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Most of my IRL friends were on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and it was the platform I signed up for first (as like...tymew2000 or smth). But, I probably used MSN Messenger a lot more, as most of my online friends used it lmao. If I had to choose between the two, it'd probably be MSN.

Which platform did you prefer? Which did you use the most? (Or did you just use...a completely different platform like Yahoo Messenger)


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I grew up with AOL so it was AOL all the time. Once I got older I had both AOL and MSN.
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MSN was for the cool kids, everything else was used exclusively by nerds B)


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My first one was ICQ. I had MSN for a short while afterwards but dropped it mostly when the first Linux version of Discord was released.
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I think I just missed AOL because no one I knew used that, but I loved MSN so much I had this lmao

it lights up and flaps its wings when you get an MSN notification