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Originally Posted by Volga View Post
And three questions:

1. For future reference, where would the cutoff be for S/M in the trading in a stone for evolution rule?

2. And does Pelago count? (You get Pelago after beating the 3rd trial, 4th if you count grand trials)
*I assume it doesn't, because you need 45 Pokemon in your boxes to get stones from Isle Aphun, but I'm still asking to be sure.

3. I can't remember and I don't see it specified in the rules, are HA's are allowed for traded-in Eggs?
For questions 1 & 2 I would say hacking or trading in evolution items would be allowed after unlocking Poke Pelago. That way the playing would have to wait until their far enough in the game to obtain them normally but don't have to go through the hassle of filling their box and waiting hours upon hours for their Pokemon to find the stone they need.

And for question 3 I would say hidden abilities are fine so long as it's been officially released. That way the playing can use the ability of their choosing and still have the Pokemon be legit.

I updated to OP to help clarify these rules :]
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Hey, just one suggestion for the optional end-point of Sun/Moon.

Instead of fighting all possible challengers of the Elite Four, which can get very repetitive and annoying imo. It should be to complete the Ultra Beast Side-Story, then go through the post-game exclusive parts of Poni Island and beat Red or Blue at the Battle Tree (just the normal entrance battle, not getting 20 streak in the tree itself lol).
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