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On July 19th award-winning Dutch actor and philanthropist Rutger Hauer passed away after a short illness at age 75. A tall, blond commanding figure with a fascinating stage presence, Mr. Hauer enjoyed a long successful career in diverse roles that ranged from WWII soldiers to the Renaissance artist Michelangelo. From raw portayals of homelessness to revolutionaries, monks, aristocrats and more-- Hauer was an actor who did it all.

I came to know him best through his many wonderful roles in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. You might recognize this phenomenon actor from the original Blade Runner, Batman Begins, True Blood, The 10th Kingdom, Sin City, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville or Kingdom Hearts III just to name a few. My personal favorite Rutger Hauer film is LadyHawke.

Rutger Hauer was buried on the 24th in a private family ceremony. The grand duke of supernatural-themed films has some parting gifts to share with us. He will posthumously appear in the 2019 miniseries A Christmas Carol as well as the upcoming movies Emperor and Viy 2: Journey to China.

He has given not only his talent, but his heart to the world through extensive environmental activism and creation of an aids awareness organization The Rutger Hauer Starfish Foundation.

Thank you Rutger, always adored you! You will be missed!

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