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AGE: 17 ⟡ PRONOUNS: she/her ⟡ HOME REGION: Johto
DATE: Wednesday, September 23 ⟡ TIME: Afternoon
LOCATION: Petalburg City

Chapter 3 #05 - Persist

Wally, after a brief overview of Marie's team and current concerns, leads her to what looks like a baby playground with a shallow, bubbling fountain at its edge. "The gym isn't the best for training an Alolan Exeggutor. They can only stand fully in the main field. And you seem to have a handle on your Stunfisk, even if he's a troublemaker. So I think… let's try working with your Slowpoke."

Marie obliges. Pokie materialises on a soft foam triangle, which he gradually slides backwards down through no effort of his own.

Marie sighs. "He's cute," she reminds herself out loud. He's cute, and I picked him, and now I have to figure out what I'm doing with him.

"I'll leave the socialization and bonding to you," Wally says, crouching down to examine the pink creature. Pokie yawns as Wally pats him. "Those aspects of Pokémon training are always very personal. I could… I could probably give you advice? If you wanted? But I think, from what you said, you need to know more… um. Basics." The green-haired man winces at the word, darting eyes worried he's offended her. It does sting, every time she's reminded that she doesn't know enough, but Marie gives an uncomfortable half-shrug. He's not wrong, and he's taking time to help her, and she shouldn't get whiny about it while he's doing that. Even though she wants to.

Pokie's expression slowly morphs into something approaching joy. Wally clears his throat. "A- anyway, Slowpoke. They're, um, slow. As you've noticed. They take a while to process things and are very forgetful. You're going to have to be very sure and deliberate with your commands- ah, as in, you can't change your mind or tell him to do multiple things in a row, okay? Because he's going to get confused, or focus only on one- and there's no guarantee which one he'll choose. Of course, that's true for all Pokémon, but Slowpoke have a much slower turnaround on compensating for poor commands and that puts them in a vulnerable position in battle."

Marie nods along, not wanting to break the man's stride. Confidence comes in waves for him, apparently, rather like June. Lecturing on his chosen field certainly seems to help.

"This also means that you'll have to anticipate your opponent. Preemptive aiming is only the tip of the iceberg- you'll need to have a general idea of an opposing Pokémons strengths and weaknesses, their trainer's probable strategies, the techniques they're capable of and which of those they're likely to have on hand-"

Marie fails to suppress a rather dramatic groan. Wally stumbles over his next words and gives her a wide-eyed, nervous stare.

"I don't even know any moves," she grumbles. It's not Wally's fault, it really isn't- she chose not to go to a trainers' school, she chose not to study before coming out here, she chose to catch a Slowpoke. It's all her own doing, or her own undoing.

But that doesn't mean she's not going to complain about it.

Wally presses his lips together and furrows his brow for a moment as he pokes at Pokie's toes. He looks very young and it's all very cute.

My brain is a mess.

Less messy is Wally's response, once he has taken time to gather his thoughts and worked through a few false starts.

"Um, do you know what your PokéDex does?" Marie wiggles her hand in a "sort-of" gesture. "It can scan Pokémon and tell you what they are, of course, but that's not all it can do. Otherwise it would be practically useless to experienced trainers, right?" Pokie's brow furrows and he gives Wally's hand a shove. Wally nods and pulls away. "The 'dex shows you approximate power levels of anything you scan and lists all the moves the species learns naturally, with the ones it probably learned recently at the top of the list. It's still imprecise, but works well on wild Pokémon."

Pokie plods toward the fountain, apparently done with Wally for the moment. It's not very far, but he's not very quick. "What use is that when I'm going to be battling trainers all the time?"

"You never know when you'll find yourself in… a bad situation." A fleeting shadow of old memory passes across Wally's face and his right hand brushes against his left forearm. "You need to know what wild Pokémon can do. It would have- it will help. Trust me."

"But!" His gentle positivity returns as quickly as he stands. "Most trainers- especially around your level- are still working with natural movesets. So the 'dex works for you."

"What about, like, gym leaders? Gym leaders are way above my level." Pokie reaches the edge of the fountain and falls headfirst into the water. Marie's heart lurches before she remembers he's aquatic.

"The 'dex lists all the moves a Pokémon species can be taught, but it's a long list and a wild guess doesn't do much good. But there's no rule against having it out during a match- well, not in standard, and tournaments have varying rules- sorry, uh, well, Pokémon can only use six different techniques, right? You see it with your own Pokémon when you look them up- they're right at the top, because your 'dex syncs to the PokéBalls and knows what they can do. It does the same with others, but it has to scan to take in data because they're not synced- once your 'dex sees a Pokémon use a technique, it highlights the move and puts it at the top of the list for that specific 'mon. It's not always a hundred percent accurate, but it's way better than what we had!" Wally laughs. "Brendan and May and I- we just had rote memorization and a prayer. We'd have had a hard time if we went out there knowing nothing."

Marie visibly flinches at that. She came out here knowing nothing.

"Oh- did I say something wrong? I'm sorry!" Wally's hasty correction and pleading blue-gray eyes override Marie's uncomfortable desertion of eye contact.

"I, um. I don't know anything."

"Yeah, I can tell," Wally says, but Marie's instant bristling at the words themselves is soothed by his actual tone- good-humored and compassionate. She gives him a half-hearted glare anyway. "Er, I'm trying to tell you it's okay? The 'dex is a perfect travel encyclopedia now and you can use it just like you can use a textbook. Well, not just like it, but- it's information, it's lots of information, and you can learn on the go. So it's okay that you don't know anything! You just gotta start learning! The more you reference, the more it starts to stick in your brain, right? You already know your team's moves. It'll start to be like that with other stuff, too. It just takes… time and effort."

Marie hums, kneeling next to the fountain and dragging her hand through the water. "So I've been told."

They sit in silence for a moment. Pokie paddles over to engulf Marie's hand in his mouth, like he'd done to Edison. She prods his tongue until he lets go. "My friend told me some of this stuff. And my dad told me I had to work. I thought… I thought this would be easier?"

"Easier how?" Wally drags two foam squares over and offers her one, taking his own seat on the other. Marie obliges.

"Well… you learn the type chart, you get out there, and you go get some Pokémon, and you tell them what to do and they do it, and you win battles. I didn't think you had to know all this… other stuff."

"Other stuff, such as… knowing what moves do, and having a strategy of how to use them, and realizing your opponents also have these things in mind?" Wally deadpans, and it's the least professional she's seen him.

"Well, when you put it that way-!" Marie huffs.

Wally grins, a hint of weirdly familiar mischief peeking out. He may be the top gym trainer here, but I guess he's just a guy. "It's an attitude a lot of non-trainers have. Most of them don't go so far as to get up and actually do it, though."

"Does that make me rash, stupid, or brave?" Marie grumbles, letting her fingers trail along Pokie's back as he floats past.

"Maybe all of the above," Wally teases, but cuts off Marie's retort by holding up a delicate hand. "Not everyone has a smooth start. I knew a lot of facts and theories and had a lot of great ideas when I got started, but I also... made some poor choices, to say the least. If I had a kid, I wouldn't let them do what I did. But that's a little hypocritical, isn't it, because I don't think I would change a single part of my life."

Marie has no idea what he's talking about. Maybe it shows on her face, because Wally flushes slightly.

"I mean, uh. Everyone has their struggles? Everyone has to live with the choices they make. You have some work to do, and it's harder to do on the fly like this, but you have resources. And I think you have the ability and drive to power through this struggle."

Wally tugs at the cuffs of his shirt. "Uh, is that inspirational enough? Too inspirational? I can tone it down, but I really believe-"

Marie's laugh cuts him off. "No, it's good. Sounds like gym leader stuff, you know?"

Wally beams. "Oh- that's good. That's ideal."

Spoiler: Team
Pokémon On Hand
Tuie ⟡ Natu ⟡ Female ⟡ LV 23 ⟡ Magic Bounce ⟡
Peck // Teleport // Stored Power // Cosmic Power // Ominous Wind // Confuse Ray
Stunnie ⟡ Stunfisk ⟡ Male ⟡ LV 24 ⟡ Static ⟡
Revenge // Mud Shot // Thundershock // Tackle // Water Gun // Mud Sport // Charge
Cutie ⟡ Alolan Exeggutor ⟡ Male ⟡ LV 20 ⟡ Frisk ⟡
Bullet Seed // Hypnosis // Reflect // Leech Seed // Dragon Hammer // Barrage
Pokie ⟡ Slowpoke ⟡ Male ⟡ LV 15 ⟡ Own Tempo ⟡
Disable // Confusion // Yawn // Water Gun // Growl // Curse
Spoiler: Inventory
Trainers' License [registered in Johto and Hoenn] ⟡
$19,500 ⟡
Knuckle Badge ⟡
Empty PokéBalls x 3 ⟡

Sunscreen ⟡
Berry-Print Bikini ⟡
Beach Towel ⟡
Oversized Sunglasses ⟡
Large But Lightweight Backpack ⟡
Rechargeable Battery ⟡
Variety Of Necessary But Uninteresting Things ⟡
Variety Of Interesting But Unnecessary Things ⟡
A Gift ⟡
Spoiler: Contacts
Dad ⟡
Mom ⟡
Brothers #1, #2, and #3 ⟡
Brawly ⟡
Edison ⟡
Natsuko (via insta) ⟡
Sunny (via twitter) ⟡
Van ⟡


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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

Pokémon / Inventory:
AVRIL'S MONEY: $20 000
(+ 5 000 from the Gym Reward;
- 1 000 for 2 Potions)

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) -♀- lv. 31
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Grassy Terrain, Lucky Chant, Wish, Magical Leaf

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) -♀- lv. 27
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Rain Dance, Mud Sport, Hidden Power (?)

🌼 Wisteria (Inkay) -♂- lv. 22
Swagger, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Pluck, Reflect, Psybeam

🌼 Venus (Mawile) -♀- lv. 25
Fairy Wind, Feint Attack, Sucker Punch, Iron Defense, Taunt, Baton Pass

🌼 2 Empty Pokéballs
🌼 2 Potions
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Silk Scarf
🌼 TM for Ally Switch

🌼 Holotch (phone version)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card - valid until October 17th
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Natsuko, June, Marcella, Hikaru


🎀• 1

🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Friday, September 25th - about 10 a.m. - Petalburg Pokémon Center
Her body lies still on the bed and her mind wanders.

Oldale-Littleroot is not a boat trip away this time. Avril has to walk there, and that will take way more than just a couple of hours. No Pokémon centers in between, either: just some patches of farmland, ponds, and sparse buildings. Once she arrives, she will be greeted by a new town to explore, a Gym, and probably more amenities that she still doesn’t know about.

That's good though. Until then, Avril has at the least two days to wind down and rest her mind. No rush. And oh, what a lovely prospect! Two days of calmly strolling onto Route 102 with June besides her, taking care of her Pokémon and dealing with all the issues that may arise. And processing Norman's stern but uplifting advice, which she received after Venus seized that darn badge and put it in her sweaty palms.

One last detail, too. Kimberly is staying in Petalburg, most likely. It's definitely time to leave her in the past.

Still not fully recovered from the battle against Wally, but excited enough to continue her journey, the girl finally stands up again. She gets into a better outfit for the task, meticulously packing everything else up inside her bag and trying to create some more free space for the food and equipment she's going to need… it's not that much anyway.

With an enthusiastic Poppy coming out from under her berry print bandana, Avril waves goodbye to her Petalburg City room and heads straight towards the Market area, getting two Potions to heal her Pokémon if the need arises. She's already planned to rely mostly on her own teammates' moves like Wish or Recover to heal them, but having some more remedies doesn't hurt.

The next stop is the Cafè downstairs, looking for some food to carry along for this journey. Pokémon treats, a few sandwiches, water, fresh fruit - all going either into the small nooks and crannies of the girl's rolling backpack, or into her cloth bag, which acts as a valuable tool to distribute all those travel items.

After that, all she needs to do is move over to the Equipmemt counter and rent some equipment of her own, just in case, like June sugges-

"No I'm not battling."

A Zigzagoon quickly skittles through the hall, approaching the Kalosian girl and twitching its nose, much like Lillipup often do.

"I said I'm not battling now."

The Zigzagoon happens to be the Galarian kind. Of course, the connection is just asking to be made.

"Je ne vais pas te combattre!"

Zigzagoon doesn't act hostile, but a bit rowdy it is regardless. It tries to get on its hind legs and get taller, while intently staring at Avril's bandana.

"Kimberly? I'm not…"

Ok, where is she? In another hall of the building maybe? Sitting right outside the door with that smug grin of hers? In any case, this Zigzagoon is not a good sign.

Avril still reaches for the counter, trying not to step on the small Pokémon quickly circling around her… or have it collide with her rolling bag, either. One of her ears barely feels a worried boy's voice saying things like "c'mere" as she tries to explain to the attendant what she's there for - getting a small tent of course - before something cold and wet makes her leg move sideways, almost instinctively.

"Stop it!"

The Zigzagoon is knocked back a fair bit by the girl’s defense kick and its annoyed barks quickly give way to that male voice. "Oh I… I'm sorry if my Pokémon caused you trouble, miss… I only caught it yesterday…" The boy nervously laughs. "I am Robin, nice to meet you!"

Avril barely hears the boy's name though. In fact, she barely remembers how he looks. After staring at him, dumbfounded, for just a couple of seconds, she runs out of the Pokémon Center without looking back, pulling her bag along. "I am not doing this again."

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Name: Kira Wolf || Day: Wendsday, September 23 || Time: Afternoon
Location: Petalburg City

Family Reunion

“Damn it, I should have called tomorrow.” Kira muttered under her breath as she walked down the streets of Petalburg, thumbing across the map of the city bored as she went. I only got a couple hours left before the Gym closes, I’m gonna miss my chance today if this takes too long…”

With an annoyed sigh Kira glanced between her Holotch and the street. It seemed to be a lower income area of the city, many of the buildings clearly showing their weatherworn age. Searching for an address was rather annoying as many of the homes either didn’t seem to have numbers, or they wore out into faded white squares a long time ago. “Geez, where the hell is dad sending me anyway?”

After several minutes of walking she finally arrived at her destination. A small duplex, a bit newer looking than the rest of the buildings in the area. With a heavy breath Kira mustered the courage to step forward and knock on side B’s door.

After a moment a young, tanned woman, slightly taller than Kira with dark brown hair answered the door. Folding her arms across her chest she gave Kira a curious look. “What's up?” the woman asked nonchalantly.

"Y- Yeah, I was told to stop by here." Kira explained with a bit of a stutter, not sure what to say. "You should have gotten a call from da… Phillip Wolf saying I was gonna stop by."

“Right, he did mention something like that earlier didn't he? Hey Arron, the door is for you!” the women called out behind her.

“Wait… Aaron?” Kira wondered out loud as she tried to get a view past the woman at the door. From another room emerged a young man, a bit taller than the both of them, with mahogany red hair and a collared shirt.

Kira’s eyes shot wide open as she saw Aaron “No way!”. Pushing past the woman at the door, she charged at him and tightly hugged him around the neck.”Aaron!” she exclaimed, happily hanging from his shoulders like a heavy apron.

Aaron stumbled back a bit as Kira tackled him. “Kira? No way… I almost didn’t recognize you!” He remarked, returning Kira's hug.

“Wait why?” Kira began, giving Aaron a confused look. “Oh! The hair! Yeah, got it cut short pretty much first thing when I finally got away from mom.” she quickly explained, giving it a small flip. “What about you though? This has to be one of the last places I expected to see you!”

“Not the only thing but it certainly helped, it suits you though!” Aaron replied, letting Kira drop to the floor. “As for being here, To put it as simply as possible I left for college not too long after you were sent away. We both joined the field research program and when it was time to start our internships we chose Hoenn so Marie here could be close to family.” He explained, walking over to the woman still near the door.

Kira looked between the two of them as Aaron wrapped his arm around her shoulder, smiling. “Wait, so that means you two are?”

Smiling, the woman held out her hand towards Kira. “My name is Marie, I’m your brother’s fiancé.”

Kira gave a shocked look at the word fiancé, quickly yet shakilly accepting Marie’s handshake. “C-Congratulations! Sorry, I didn’t know… ya know when you answered the door…” Kira barely stammered out, still processing the information.

“It's fine, It's fine!” Marie assured before turning to Aaron. “Though I would have appreciated a bit of a warning before you had family over.”

“So would have I” Kira and Aaron both said in unison. As both of them gave a surprised look after hearing the other, they stared at each other quietly in disbelief. Eventually, Kira broke the silence. “Dad didn’t tell you either!?”

“No! He just said it was some friend!” Aaron replied with an annoyed sigh. “Kira, I promise I’m happy to see you, but I need you to do me a favor.”

“Sure, whats up?” Kira asked

“I need you to keep that we’re living together a secret from Mom and Dad. I told them about the proposal and… Well you know how mom gets.” Aaron explained in a rather sheepish tone.

“Do I ever…” Kira remarked, rolling her eyes. “You think that’s why dad didn’t tell either of us? He expects me to tell him what’s going on?

“Possibly, but I think this is just one of his surprises. As I said, Marie’s family is close so he really doesn’t have a reason to think we’re living together.”

“Right, Well I won’t say anything. Don’t really have any intention of being a rat.”

“Alright, good…” Aaron said with a relieved sigh before turning to Marie. “You mind if she stays the night while she’s in town?”

“Sure, I don’t mind. The couch isn’t the comfiest thing in the world though.” She said with a shrug.

“Can’t be much worse than the center, thank you very much.” Kira said with a small bow. “I plan to be in town for a couple of days, or however long it takes me to get the camping supplies.”

“Right, well if you’d like to come out to the field with us tomorrow I can get you set up. Dad wired me some money earlier so I’ve got you covered.”

“Right! Sounds like a plan!”


Pokemon on Hand


[B]Azure the Spheal
Male / Calm / Thick Fat
Level: 26
- Brine
- Aurora Beam
- Aqua Ring
- Body Slam
- Defense Curl
- Ice Ball

[B]Nyx the Zorua
Level: 22
- Pursuit
- Feint Attack
- Fury Swipes
- Hone Claws
- Fling
- Snatch



1 Burn Heal


9 Oran Berry
5 Chesto Berry
4 Leppa Berry
5 Cheri Berry
2 Pecha Berry
3 Rawst Berry
3 Aspear Berry
1 Persim Berry

Trainer items:
Ability Capsule
Rocky Helmet
Eviolite Collar
Eviolite Broach
Silk Scarf

TM56 Fling

One Piece Swimsuit
Pokemon Fan Club Membership (Expires: October 17th)
Mysterious Stone

Gym Badges:
Cloak Badge
Knuckle Badge


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Jordie "Jo" Hughes
Monday, September 21st
Chapter 2: Part 4 - The Playground
00:25 am to 00:30 am - S.S. Cactus
Jordie catches up with Hui after catching Maroon. The tour is almost over by then, so it isn’t too much until they have to go back to the boat.

“I overheard something interesting while you were looking for pokémon… for you, at least.” Hui says while the rest of the passengers get in. “Are you familiar with Mega Evolution?”

Jordie locks their eyes on him for a moment. It’s something they heard about while they were still in trainer school, and they have seen it live at least once during the Pokémon World Tournament. For what they understand, it’s a temporary evolution; it lasts around the same time of a single battle, but they can’t say they ever experienced it.

“Just a bit,” they finally answer. “I know it’s a temporary stone evolution, but that’s about it.”

“That’s basically it. Although, contrary to normal stone evolutions, these don’t trigger from direct contact with the mega stone only, you need a key stone for it. key stones are colorful stones that act like, well, a key that triggers mega evolution,” Hui says. “To get to the point, there’s a cave here in Dewford called Granite Cave. Apparently, a very loud couple was seen exploring the place and they say they found those key stones deep in the cave. I don’t know, maybe you’d want to explore the place for yourself and find out.”

“That’s…” Disappointing. Jordie expected to battle the gym leader tomorrow morning and then head to Petalburg before evening, but it seems the wait will have to be a bit longer. However, it’s not necessary to mention once again that Jordie sees every trainer as a potential rival. It’s highly probable that another contender for the title of Champion already found a key stone of their own, which means they are already being left behind, and that can’t happen. Jordie is really grateful to Hui for telling them that, but it’s still frustrating having to rearrange their schedule for one single thing. Plus don’t forget Hui’s brother is a trainer too, and he’ll probably appear in Granite Cave tomorrow as well. Jordie has to be ready. “Amazing. Thank you.”
06:00 am to 06:30 am - Dewford Town
Jordie didn’t sleep last night. Instead, they remained awake reading various articles regarding Mega Evolution, just to be more informed about what they are going to get into, after all, the amount of knowledge they have about Mega Evolution is but a really summarized understanding of the concept.

The first bit of information is about Mega Evolution itself. What they gathered about that is no different than what they already knew: It’s a temporary stone evolution. There’s something else though, that Hui didn’t mention either, and is that in order to trigger Mega Evolution, a strong bond between the trainer and the pokémon is necessary.

Secondly it’s on mega stones and key stones. The pokémon must be holding the mega stone during battle while the trainer holds the key stone on specialized items (rings, bracelets, pendants, it doesn’t matter). Before Mega Evolution, the key stone reacts to a signal sent by the mega stone; that reaction is what causes Mega Evolution. There’s about 47 discovered mega stones, sadly there’s none for Reuniclus.

Finally, the most important thing: Mega Evolution rules during official battles. To summarize: Any known pokémon can mega evolve during battle, but a trainer must only evolve one for balance sake. This last part was added due to cases of trainers being able to mega evolve more than one pokémon; something rare, since Mega Evolution is supposedly physically taxing. Definitely an interesting talent that is not worth the trouble.

That's more than enough information for Jordie to have a good idea of what they are going to deal with, but there's something else they gotta do first.

A quick scroll through the Hoenn Ranger Database takes them to the pokémon available for catching in Dewford Town. Jordie reckons it would be wise to pick at least one of these before heading to Granite Cave. To be honest, they don't do well in the dark, so a little extra help isn't a bad idea.

First of all there's Pyukumuku, decent pokémon but doesn't do good offensively. That is not something bad, but Jordie prefers having versatility on their team, so unless nothing else looks promising for them, they'll consider.

Secondly is Clobbopus. Not a species Jordie knows too much about. They already encountered one of those before, but things didn't turn out well… for the pokémon. They haven't changed their mind about it, probably won't.

Then there's Wimpod. According to a certain trainer magazine they read on the ferry, Wimpod is in one of the first ranks of weakest existing pokémon. It's not only frail, but also a natural coward. It's unbelievably high speed makes it hard to catch because it flees as soon as it senses the slightest danger coming at it. It really is a pokémon not worth the trouble of catching… unless you plan on evolving it, and there's the funny thing: That same magazine had another column. It was specialized in Pokémon Tops directed at trainers with specific strategies and coincidentally, in the number Jordie read, said top was about Trick Room. Wimpod's evolution was on that top. What makes this pokémon attractive is the move First Impression. Strong and fast bug-type move, capable of launching a surprise attack… once. It may not sound like much, but it’s really good to give an opening to Trick Room setters while Trick Room is disabled in a double battle, and with Gabby’s main weakness being dark-type pokémon, there’s nothing better than it.

Jordie has to make preparations to catch this Wimpod. Of course, they will use the scan feature from the Hoenn Ranger Database, but that doesn't even guarantee a battle. They have to find an approach in which that Wimpod doesn't escape.
Jordie made some estimations already; with the scanner they will find a Wimpod in less than 30 minutes, and from that point onwards it’ll take a bit more than two hours (yet no more than three) to find their keystone. If those calculations are correct, then Jordie can most definitely battle Brawly today if they skip their workout. It’s not like Jordie to skip their routine two days in a row, but for this, they will make an exception, Granite Cave will most likely be a workout anyways and they want to stay in Dewford as little as possible, so the sooner they can find a Wimpod the better.

The scanner takes Jordie to a playground a few minutes away from the Pokémon Center. The playground structures stand over a piece of sandy terrain and they are big, also made mostly out of wood. Of course, it’s still pretty early, so the playground is empty, except for a few Clobbopus that seem to have claimed the place for their own. Not that Jordie has paid any attention to them, it’s not like they have a reason to do so.

The scanner hasn’t told Jordie where the pokémon is hiding yet. In the least favorable of cases, the pokémon is hiding under the structures, which would make it difficult, yet still possible to take out. However, they know they are close to its hiding spot, which is enough to set their plan in motion.

If the main problem is the pokémon’s capability to flee, then taking care of its speed is enough to ensure it’s caught. As soon as Jordie nods, Gabby makes sure to put her Trick Room to work. Jordie then takes Maroon outside their pokéball and instructs them to coil around the playground’s tube slide and one of the supports of the main structure.

All of this is done while the scanner still shows the pokémon being nearby. With that done, the pokémon can be found easily by following the signal with no danger of it escaping. While Neon is the most suited for this part of the job, Jordie believes that too many pokémon could play against their strategy, so they decide to do it themselves instead.

“Found it!” Jordie exclaims after walking around the playground for a few seconds. It was, as they thought before, under the very structure. They close the scanner and kneel before a pair of antennae sticking out of the sand, holding a small bag of pokémon food on one hand. “Gabby, Maroon, are you ready? This shouldn’t be too hard.”

Using their free hand, they start slowly digging the pokémon out until it comes out to look at them. At first, the pokémon looks scared, but as soon as it sees the food on Jordie’s hand it starts following them. The trainer drops small bits of the food while walking backwards, ensuring the pokémon follows them, ultimately taking it from under the playground.

Believing it had gained enough confidence with them, Jordie kneels once again, but the pokémon backs off, so Jordie keeps dropping the food.

It doesn’t look like Jordie will have any luck just waiting for the Wimpod to come with them all of a sudden, so they got to start their plan as soon as possible. While the pokémon is distracted, Jordie signals Gabby to use a Psybeam from where she has been waiting from. The attack lands directly against the wild Wimpod, who takes its time to react properly and struggles to move from its spot. Just as it comes back to its senses, it starts digging to escape, but a pair of Maroon’s tentacles wrap around it before it can even try to escape.

“Good job, Maroon! Gabby, let’s try a weaker attack. Hidden Power!”

The Solosis glows with a pale green energy around her bubble while she charges a small beam which is blasted directly at the Wimpod, almost hitting Maroon’s tentacles holding it.

Jordie grabs one of their pokéballs and throws it at the already weak enough Wimpod, but before it hits its target, they hear the sound of something hitting the playground structure and a cloud of dust rises from the spot the Wimpod is at. Jordie feels something getting past them at full speed and gets to see the red seaweed going after them, but being stopped by its own reach. It all happens so quickly, that the trainer is completely confused about what it is. For a moment there, Jordie thinks the Wimpod escaped; however, the moment they hear the clicking sound of their dusk ball going shut, they sigh in relief.

Once the dust dissipates, Jordie goes to pick up their dusk ball, PokéDex in hand. They realize the Clobbopus had stopped playing and are now looking at them from above. What they don’t realize is the preoccupied expression in Gabby’s eyes.

“Recently caught… W-what…? No. That didn’t happen.” Jordie quickly drops their PokéDex and picks up their dusk ball to look inside of it, reproducing on their mind what had happened just now, and…

“Boo!” The pokémon screams with excitement as the green sparks from its new dusk ball float upwards. The Clobbopus from the playground start cheering for their friend together with Maroon while Gabby goes to her trainer’s side.

“Argh, you…!” Jordie yells. “You are the same Clobbopus from…!”

“Boo!” the shiny Clobbopus turns around and runs to hug its new trainer swinging its arms.

“Maroon, what are you cheering for? You were supposed to hold onto that Wimpod!” Maroon stops clapping and holds their tentacles up trying to tell Jordie something like ‘Hey, it’s not my fault!’ “Don’t tell me this guy attacked it to activate its ability? When did that happen!? Was it because of Trick Room that I didn’t realize…? Muk. My own strategy played against me! This is all my fault!”
Gabby grew to level 24!
Gabby forgot Charm and learned Reflect!
Jordie accidentaly caught a Clobbopus!

Male - Lvl. 10 - Limber - Leer / Rock Smash / Feint / Bind

Jordie's Party:

- 26 Dusk Balls
- 10 Potions
- X-transceiver
- ₽2500
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Miranda Lockhart
Saturday, September 19th
Chapter 2: Part 4 - Cave Tours
15:30 to 17:00 - Granite Cave
This whole thing about asshole trainers took me back to the time I met Mankey. He wasn't abandoned by one (not that I’m aware at least), but he was a stray pokémon when we met.

This happened when I was like seven years old (before I even considered becoming a trainer), so I can't remember the whole details. I do remember Mankey used to steal food from the hotel's kitchen and at times look for it in the trash.

Of course I knew about some violent stray pokémon living behind the place my dad worked at, but I didn't care about it until I overheard staff talking about kicking it out and decided to look for myself for curiosity's sake… or that’s what I thought then.

I went behind the hotel one morning and when I got there, the asshole jumped at me out of nowhere and bit my arm so I ran away. I remember I cried when that happened, not because it hurt, but because I was surprised. I didn't know that piece of muk had fangs that sharp. I still have the mark from that time.

Dad found out that I tried to see that pokémon and of course he didn’t say anything about it, Mankey wouldn’t be with me if that had been the case. He told me that if I wanted to “save” him I should approach him in a different way, and that’s when he gave me an apple. He’s been with me since.

What is strange about this is that I never thought I ever wanted to save Mankey from anything. I always thought about him as another pyritean more who just happened to live in the worst part of the region. However, after I talked to Nora about the people from Pyrite, I realized that I hate them and want to grow as a trainer somewhere else. Maybe when I found out Mankey could be kicked out, I felt a similar kind of anger... Or I’m probably getting confused over stupid muk, because as I said, this happened seven years ago.

Regardless, I don’t think I would’ve taken this decision if I didn’t have Mankey; he’s not just some random pokémon I managed to catch, after all. We’ve been together for half of my life.
Nora gave me some interesting information: There’s a cave here, in which I can get evolutionary stones (you know, like the ones used for Vulpix or Exeggcute) if I go through some tour given by Pokémon Rangers. She said it would be a good opportunity for a trainer like me.

I decided to take a look at this tour, because with Maritza being in who-the-psyduck-knows-where, I don’t have anything else to do for what’s left of the day and I’m leaving tomorrow. Even if I end up not using what I get, I can trade it for something interesting or sell it for a good price; these things aren’t really common after all.

I try following Nora’s advice about keeping my pokémon inside their pokéballs, and as I thought, it’s not possible. The only one with no trouble with that is Sandygast, the other two are a whole different thing, and while I don’t mind if Pyukumuku stays on my shoulder as long as she doesn’t feel the need to punch someone, Mankey acts like a psyducking five year old! He is constantly stopping on his track to look directly at some mukty lamp hanging from the wall.

It happens with every light and with TV screens, actually. I remember when they said The Under would be reopened and we sneaked there to see what was going on, and he ran off to the lamps the workers were using then and they kicked us out. It didn't matter then because the project had just started and there was nowhere to get lost at, but this is a whole ass cave! It’s a completely different story!

Walking here is completely uncomfortable, too. Not only is the path a bit too narrow for me, but there’s this bald asshole with sunglasses a few feet away from me, walking really slow while talking to himself. And yes, I said he is wearing sunglasses INSIDE A GODDAMN CAVE! WHY WOULD YOU GO TO A CAVE TOUR WITH SUNGLASSES JUST TO TALK TO YOURSELF!? IT’S NOT LIKE PEOPLE WON’T BE DISTRACTED BY WHATEVER THE PSYDUCK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! IT’S NOT LIKE YOU WON’T TRIP AND PSYDUCK YOURSELF UP BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE MUK OF WHERE YOU ARE WALKING THROUGH, EITHER! THE LAMPS DON’T ILLUMINATE THE ENTIRE CAVE, JUST ENOUGH FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT SUNGLASSES TO WALK COMFORTABLY!

Whatever, psyduck this guy. Psyduck this tour too while you’re at it, it's boring as muk.

Can’t I just take my stone and leave? I don’t even know if I’m going to use that thing to begin with.

Do you know what would be great? If they just sold the stones outside the cave as souvenirs or some muk. Sure, I would be wasting the money I just started making, but it’s better than wasting my time with this psyducking piece of muk instead!

“Thank you all for coming to our Granite Cave tour for today!” the Ranger in charge finally says once we reach a dead end, taking off his bag. “Hope you found it interesting. Now, in this bag I keep evolutionary stones and eviolites. As a souvenir from joining us today each of you will be allowed to pick one of these. I’ll start delivering them from the ones closer to me.”

You mean they were inside his bag the whole time? I could’ve just had Mankey steal one of them and leave! I just wasted my time for no reason!

Anyways, I picked a sun stone. I just thought it was the coolest one. Imagine showering your pokémon with the power of the sun to unleash its true power like Superman! It sounds awesome.

For our way back to the first floor of the cave I decided to stay behind everyone. It's way more quiet and nice here because there's no one talking to themselves and I have no trouble with delaying everyone else when Mankey stops to look at some lamp.

It's all going perfectly fine until the ground starts shaking. It's not a strong earthquake, but it's a long lasting one.

Once the ground starts shaking, my mind firstly thinks about Mankey. He is afraid of earthquakes, even the weakest ones, and he goes crazy whenever there's one. Almost immediately after the earthquake happens, I feel him scratching my right arm. I drop my bat to hold my arm while cursing at him for that and when I pick it up again, I see Pyukumuku has jumped off my shoulder and she's looking at one of the gates that go deeper into the cave and that's when I realize Mankey is gone.

"Don't worry, everyone. The cave isn't falling apart. Earthquakes like these are normal, they are often caused by pokémon fighting each other," the Ranger says with everyone about to muk their pants because that won't calm down anyone. What the psyduck? "... these caves are commonly dug by the very pokémon living here, so it's…"

I don't listen to whatever he said afterwards, because I go to look for Mankey. It doesn't seem like anyone realized I left either, because I would have a Ranger following behind me if that was the case.

I let Sandygast outside his pokéball and then make my way inside the cave. Mankey shouldn't have gone too far, so finding him can't be too hard. I use the flashlight on my P★DA to illuminate the path (that useless piece of scrap should work for something at the very least), if anything, Mankey would come running here once he notices it… I just realized how dangerous that can be. I don't think I'm ready to face whatever comes at me here, Nora also told me the wild pokémon on these floors can be, well, wild, but I'm not leaving this place without Mankey.
Current Party:

- 3 PokéBalls
- 5 Potions
- 1 Sun Stone
- P★DA (Pokémon Digital Assistant)
- ₽1100
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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

Pokémon / Inventory:
AVRIL'S MONEY: $20 000

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) -♀- lv. 31
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Grassy Terrain, Lucky Chant, Wish, Magical Leaf

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) -♀- lv. 27
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Rain Dance, Mud Sport, Hidden Power (?)

🌼 Wisteria (Inkay) -♂- lv. 22
Swagger, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Pluck, Reflect, Psybeam

🌼 Venus (Mawile) -♀- lv. 25
Fairy Wind, Feint Attack, Sucker Punch, Iron Defense, Taunt, Baton Pass

🌼 2 Empty Pokéballs
🌼 2 Potions
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Silk Scarf
🌼 TM for Ally Switch

🌼 Holotch (phone version)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card - valid until October 17th
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Natsuko, June, Marcella, Hikaru


🎀• 1

🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097
Lunchtime thoughts
Friday, September 25th - about 11 p.m. - Route 102, west

I don’t really like how Avril is acting right now. She’s seen better days… and I can tell even by how she walks unsteadily down this path. The backpack, which she’s now wearing on her shoulders, might be the one to blame for this, but I suspect there’s more to this uncomfortable ride.

But Avril has received her badge! Her second badge! I fought to the best of my abilities and, even if I was overpowered in the end, I still think I pulled off a Wish to help out whoever came out next. I wonder who that was? I owe her… or him, if it was Wispy!

Speaking of which, it’s time for lunch finally, and my girl still has pulled up a banquet even in such a difficult situation! Fresh berry slices of all kinds, some nice Pokémon food for the others, and a nice baguette filled with many different veggies. Avril’s munching on it very slowly, with that sad face and red cheeks (more than usual at least), but hey, it’s good food! That’s something to be happy about, right?

Aw, I love this foooooooood!

I’m getting annoyed now, big girl. My patience is vast and my tenacity is proverbial, but my ego is just as worthy of mention. Ever since you promised me that you would help me find that stone, I’ve been doing what you told me, fighting tooth and nail for you to the best of my already grandiose abilities. I’ve endured the scorching sunlight and the dreadful surprise of being suddenly far away from home, in a place I’d never seen before and, more importantly, I’ve endured the relentless attacks of those two Pokémon. I beat them both for you anyways, knowing that my path has been hopelessly drawn, but…

Avril? I think that’s your name, Avril. Well, why do you act like this now? Did you catch me by mistake? Do you not see my struggles, or are you outright fooling me, thinking I’d be just a puppet? I have to give you this - the food you’ve given me was not as bad as I expected, even if nothing can replace some fresh Aron: but the more we travel together, the more this feels like a bribe. I’m an expert in bribery, so you won’t be fooling me this way.

Actually, though… the little girl flying over my head. How’d you call her? Poppy? She’s much better than you. I felt her warm presence falling on me and reinvigorating my spirit, back when I was fighting. She’s a warrior… and still. What does she see in you? Why is she always by your side, Avril? Who’s being shackled by who?

Those of my kind play mind games all the time. We’re solitary for a reason. And when we’re not alone, these thoughts always find a way to get to us. I’m keeping my eyes on you all, and my mouths too.

The beach was a bad place for me because even if food was great, addicting almost, there were no rules. Fighting over it was common practice and I’d lose way too often. Shellos may look cute and innocent, and people might come towards us as if we’re not a big deal, but I’m the first to admit that’s a misguided belief.

And yet… sometimes I miss that place. I feel spoiled with Avril, because she’s always ready to give me all the food I want without really putting up much of a fight… and yet, those battles, that bickering for food, it makes me feel as if I won it, I earned it. Would I be a stronger Shellos if I stayed there on the beach and kept fighting for survival? Probably…

But I wouldn’t be this happy. I think. Weeeeeeell, whatever, all that matters is that I’m getting some amazing food.

Wispy (because Wisteria is too long) looks happy and carefree as usual, floating around like me. He doesn’t look like someone who’s just been to a Gym battle, I don’t think… which is one more reason to tell him everything when I can! Angie is just munching on her own food as usual, without a care in the world. Just like my girl, but without any hint of sadness.

AAAAAA I can jump and spin on these… uh what are they? They look like weird railings but they’re all wonky and up in the air! But who cares… yayyyyyyyyyy!

Venus is looking at me though. Even if I fly around the place, she seems to keep an eye on me at all times. She has that usual pout that’s like… half way between funny and actually scary, haha! I start from her then, and ask her if she was indeed the second Pokémon Avril used - she grinds her teeth, but nods affirmatively.

Of course it was me, Poppy. I don’t think the others could’ve pulled it off - certainly not the flying squishy thing, but maybe not even the grounded squishy thing. That was a hard battle, truly. But I’m happy to do it if it means getting that stone back. Ever since I touched it, even if it was for just a second, I felt something weird. Well I surely felt weak, I felt prey of some unexpected feeling or obsession, but I felt good too, knowing that the stone was nearby. Was…

Avril has tried to teach me just one important thing in these situations: look around at the other Pokémon and see how hungry they look. And I do that nearly every time now, before asking for more food. What do I see though? Just Poppy and Venus having a chat or something, standing close to each other, and then… of course, Wisteria just flying around the place playfully. He never stops uh?

But that doesn’t matter- what matters is that looks good enough for me to ask for more food. I crawl up towards my trainer with pleading eyes, and…

What do you mean with “We have a long way to go?”

You’re not even telling me “Wait for the other Pokémon or such”, you’re outright telling me that you didn’t bring enough food? That’s never really happened… plus, you look unusually upset by this. I may not be the most courteous Pokémon there is but hey, you should be glad I’m not jumping on you and robbing you of your own food, right? Please, just… a bit more stuff. Just a few berries will be fine. I’m a hungry Shellos and I want to grow up strong and healthy. For you of course.

Angie, Angie… not again. I’ll have to stop you right there. Avril is not in a good mood right now and apparently, we have two more days to go before we can find another Pokémon Center with all the food you want- I was out here this whole time, hiding in Avril’s hair, I know what’s up. And if you don’t stop… oh, this time I’m actually warning you.

“Hey Angie, please back off. She’s not doing too well.”

Flying is so fun- wait, what is happening? Are we playing a new game? I’m coming in too!

Ohoho, this sounds familiar. You may be right, Poppy, but I can’t go down without a fight, can I? Just a quick, mockup battle. You fight for Avril, I fight for my stomach. Come at me! My Hidden Power is read-

You love to see it, Pokémon children squabbling for nothing. Meanwhile I’m just here looking for a shady spot, where my eyes can rest. Doesn’t help that I have to move a couple steps every time, with the sunlight filtering from the tree leaves. I have some heavy thinking to take care of and I’d rather not be dist- Oh.

Hi lovely Pokémon fri-

I was about to get my Fairy Wind ready, but it fired off into the nothing. Oh well… it’s all Avril’s fault, who quickly called in all of the other Pokémon and stood up before packing everything up again. I hear her sigh, and mumbling to herself - she does seem concerned about how much food we still have at our disposal, but also about how we’re going to sleep tonight. As I jump over her head, she’s checking her holotch, going quickly through the Contact list before starting to walk again.

Yet another seemingly nice moment that she interrupted very quickly. I would’ve been perfectly fine with a practice battle with Angie, and if she wanted to go there I was ready to give her what she wanted. But… who knows what’s going through my girl’s head now… well usually, I can figure it out, but not now.

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Location: Fanclub Beach House, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Friday, September 25th

Chapter 3 - 8
A Test Of Will
Part 1

“Grrr! Grrrr!”

That voice woke me up from my slumber.

As I slowly opened my eyes, I was greeted by a weird sensation accompanied by a weird voice. It was almost like… Something was tugging at my clothes…

I quickly rubbed my eyes while turning my head towards what I thought was the source of the force. Apparently, it was not my clothes that were being tugged, it was the blanket I wrapped around my body that was being tugged. And for the voice itself? I quickly realized the familiar voice came from below me. It came from Stolz who was biting one end of the blanket.

"Stop it, you're going to ruin the blanket…" I weakly voiced my complaint at Stolz who was desperately trying to drag me out from the bed.

I gently patted Stolz to calm him down, but it didn’t work, Stolz kept urging me to hurry. So I walked half-heartedly to the bathroom.

Inside, I couldn’t help but stare at the mirror while washing my face. I could barely smile, to be honest… It was not a day I was looking forward to, or more like I just… Semi-optimistic? 40% optimistic, 60% pessimistic? Ah well, anyway, I was afraid that I would only embarrass myself if I fought Brawly now… But, I just…

“Why do you have to be so enthusiastic…” I softly mumbled while peeking on Stolz who appeared to do some sort of movement, it's almost like he was fighting an opponent… But of course, he was only there alone, well Aurora was also there, but she seemed to be content with continuing her beauty sleep.

Resigned to my fate, I prepared myself as soon as possible. I even had to skip breakfast all thanks to him... And all I got for that was the gym door still tightly shut. And of course, it would be tightly shut because it was still very early in the morning. I mean who in their right mind would challenge the gym at the break of dawn!?

“See, I told you it’s not open yet! Why do you have to be so stubborn?”

Stolz sulked, it wanted to battle as soon as possible. And at that point, I was trying my best to hold back the urge to pull my hair in frustration. I took deep breaths while mumbling about how anger wouldn’t solve this to pacify my own anger.

“Good morning, anything I can help you with, dude?”

Wait, is there another trainer challenging the gym this early?

I looked left and right but only managed to find the source of the voice. All I saw was an old surfer dude? I wasn’t even sure about it, but the surfboard he carried and his clothes seemed to validate my guess. But surely he wasn’t talking to some plants or some person that’s not even—

The man chuckled. “Where are you looking at, of course, I’m talking to you, dude.”

Ah, of course. I absolutely thought that he was talking to me, who was the only person. I-I didn’t think that he was talking to someone else, nope, haha… Ehem, anyway, to hide my embarrassment I asked about the gym.

“Oh no, no… It’s nothing much. But if I may be allowed to ask… When does the gym open?”

“Why should I forbid you to ask a question.” The man chuckled once more. “About your question, the answer is whenever the Gym Leader is available. But I think he isn’t in the building yet at this time.”

“Oh, I see…”

“Want to have a quick battle with me?”

“U-Uh, excuse me?”

The out of left field question caught me off-guard. However, I already knew the answer I was going to give to the man. And it was obviously a no.

Nothing personal, but considering I doubted that I and my Pokemon could beat Brawly with full energy, what would be the result if my Pokemon had an energy-draining battle beforehand? That would lead to a disaster, right?

And so I tried my best to swiftly arrange a polite sentence to turn his kind offer down. But of course, the reality wasn’t as kind to me… Again.

Stolz started to jump several times in excitement, which caused me to grimace in horror.

“Ahaha, I guess this little guy right here can’t wait to have a battle. Also, don’t worry, I’ll try and help you to prepare for the gym battle. You can heal your Pokemon after this and then battle him afterward, that sounds good?”

Seeing my expression was being read so easily, at that point I didn’t have much leverage to refuse his offer. And without Callie here, I guessed that perhaps this stranger could help me however small it was.

“Well if I’m not bothering you, I’d be happy to.” I bowed politely at him.

“Haha, it’s great to hear. Let’s get right into it then.

The man actually managed to find a referee that agreed to help us pretty quickly, but there was something strange about the surfer man. For some reason, he had the key to the gym? Perhaps he was the caretaker of the gym, and if so, no wonder he offered me the chance to learn. Maybe he already watched so much of Brawly's fight that he understood the best way to help trainers understand what they should do when they fight Brawly. But again, that was just my theory.

I could only hope that this could be a good learning experience for both me and my Pokemon. Because otherwise? No, I shouldn't think negatively. I'm sure everything would be fine... Hopefully.



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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Petalburg Forest Outskirts
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 24th

Chapter 3 - 8
Turning Point
Part 5

"Okay, so… Two Zigzagoons here…"

I mumbled while jotting down the details of the area I was scouring on a wooden clipboard on my left hand. It was early morning, the time where a calming breeze would soothe your soul as you walked outside. Yet, all I felt at the time was annoyance thanks to the floating yellow substance that was polluting the air.

This was a natural thing to happen though, after all, at the time I walked around the outskirts, it was currently Shroomish’s breeding season.

Walking around the outskirts of Petalburg Forest wasn’t something I was planning on doing in the first place. to be honest, I didn’t know what to do other than doing the daily grind as always thanks to the gym not accepting any challengers for the day. If it wasn’t for the Ranger who stepped in the Pokemon Center earlier this morning, I wouldn’t even consider stepping a single foot in this area. With Hunter joining the party yesterday, It just didn’t feel right for me to scour the area for another member to add towards the party so soon.

Yet I couldn’t help but have my ears perking up as soon as the Ranger told him that I could see the amenities of the Ranger station with my own eyes. It was quite a tempting offer, considering I’ve only seen the cutting-edge technology they employed through TV shows. I couldn't pass the rare opportunity to do so.

Obviously, at the time, I didn’t have any idea about the abundance of spore clouds in the area and so with a gleeful tone in my voice, I asked Vincent on whether he wanted to join me.

To my surprise, Vincent let out a chuckle, and as he smiled widely. “Do I need to buy a pram too? I’m not being paid enough to act as a babysitter, you know?” He later clarified that this was a joke and he had some errands to run while he was in the city,

I couldn't help but think that perhaps he was forcing himself to free some time for my sake. Perhaps I shouldn’t have accepted his offer, if this was actually the case. Either way, that was something I needed to talk to him about as soon as possible.

Just as I was trying to wrap my thoughts about Vincent, I realized that Hunter was flying towards me.

“Hoot~” Hunter cooed at me as he perched on the branch nearby. It seemed that he found more Pokemon for me to check out.

“Great job, Pal.” I tenderly rubbed the head of Hunter. Hunter seemed to enjoy what I did, or so I thought according to the expression it showed when I did so. Well, anyway, I’m happy if he did so I really hope he was indeed happy.

We were able to finish the survey at a fast pace. Before noon, I managed to have my assignment ready to be turned in.

As I arrived at the Rangers’ Station once more, I couldn’t help but admire the aesthetic choice inside the building, as the rustic lumber furniture inside was mixed with high-tech machines that were located mostly on the left side of the first floor. It was a cool sight, especially with how advanced some of these gizmos are. The local government must’ve spent a lot of their budget on these.

While waiting for one of the Rangers who was checking on my job, another one was kind enough to give me a tour of the facility. And yeah, I spent 90% of the time on where the complicated-looking machineries are located much to the chagrin of the guy who was very eager to show me the rest of the base. But hey I couldn’t help it, the boring sight he saw every day might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me so I hope he didn’t mind too much.

But apparently, not even these machines were unable to locate Pokemon around the forest accurately without creating any negative effects, which was the reason why they requested trainers to help. It cleared up a lot of my confusion regarding why I had the option to lend them a hand in the first place.

I certainly hoped a good enough gadget could be found soon though, as much as I didn’t like the rubbish air quality around me, those Rangers must’ve had a tough time patrolling the area especially since they spent much more time than me. Then again, when you think more carefully about it, they should’ve had a much better time considering one; They were highly trained individuals, and two; They were actually paid quite handsomely to do so.

Not to say I wasn’t getting paid, though. I got awarded Safety Goggles for my troubles. Only one, and yes I did try to ask whether I could keep both goggles they lent me. Unfortunately, the lady who checked on my job only smiled widely at me which obviously meant a big no, not that I expected they would give two of them but I knew well that trying wouldn’t hurt, so yeah.

As I walked away from the Rangers’ Station bathed with a hot embrace of the sun’s rays, I couldn’t help but sigh as soon as I thought about the next day.

I just couldn't erase the looming dread I had in my head about the man I need to beat tomorrow.

Everyone had their own idols. They were the very personification of the ideals they chased towards, the fuels of many to truly manifest their different desires.

For me, I had many of these so-called idols. The abundance of posters hanging on my wall was proof of it. It displayed many trainers that had inspired me to chase my dream as a professional trainer.

Wally was one of them.

Perhaps if Wally didn’t succeed as a professional trainer, then he wouldn’t be standing here as a Pokemon Trainer. The fact that the Hall of Famer managed to overcome his sickness was like a ray of hope for people like me that even with that kind of handicap you could succeed. The fact that a finish line exists, was enough for hopefuls like me to try and risk it in the professional scene.

Of course, it was so easy to dream, yet so hard to attain. Reality was cruel, so many people forgot the fact that despite his weak constitution, Wally was a genius, otherwise, how could he make the Hall of Fame at such a young age? Compared to me, the difference was akin to earth and sky. With me almost sputtered out to utter irrelevancy as I lost battle after battle, it was pretty clear by then that my talent level was probably… Let’s say, non-existent.

So what’s my chance of beating him? Hmm… I’d say 0%. Oh well, I’d be more generous and give me an extra 0.01% of doing so. A slim chance… Nah, more like a miracle.

Yet, with that in mind, my heart just couldn’t accept it. To be fair, the concept of miracle was something that existed in real life, but still, there existed a reason why it was called a miracle.

Whatevs, I might not have the talent that neither Alice nor Wally had, but if I had to fight tooth and nail to make my dream a reality, then consequences be damned.

And so I stayed in my room while waiting for Vincent, locking the door as I opened my virtual notes to scrap whatever knowledge I could attain in my hopeless gambit to beat Wally.



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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Empty Field, Petalburg City
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 24th

Chapter 3 - 9
Turning Point
Part 7

“Battle Finish! Perfect.”

The older man in front of me spun with enthusiasm before striking a thumbs-up pose. It was something you would see from a victory pose in a beat-up video game.

“Sheesh… You don’t understand the concept of holding back don’t you?”

I shook my head while putting both Hunter and Muchorin back inside their respective Pokeballs.

It was the fifth straight loss I had against Vincent. Both of my Pokemon were unable to overcome Dexter and his stalling tactics. This was actually even worse of a situation if you also consider the fact that Dexter beat both Hunter and Muchorin just moments after he squashed both Kaplan and Nero in a handicap battle before this one.

“Hey, I’m not dumb, okay? Just slightly crazy, but that’s all.”

“Slightly? What an understatement.”

“I’d like to say that I’m still sane enough… Maybe.” Vincent chuckled before he took a sip from the silver flask he held in his right arm.

Losing sucked, but I knew that theoretical approach isn’t going to be enough for me to close the gap with those that were far more gifted than me. So plainly locking myself inside my room and doing a literature review from noon to dusk was not an option I was keen on doing at the time.

To add to my consideration, Vincent told me to train my reflex and decision-making skills, and there was no better option than training it hands-on which he was very happy to help me hands-on. An offer which I was very happy to oblige.

“Hey, remember what I’ve told you, okay? That’ll come in handy for the future.”

I nodded my head at Vincent’s remark. He was referring to the explanation he gave an hour ago before we started our practical training.

Most of it was about the types of battling tactics. There are a lot of tactics that trainers can use in order to defeat their opponent, and the most skilled among trainers can change their tactic on the fly without having any issue as soon as they see any visible red flags on the field.

Some of them include the shutdown tactics, which involve the trainer doing maneuvers that limits the option of opposing Pokemon from the very start of the battle.

The stonewall tactics, which involve the trainer opting to let their opponent tank harmful moves from their opponent to gain understanding about what their opponent had inside their sleeves before striking back.

And there were also the reactive tactics, where a trainer reacted accordingly against every single move their opponent made.

But obviously, these were just Vincent’s way to distill down existing theories so I could understand them better. Speaking of theories, I couldn’t help but recall the ridiculously complex book I’ve read about how trainers should base their decision-making. It was a nightmare of a book to read, and even a bigger nightmare to memorize. Then again I was 6 when I tried to analyze the content of the book, so perhaps that might have played a big role.

But even with a watered-down explanation of it, applying this knowledge to the battles moving forward is easier said than done. In my head, I already knew how to approach this which was with a slow and steady mindset, but I don’t know… It felt like I was going to screw this up sooner or later. And with the fact that this was just the tip of the iceberg about battling… Yeah, me screwing up sounds about right at this point.

“Well, we still have some time until dinner… So, take it easy, aight? You can call me if you need anything else, and with that, I’ll see you soon, young lad.”

Vincent waved his hand as he walked away.

“Wait, Vincent!”


Vincent turned his body back towards me.

Apparently, I just couldn’t let the issue that had plagued me the entire day be. Even with hesitation in my heart, I just had to say it out loud, after all, it wasn’t me that was going to deal with the inconvenience from the issue going forward, it was Vincent and I’m not willing to jeopardize whatever he was doing just for a hopeless project like me.

“About today… Uh, when you say you had something to do—"

"Oh, that? Non, non, non, monsieur. Privacy is privacy, I know that you would be interested in the personal life of a highly important person like me, but—"

"And that's where I'm concerned!" I raised my voice as I cut him off.

The statement caused Vincent’s eyes to widen.

"You know, I really appreciate what you offer me, really… I do. But, I just can’t help but be worried about your schedule… I don’t want you to force yourself to help me when you could barely cram your own needs… It’s fine if you change your mind now, I… I’m not going to be mad.” I spoke up my mind with a somber tone. I was honestly having a lot of fun traveling with Vincent, but if he’d rather be alone, then who am I to stop him?

Vincent smiled with a slight tint of sadness emanating from him. He walked slowly towards me before putting his hand over my head.

“When we first met, I didn’t peg you as the worrywart type, you know?”

“Well… Sorry…”

“Nah, don’t be, you didn’t do anything wrong.” He took a deep breath. “I’m glad that you care so much about me, but there’s nothing to be alarmed about. I promise I’ll tell you if something comes up, though, is that fine with you?”

Vincent’s words gave me comfort, but I was only able to reply to him with a nod.

“Don’t stay up too long, okay? You have a big day in front of you so… Have a nice rest, Arthur.” He tapped my shoulders while wearing a big smile.

Not long after, both of us parted ways and I didn’t waste any time to return to my room, especially considering there were not many spots of interest around the city, well… Not many because I was running with a tight budget.

But as I sat down on the wooden chair in my room, every other thought vanished from my mind, all except one...

If I couldn’t beat Wally with how much help Vincent had given me, then perhaps it was time to rethink my decision to chase a career in Pokemon training.