entered the first shed to search for anything of use. Twenty minutes later she emerged from the third shed with a large camo pack slung across her back filled with various goodies from food to survival equipment.

Stopping by the soldier whose head she had beat it, she took his utility belt from him, clipping a couple magazines of ammo onto it, then picked up his rifle. It was a pretty standard military issue rifle, easy to get at pretty much any black market. Capable of fully automatic as well as single shot, easy to clean and maintain, versatile enough for close quarters or long range. In other words, standard, easy to get, and would be possible to collect large numbers without suspicion. Whoever these Extol guys were, they knew what they were doing.

Shaking her head in confusion, she took off into the forest beyond the clearing, leaving the small Extol base behind her where a dozen corpses littered the ground. She smiled a crazy smile, dried blood on her face giving her a crazed insane look. Time to start a one woman terrorist organization she said to herself softly. Well...maybe not one woman It was time to get some help. She knew that most of the military personnel had been exterminated, but surely some made it out. And civilians held some value too, in their own way. Making up her mind she checked the compass she had looted from Extol then started heading generally south into the depths of the forest and away from the destruction she had wreaked.
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