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Old October 26th, 2013 (5:25 AM).
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I'll submit my challenge I did on Marriland a while back:

Name: novachief37
Game: Platinum
Ultimate or Single?: Single
Any Optional Rules?: No

Just for posterity, you said in DMs that you'd like hard proof that that was me. As I mentioned there, I have my link to my profile on Marriland listed below. But nevertheless, here was my final team:
Staraptor (F) "Squaks", Level 61
Nature: neutral
Obtained at: Lake Verity
Moves: Close Combat, Fly, Return, Substitute
Paired with:
Gengar (M) "The Rev", Level 61
Nature: Naive
Obtained at: Old Chateau
Moves: Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt

Floatzel (F) "Savior", Level 59
Nature: neutral
Obtained at: Route 218
Moves: Crunch, Ice Beam, Surf, Waterfall
Paired with:
Magmortar (M) "HumanTorch", Level 61
Nature: neutral
Obtained at: Fuego Ironworks
Moves: Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Hidden Power Grass, Thunderbolt

And here were the deaths I had:
Grotle (M) "Safarian", Level 5-28
Obtained at: Route 201
Cause of death: Horn Drill from P.I. Carlos' Goldeen on Route 214

Luxray (M) "Frazzles", Level 4-30
Obtained at: Route 202
Cause of death: Horn Drill from P.I. Kendrick's Rhyhorn in Seven Stars Restaurant at Valor Lakefront

Bibarel (F) "Berta", Level 3-35
Obtained at: Route 201
Cause of death: Critical hit Crunch from Crasher Wake's Floatzel while at 4/5 my health.

Golem (F) "Slam Dunk", Level 5-49
Obtained at: Oreburgh Gate
Cause of death: Psychic from Galactic Boss Cyrus' Honchkrow after missing six attacks in a row and him lowering my Special Defense

Machamp (M) "Ringo", Level 7-49
Obtained at: Route 207
Cause of death: Psychic from Galactic Boss Cyrus' Honchkrow while burned and at 1/3 health

Gastrodon-W (F) "Meli", Level 11-48
Obtained at: Valley Windworks
Cause of death: Aqua Tail from Swimmer Troy's Gyarados on Route 223 after Dragon Dance and Rain Dance.

Weavile (F) "Katana", Level 34-60
Obtained at: Route 216
Cause of death: Surf from Champion Cynthia's Milotic while at 1/4 my health and after a failed attempt at finishing her off with Brick Break from +4 Attack.
Moves: Brick Break, Ice Punch, Substitute, Swords Dance

Gliscor (M) "Rasta", Level 16-60
Obtained at: Route 206
Cause of death: OHKOed by Ice Beam from Champion Cynthia's Milotic after a failed attempt at finishing it off with Earthquake from +2 Attack (she healed after killing the above one).
Moves: Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Ice Fang, Swords Dance

Hope this is sufficient enough! Thanks.
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Old November 26th, 2013 (12:22 PM). Edited November 26th, 2013 by AoTora.
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I had to restart the challenge D: I had some computer issues and I lost everything I had on it x.x

Anyways I did start the game today and I did get a little bit done. I did all the beginning stuff and named myself Lara and my rival Barry. I got the starters. I don't remember which were the other 2 starters but I remember that I chose Octillery because it would be useful for first gym. Named Octillery Rennia . Bought some pokeballs - May the catching party begin!

First encounter on Route 201 was Bidoof - but luckily it was female so I didn't catch it. First eligable encounter was *drum rolls* lvl 2 charmeleon ~ I caught him and named him Charlie. He is now married to Rennia.

Went to the route next to the lake and first encounter there was Starly - I was really really happy because I love Staraptor- I caught her and named her Starlia.

Spoke to my mom and I went on to Route 202 where Lucas showed me how to catch a pokemon (Because I really didn't know how to do it and I didn't get Starly and Charmeleon x.x)

First male on route 202 was ~ Tyrogue. I caught him and named him Lil' Champ Lil' Champ and Starlia are now married.

I came to Jubilife city and it's time to catch our last pair. First encounter on route 204 was Dratini - I cought her and named her Cassie. First male encounter in the cave ahead was Shuckle but I accidentally killed him. So I went fishing left from the Jubilife and first pokemon I met was female Skuntank I wish I could have her though she would be awesome D: First male was Rapidash. I caught him and named him Thowra. Thowra and Cassie are now married.

I did a little bit of grinding so I got everybody up to level 10, got the Pokech and I battled my rival. I used Thowra and Cassie - Cassie took down his starly fairly easily and Rapidash took care of his Piplup (It's odd because I swear that professor said that we chose Piplup and Turtwig - You'd think that I chose "Piplup" and he chose turtwig - but apparently not lol.

Anyways here is current team - Will go on tomorrow.

First Pair:

Rennia, female, lvl 10
Good perservance, likes dry food.
Rash Nature, Ability: Sniper (I actually love this ability :o )
Water Gun
Psy Beam
Aurora Beam
My starter and I love her. I love the moveset I got her with - It's really good and hopefully she comes with me to elite 4.


Charlie, male, lvl 10
Mischievous. Happily eats anything.
Quirky Nature, Ability: Blaze
He is awesome - And will be even more awesome when he evolves

Second pair:

Lil' Champ, male, lvl 11
Often dozes off. Likes spicy food.
Adamant Nature, Ability: Guts
Helping Hand
Fake Out
Needs some work but he is going to be awesome once he evolves.


Starlia, Female, lvl 11
Often lost in thought. Likes Bitter food.
Calm nature, Ability: Keen Eye
Quick Attack
Wing Attack
Once she evolves into a Staraptor she is going to be even more awesome than she is now. She is going to be very useful for Gardenia.

Third Pair:

Thowra, Male, lvl 10
Higly curious. Likes sour food.
Impish Nature, Ability: Run Away
Quick Attack
Tail Whip
He is a good team member He is also going to be useful in Gardenia's gym.


Cassie, Female, lvl 10
Sturdy Body. Happily eats anything.
Hardy Nature, Ability: Shed Skin
Thunder Wave
Needs a lot of work but she is going to be really really good when she evolves into dragonite.
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