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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

Pokémon / Inventory:

AVRIL'S MONEY: $32 000

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) ♀
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Grassy Terrain, Aromatherapy, Wish, Magical Leaf

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) ♀
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Rain Dance, Mud Sport, Hidden Power (?)

🌼 Wisteria (Inkay) ♂
Night Slash, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Pluck, Reflect, Psybeam

🌼 Venus (Mawile) ♀
Fairy Wind, Crunch, Sucker Punch, Iron Defense, Taunt, Baton Pass

🌼 2 Empty Pokéballs
🌼 2 Potions
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Silk Scarf
🌼 TM for Ally Switch
🌼 5 Rare berries

🌼 Holotch (phone version)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card - valid until October 17th
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Natsuko, June, Marcella, Hikaru


🎀• 1

🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/338886
If life is a struggle, pt. 2
Monday, September 28th - about 4 p.m. - Littleroot-Oldale township
Even with a tasty ice cream in my hand, the breeze blowing through my hair, Erin and Ellen sitting beside me and keeping me company, something irks me. It comes up as soon as I look down at my feet and remember what I’m wearing. It comes up when I look towards the two waitresses as well, or even when I just close my eyes and stop focusing on the positives. It’s like a little voice inside my head…

This is supposed to be a perfect moment: the girls who are now sitting beside me really tried their best to get here too, by not only pulling me around on skates (so that I could recover) until we got to one of the most relaxing places along the Trainers Corridor, but also by paying for my treat. And yet, these are the same people who made me struggle and push myself with all of the techniques they tried to teach me.

Honestly, I feel contrived. As much as I’m enjoying their company right now, the voice inside my head tells me over and over that I should just keep my distance. I don’t want them to do all of this for me, because it looks like I disappointed them before and I will do it again. They even said it themselves! Life is a struggle! And struggle brings conflict, and I hate it.

Ellen and Erin looked genuinely enthusiastic to see me skate more and more confidently. They really wanted me to learn those tricks, and I feel like I made some progress, but overall I still disappointed them. Both with falling and messing things up, and with my attitude! But I think I also disappointed myself for having still given into… being in this situation. I could’ve said I don’t feel like it and I didn’t. I could’ve spared myself from this struggle.

“So… I probably haven’t told you but, my actual goal is to become a singer! A real good singer!” Ellen brings me back to reality with that revelation. It’s the one thing I’m too shy to practice with! “And my family hated it at first.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that for sure!” Erin echoes her friend.

“They just wanted a normal career for me, Littledale style. They didn’t want me to travel ‘round the world or anything, but that’s something I’d also love to do! And I’m going to fight for it too!” The red haired girl’s eyes start to sparkle. That is… a difficult thought to process for me.

As she keeps talking about how she kept pursuing her dreams even if it meant working many jobs and arguing with her family, I fixate on… how little she seemed to care about avoiding struggles. Even when it involved other people.

Can I really do it? I gave in the first time, when I eventually decided to come here and “give training a try”. I almost did it when I called my parents and told them I’d like to come back and try something else. But in both situations, the pressure was astounding. It was hard to think straight and handle that turmoil of feelings. If one side really has to win over the other, whose side would it even be? Why would I have to face that dilemma in the first place?

I must look uneasy on the outside as well, because Erin looks over to me with a concerned look. “You alright, Avril? Your ice cream is just melting in your hand, hurry!”

“O-oh I…” I smile nervously. “I don’t like people arguing like that is all…”

“Well…” Ellen speaks up now. “I guess sometimes it just has to happen, but! That’s why I have my bestie over here.” She looks up towards Erin with sparkling eyes. “If you surround yourself with the right people, who can make you feel comfortable and motivated, you can get anywhere!” She makes it sound easy.

That’s where I get quiet again though… the red haired waitress has definitely hit a weak spot here. Both her and Erin move slightly closer to me and lean on me for what is almost a hug, but as I fall into their embrace, I’m still silent.

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Miranda Lockhart
Sunday, September 20th
Chapter 3: Part 3 - Impostor
18:30 to 18:50 - Route 104 South
“Miranda, this is Ranger Susan. She offered herself to help you train your pokémon as long as she doesn’t have to go back to Petalburg Fo-”

Susan interrupts her by clearing her throat and putting her mask above her head, showing a mature woman with her hair tied. “For your information, sweetheart, my shift's almost over,” she says. She also takes a few coins from the purse on her belt bag and hands them over to Maritza. “Know what? There's this vendin' machine inside the Station. Go get me a drink, will ya? Y’can get one for ya and yer friend too.”

“But I haven't finished-”

“Nah, ya’re good!” she interrupts again, waving the other hand at her and chuckling with a passive aggressive smile on her face. “Lemme handle it from here, 'kay?”

Maritza grimaces after receiving the money, but after some meditation she goes inside the Ranger Station anyways, leaving her parasoul at the entrance.

“Well, that girl said pretty much everythin’. She came yellin’ into the Station askin’ for a trainer. We thought somethin’ had happened,” she says, scratching her head. “Turns out she just wanted to help ya train.”

I don't answer to anything she says. I'm not surprised that Maritza went through that trouble, it's the kinda thing she's done since we met, but why the psyduck didn't she take me with her like always? She didn't even tell me anything about her plan at all! She had me waiting outside to have my head slammed by a psyducking Greedent!

“Hey, girl. Ya okay? Ya've been lookin’ at nothin’ since yer friend left,” Susan says, looking at me with a raised eyebrow. “Why don’ ya just choose yer pokémon so we can get started with this?”

I nod at her and extend the arm I hold my bat with to tell Pyukumuku to jump to the battlefield.

The Ranger then tosses her pokéball, releasing some blob that turns into a shiny Pyukumuku similar to mine just as it's sent out.

“Hey, that's my pokémon! How do you have the same pokémon as me!?”

Susana gives a vague smirk that is quickly fades once she shrugs after taking the PokéDex hanging from her belt. “Coincidence.”

Her expression changes to that of disappointment, though, as she reads on her device before mumbling to herself: “The hell?”, and looking back at me, she clears her throat. “This sucks… I mean, why don't ya use that thing holdin' yer leg instead? Ya caught that one recently, right?”

“Why should I? She wants to fight!”

“Does she? I thought ya asked her to jump in...” she sighs, taking a hand to her face. “Whatever, first lesson: Know what that PokéDex is for?”

“Check Pokémon names and the moves they have? I'm not dumb.”

“Yeah, sure. Ya can also check what moves they can learn, though” she adds. “And y’see, Pyukumuku can't learn attackin’ moves. If we put two Pyukumuku against each other, the battle will have both pokémon strugglin’ to finish it.”

Pyukumuku can't attack? What is she talking about? She beat down a kid, some Aron and a Greedent in only two days! “Are you blind? Have you seen that tree over there? And that Greedent? Pyukumuku did that. She can hit hard.”

She leans slightly to the left to look at the destroyed tree before coming up with an answer. “Ya mean that? Nah, that was Greedent.”

“It wasn't Greedent! How the psyduck would it be the one that got itself beaten up! Pyukumuku did that on her own!”

“Ugh... Boy, ain't ya stubborn...” Susan sighs. “Why don't ya do it again, then?”

“You bet your ass I will!” I yell, slamming my bat against the ground. “Pyukumuku, let's show her, use Bide!”

Pyukumuku starts gathering energy, readying herself to unleash her laser beam while Susan stands there watching. Her body glows a bright red and when she's ready to unleash her power, it's just… air.

“What the psyduck!? What did you do!?”

“Nothin'. That's exactly why it didn't work,” she says. “Bide accumulates and unleashes the energy that comes from other attacks. Pyukumuku can't fight on its own, ya see? A battle between two Pyukumuku is-”

“SHUT UPPPPP! You already told me that!” At first, Susan snaps and takes a step back, but her reaction after that is just laughter, and that's something that really pisses me the psyduck off… but I tightly hold my bat's grip and try to calm down taking a breath. I'm not that dumb, I don't want to get in trouble with the Rangers of all people and she could beat me up anytime, she's tall. “… Sorry. Guess I'll just use a different pokémon, then.”

“Uh... actually, ya know what? Nah, never mind that. I thought 'bout somethin’,” she interrupts before turning to her Pyukumuku “Hey, sweetheart, can ya turn into that thing she has on her leg?”

Her pokémon looks back at her and hops to turn back again into that pink blob and then into a Slakoth… with a peculiar pair of eyes.

Susan takes another look at her PokéDex. This time instead of disappointed, she looks satisfied as she nods and grins.

“What was that? Can Pyukumuku do that?”

“Nah. This sweetheart’s a Ditto. They can transform into any pokémon and copy their moves and abilities using their own, Impostor.”

What did she just say!? A pokémon that is able to turn into another!? That's psyducking overpowered, but awesome! It's like having every pokémon in one! “Are you for real!? That sounds really cool! Where did you get it?”

“Huh, well… that was… on a giveaway… sort of,” she answers, scratching her head. “Folks from some breedin’ program wanted Rangers to help study them, and I was the lucky one… I guess. It was years ago, though.”

“That’s psyducking awesome! It must be a really strong pokémon if it can change its form at will! If you were entrusted with that, then you must be a really strong trainer too!”

“Ugh… heh. Ya think so? I guess Ditto can be pretty strong, but…” she says,looking down at the transformed Ditto laying on the ground. Unable to hide her blush, she puts her mask back on before talking again. “Ya startin’ to sound like yer friend, though. Let's start fightin’!”

“Pyukumuku, Bide!”


Susan's Ditto looks back at her once she gives the order and obediently does as it's told, opening its mouth at Pyukumuku once she starts gathering energy for her attack.

The Ranger smirks. “This is good! Hey, sweetheart, use Hammer Arm.” I grin at that. Hammer Arm, if I'm not mistaken, is one of the strongest Fighting-type moves in existence! And my Slakoth has it! If something like that hits Pyukumuku, then she'll manage to gather more than enough power to send that Ditto to psyduck itself!

Or not. Ditto doesn't move at all. It just stares blankly at us while scratching its fat Slakoth nose.

“Just kiddin’,” Susan laughs. Asshole. “It's in Slakoth’s nature, and Ditto copies that as well when transformin'. They don't perform two actions without taking a break in-between.”

In short, there's no Hammer Arm. And if there's no Hammer Arm, then there's no super cool laser beam either. And do you know what sucks the most? Pyukumuku fell asleep five seconds after that, so we are just standing there, doing nothing, waiting for her to wake up.

Maritza comes back minutes later while we wait, holding a bottle of iced tea and two cans soda.

“Oh, there's yer friend! What took ya so long?”

“Oh, sorry. Juggernaut ran off when the first can fell, so I had to chase him down,” Maritza says without hesitation as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her. “Anyways, one of your coworkers said you liked these, so I got one for you and Miranda.”

“Hell yes, give me that!” Susan says, quickly taking her can from Maritza's hands.

The girl then walks to where I am and gives me that can of… Kevin!?

They named their soda Kevin!

Why the psyduck is it called Kevin!? You don't call soda like another person! You leave that muk for clothes, perfume and whatever the psyduck is related to all that crap!

It's not even a catchy name, it's just… Kevin!

Can you imagine being named Kevin and being afraid to tell anyone what your name is because some random asshat named their soda the same as you?

Whoever did that is some sadistic asshole! Like, they are on really high levels on the assholemeter!

“Hey, if ya don't want that Kevin ya can give it to me, ya know?” Susan calls, now with her mask up again.

“Shut up, I'm having it!”

Aside from the dumb as psyduck name, Kevin doesn't taste that bad. It's too sweet, though, which sucks because I shouldn't take too much sugar.

“What are we waiting for?” Maritza suddenly asks, seeing how none of us has done anything since she came back.

“Pyukumuku doesn't wake up.”

“Then wake her up? It's not like it's her bedtime, is it? When Pokémon fall asleep in battle it's usually not because they are tired, but because they were ‘hypnotized’ by-”

“I know that, shut up!”

“Brains n' brawns ain't ya two?” Susan laughs in the background. “Listen to yer frien’, sweetheart, she’s come up with some interestin’ stuff.”

I meh at her before looking back at the girl by my side and nod. I know she wants to help, but I'm just so irritated right now. “Sorry! How do I wake her up?”

“... This status ailment usually doesn’t last more than two or three minutes if the opposing pokémon isn’t attacking. However, when it happens like this, you are allowed to intervene yourself by calling your pokémon.”

“What? It's that simple? You could've said so earlier, instead of going into a detailed speech about how sleep works!” I protest, but before getting too much into it I turn back to the battlefield. “You mean something like… PYUKUMUKU, WAKE UP!”

Pyukumuku doesn't give any signal that she's awake. It's not until Maritza tells me to look at my PokéDex that I see her status aliment, ailment, whatever is gone.

“Now what are ya gonna do?” Susan asks from the other side, taking a sip from her soda can. “I have the entire afternoon.”

If I use Bide again, Ditto will Yawn. I have to make it attack somehow.

I remember that battle from yesterday and think about Pyukumuku's moves. What she did to have the Aron attack her was…

“Pyukumuku, Water Sport and Bide!”


“What the psyduck!? But that worked before against those Aron!”

“Don’t get angry, sweetheart. Ya just learnin’,” the Ranger says, taking another sip and then shaking the can and tsk-ing at it. “I know yer pokémon has the moves to get out of this situation. Thing is how ya use ‘em.”

“Miranda, you have to calm down and think logically,” Maritza steps in. “Water Sport is just a move that weakens fire-power by soaking a small area, but without causing any damage, however that doesn't mean pokémon that don't like water won't react to it. It’s not only a matter of why it didn't work against Slakoth, but why it worked against Aron in the first place.”

“But I don't know what the psyduck I'm doing wrong! I mean, I used Water Sport against Aron because I needed a… oh!” Maritza smiles at me and nods.

Now that leaves me with the other moves Pyukumuku has. Harden and Helping Hand are useless right now, and it's obviously not Mirror Coat either. Then it's…




Pyukumuku immediately starts shaking her fist at Ditto, finishing her move by giving the finger, earning different reactions from Maritza and Susan.

“Hah! Like trainer like pokémon, right?”

“Miranda, what have you been teaching her?”


Susan chuckles. “Yeah, I believe that. Whatever, Ditto, Yawn.”


An angry Ditto immediately uses its arms to slide towards Pyukumuku, and swings its right arm at her just after reaching. “Yeah, I am.”


Instead of charging energy, though, a giant fist comes out of her mouth, hitting Ditto with an uppercut that has it flying to muk.


Susan returns Ditto to its PokéBall while it's still in the air before looking for an answer on her PokéDex, however, Maritza gets to it first.

“It's Counter. Like Mirror Coat, but for physical attacks, and faster than Bide.”

“Oh, so it learns both, huh? Pyukumuku seems like she's gonna be a pain in the ass for some,” Susan says with a smirk “Gotta check this guy's moves as well, by the way. It's got some interestin’ stuff. I can help ya train it a bit as well, Ditto should have enough energy even after that hit.”

“You’d really do that? You are amazing!”

“... Hah!” Susan smiles, but tries to hide it by looking away, but opts for hiding herself under her mask instead. “'Kay, enough! Send that thing out, will ya?”
20:30 to 20:31 - Petalburg's Pokémon Center

“... and remember, when Pyukumuku countered that Hammer Arm like POOOOOOOW! It was awesome!”

I learned quite a few things about battling with both Pyukumuku and Slakoth, and am really excited about it. I've been talking about the whole training session with Maritza all the way to Petalburg, and I may have repeated the part of Pyukumuku's Counter like six times now.

Maritza was with me there, so in all honesty I have no idea why I'm telling her all that, but she doesn't seem to mind anyways. She smiles and laughs with me instead, which makes me feel happy and more excited about all this, even though she doesn't have much to add for once.

Or at least she doesn't care to say anything until we get to my room in the Pokémon Center.

“Ditto is also a really cool pokémon! I wish I could find one some-”

“Miranda, sorry to interrupt, but…” she says, turning all serious all of a sudden. She looks around her a couple times, and once she makes sure no one's around, she continues. “Can you open your bag? I want to ask you something.”

“Oh, in my bag…?” I look inside and the first thing I see is the Rainbow Stone I got from Granite Cave, which I totally forgot to ask about between all the talk on the ferry about Pyukumuku and then training with Susan. “Wait, I want to ask something too. Uh… It's about this thing. I found this Rainbow Stone in Granite Cave earlier.”

“Oh, so it was that!” Miranda yells in shock to just clear her throat later.

“Yeah, do you know what it is? I was thinking of selling it.”

“It's not called Rainbow Stone, it's a Key Stone,” she says. “It's so beautiful… I guess you can sell it, but are you sure you want to do that?”

“Well, I have no idea what it is for, and it looks valuable.”

“You've never heard about them? Okay, I'll explain…”
Pyukumuku forgot Bide and learned Counter!
Current Party:

- 3 PokéBalls
- 5 Potions
- 1 Sun Stone
- 1 pair of Safety Goggles (Pyukumuku)
- P★DA (Pokémon Digital Assistant)
- Keystone
- ₽1100

Miranda's portrait done with: https://picrew.me/image_maker/338224
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Edison Kintobor
Saturday, September 26th, late morning
Trainers' Corridor, Littledale Gym

"Hey! Y'all come down here, we'll finish up in this part of the field!" Merry calls out from down the hill. Ed shrugs and follows instructions, Jed following and Sunny reluctantly bringing up the rear.

Merry waits at the other side of a field, which Ed notes isn't tilled like the previous area, just natural earth and grass. The lack of a prepared arena implies that Merry doesn't have any gimmicks planned, so their Pokémon must be strong enough to stand on their own.

"Alright, final round. Winner takes all. Who you got left?"

Ed doesn't say anything as he sends out Gremlin. She hisses at the sun and takes refuge in Ed's shadow, but grins at Merry regardless.

"A Sableye! And look how pretty she is. Well, in that case... Miltank!" Merry sends out his Miltank, putting Ed on edge. He's read about them, and despite their appearance, they can be just as formidable as their male counterpart, Tauros.

Sunny scoffs from her position at the top of the hill. "Let me guess, it knows Foresight."

"Not necessarily." Ed shakes his head, noting Merry's easy-going grin. "Some Miltank naturally have the ability to make contact with Ghosts. I'm not sure why they gained this power, but some have it."

"Well that's not fair!"

"Enough chatter, let's go! Miltank, Stomp that little varmint!" Miltank charges forward at a frightening speed, like some kind of horror movie monster, except she's a cow. This confirms Ed's suspicions, and he starts formulating a new plan.

Gremlin sinks into her shadow as Miltank approaches, dodging the mighty hoof as it comes down. Miltank looks around warily, no doubt expecting a trick. Ed holds his arm out to the side, and Gremlin rises from his shadow, leaping onto his arm and then onto Miltank, causing her to flinch with Fake Out.

"Go for Low Sweep!" Miltank's speed is a problem. Ed knows Gremlin is too slow to gain any meaningful advantage, but any reduction to Miltank's mobility will be helpful.

Miltank grins as Gremlin gets closer, stomping her hoof into Gremlin's chest. Gremlin grits her teeth as she grabs Miltank's leg, struggling to fight back against such strength. Unable to just phase through the attack, she instead sinks into the ground, putting Miltank off balance as her hoof hits dirt. Gremlin quickly pops back up, kicking the back of Miltank's other knee.

Ed knows Gremlin will lose if forced to match strength, so falls back to his old tricks, which luckily are Gremlin's forte. As Miltank goes for a Headbutt, Gremlin's eyes glow with eerie light, confusing her before she can make contact. Gremlin cackles as she steps aside, causing Miltank to slam her head into a rock on the ground.

Her laughter stops when she sees the rock split in two from the impact. Miltank flails wildly in her confused state, but Gremlin manages to avoid her reckless attacks with Detect. Ed calls for another Low Sweep, but Miltank shakes off the confusion in time to hear Merry's command of Stomp, trampling Gremlin and charging out of range before she can pick herself up for a counterattack.

"Gremlin! Are you okay?" Gremlin stubbornly gets back up, spitting out a broken piece of tooth before nodding. "Then confuse her again, then go for the legs."

Miltank rushes back in for another Headbutt, but again is subjected to Confuse Ray. This time, however, the attack connects, and Gremlin clutches her head and cries out in pain from the impact.

"Change of plan! Dodge again!" Miltank goes for Stomp, but Gremlin drops into her shadow to dodge. Miltank starts stampeding trying to find her opponent, accidentally stepping into a small hole and tripping. Gremlin seizes the opportunity to attack, popping out of Miltank's shadow and grabbing her leg. Ed frowns at the display, Miltank flailing as Gremlin attempts to... pull a muscle in her leg? It's not exactly a normal strategy, but Miltank's frantic lowing and pained cries imply it's an effective one.

"Gremlin, enough! You're just being cruel now." Gremlin scowls at Ed, but releases Miltank from the illegal pin, kicking Miltank in the leg to be petty.

"Get some distance so you can heal up!" Merry calls out. Miltank staggers back upright, curling into a ball and rolling away.

"Did you say heal?!"

Miltank is fairly far away, but Merry's powerful voice still carries far enough to be heard. "Drink your milk and get back here, girl!"

Gremlin scowls at Merry, looking like she's about to try that leg pin on them next. Ed quickly gets her attention before she does something he'll regret. "Gremlin! Use Shadow Sneak to get over there!"

Gremlin looks at Ed like he's crazy. He understands why, but he has a plan. "I know, it won't work, but it's the only way you can get over to her in time. Get over there and Disable her healing technique once she's used it."

Gremlin looks over at Miltank, who is now drinking a stream of her own milk. Gremlin grimaces in disgust, but leaps into Ed's shadow regardless. He follows her shadow form with his eyes as she darts across the field, popping out of Miltank's shadow. Before Miltank can react, Gremlin's eyes glow red as she smacks Miltank's udder. Miltank cries out in surprise, as dark shadows crawl up her body and settle around her head, a mental block preventing her from using that technique again.

Unfortunately, that also angered Miltank enough to slightly disobey. Merry had ordered her to return after healing, but they hadn't said anything about bringing Gremlin with her. Miltank grabs Gremlin as she curls up, rolling back to Merry with the poor Ghost in her clutches. She's nice enough to drop her off in the middle of the arena before coming to a stop at Merry's side.

Gremlin struggles to stand, suffering from acute motion sickness. Ed quickly calls for a time-out as he checks on her, which Merry obliges.

Ed looks over Gremlin, but she's looking rough. "I'm calling it. There's no way we-" Gremlin holds up a hand to stop him, then vomits out some gravel. She coughs and wipes the dust from her mouth, but isn't wobbling anymore, at least. She grins shakily, but takes her position.

Ed inhales slowly, his mouth set into a firm line. He doesn't like it, but Gremlin insists on finishing this fight. She's brave, and Ed has to respect her decision, even if he doesn't agree. "Alright. Resume."

Miltank immediately throws herself forward, rolling like a runaway tire. Gremlin hits her with Confuse Ray, getting run over in the process, but manages to hold on by the skin of her teeth. Miltank comes around for another pass, but in her confusion ends up rolling up the hill toward the Gym.

"Look out!" Jed grabs Sunny as he dives out of the way, but Miltank manages to stop at the top of the hill, ending her Rollout.

...and immediately falling over from confusion, tumbling back down the hill and landing on her head. Now it's Merry's turn to rush to their Pokémon's side, but she's not seriously injured. They step back as Miltank staggers to her hooves, on the verge of collapse but unwilling to quit.

Gremlin runs in, taking out Miltank's legs with a Low Sweep. She pins Miltank to the ground, getting in her face and hissing at her to just stay down already. Miltank tries to kick free, but is too tired, laying back and accepting that she's beaten.

"Miltank can't fight anymore!" Jed announces, picking himself up. "Which means... The Challenger wins! Leader Merry has been defeated!"

"You don't have to sound so surprised..." Sunny grumbles, but grins as Ed offers Merry a handshake.

Merry shakes their head, but tips their hat to Ed. "That was some mighty fine battlin', son. You got a quick wit to you, I'll give you that! Along with these." They reach into a pocket of their overalls, retrieving several small items.

"For your victory, you've earned the Dell Badge! Along with ₽5000 and this Technical Machine! It contains Bulldoze, a Ground type attack. Use it to smooth over any damage your fights might cause."

Ed accepts the rewards, tucking them into a vest pocket for now. "Thank you. It was a good match, and I think I learned a lot."

Merry tips their hat again, a gesture that Ed mimics despite not wearing a hat, and the two make their way back up the hill. Sunny makes a beeline for Ed, but Merry steps in front of him to cut her off.

"Now then... you were next, right? Let me just give my team a quick fix and we'll have our battle."

Sunny steps back, already reaching for the door. "Well, about that... I'm canceling my appointment. I'm not ready after all."

"Wait, you can do that?!" Ed is incredulous.

Merry nods, not looking away from Sunny. "Normally, yes. Things happen. But this ain't a normal occasion. You were in such a hurry, earlier. Kept buttin' in on the match, makin' your comments and tryin' to rush things. I don't take rudeness lightly, Missy, so I'm gonna make you a deal. You can fight me now, or if you really need more time, you can come back tomorrow afternoon. If you're not here by sundown, you'll have plenty of time to 'get ready', because I ain’t acceptin' your challenge again for another week. Sound fair?"

"A w-we... a wha?!" Sunny stammers, looking to Ed for help, but Merry never breaks eye contact. "That's... that's not allowed, is it?"

Merry's good mood is gone, and they walk past Sunny to the door of the Gym. "I'm the Leader, it's my choice to accept a challenge or not. I can tell you're not gonna fight me now, so I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe you should think about your actions more carefully next time."

The door closes in her face, leaving Sunny stunned and shaking slightly. Ed tentatively puts a hand on her shoulder, but she barely reacts. "You okay?"

"I... I don't know. But I have to do something, Eddie."

Ed opens the door for her with a shrug. "Well, we have the rest of the day and all morning tomorrow to figure it out. Come on, let's go back to the Pokémon Center."


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AGE: 17 ⟡ HOME REGION: Johto
DATE: Monday September 28 ⟡ TIME: Morning
LOCATION: Birch Research Institute

Chapter 4 #04 - Looming Research

Eight in the morning is early for Marie, but everyone in the lab looks far more awake than she feels. It's not like she'd stayed up late reading about the Birch Research Institute and the three professors at its forefront- she'd gone to sleep at a very respectable eleven p.m.- but the horrors of Route 102 are still exacting their revenge on her body.

Pulling a Slowpoke in a wagon isn't doing much for her recovery, either.

"Do you have coffee?" is the first thing out of her mouth when she enters the building, because the Pokémon Center's machine was one she'd never seen before and her tired brain couldn't process the instructions pasted on the wall before some other trainer told her to get out of the way.

She may have been slightly hysterical when she deliberately ground her heel into the girl's shiny shoes and stormed out the door without finishing her breakfast.

A guy named Vikram takes pity on her and shows her to the kitchenette, where she stares unseeingly at her haggard reflection in the bottom of her mug of black coffee for several minutes before remembering she needs to add cream and sugar to make the garbage bean water tolerable.

"Mornin'," Brendan says, reaching around her for a mug that has a big thumbs-down image on the side, which changes to a thumbs-up as he fills it with hot coffee from the pot. Marie mumbles a greeting as she stirs her near-white concoction and surreptitiously squints at the detail on her own chipped mug. It's a picture of a Krabby smoking a cigarette, surrounded by the slogan Life is psyducking relentless.

Marie nods sagely. Life sure is.

Brendan is talking. She should have been paying attention to that, instead of her mug and his tiny, clip-on white top hat.

"-what you wanted to learn about?"

"Um." Marie sips her coffee-flavored milk and frantically tries to track the gist of his question. "I have to learn everything about Pokémon."

Brendan shakes his head. "That's still-"

"No, I'm- I don't want you to teach me all of it. I want you to teach me how to start."

"Oh." Brendan slurps his coffee. "Can you write an essay?"


"I make deals with travelling trainers. My dedicated field researchers can only cover so much ground, and the Ranger Database is helpful but limited for my application. So you all who walk from town to town, spending time in nature and observing Pokémon- you're helpful citizen scientists. Deal is: three hundred words per essay, focusing on a single species' habits in the wild. Habitat, numbers observed behavior- you know. E-mail those essays to me and I'll mail you cool stuff."

Marie considers this as they both lean against the counter, sipping their coffee. "How does that help me, though?"

"It's studying!" Brendan says brightly. "Just not from a book."


"You can do it as you travel, and learn along the way. It'll force you to pay attention. You can use your PokéDex and the Ranger Database and everything to get some context, I don't mind. Just tell me what the ones you see are doing."

It's not a terrible idea.

"Sure. I can do that."

"Okay!" Brendan downs half his coffee in one go, which is horrifying. "Good talk. Go practise."


"Out there." Brendan gestures toward the back door of the laboratory building. "We've got all kinds of Pokémon hanging out on the grounds. Go practice writing about them, and I can give you feedback right away. That way you're prepared when you head off again."

Marie nods and starts toward the back door, trying her best not to spill her coffee while also towing Pokie along behind her.

How'd she end up with homework?

Spoiler: Team
Pokémon On Hand
Tuie ⟡ Natu ⟡ Female ⟡ Magic Bounce ⟡
Peck // Teleport // Stored Power // Cosmic Power // Ominous Wind // Confuse Ray
Stunnie ⟡ Stunfisk ⟡ Male ⟡ Static ⟡
Sucker Punch // Mud Shot // Thundershock // Discharge // Water Gun // Mud Sport // Charge
Cutie ⟡ Alolan Exeggutor ⟡ Male ⟡ Frisk ⟡
Bullet Seed // Hypnosis // Reflect // Leech Seed // Dragon Hammer // Barrage
Pokie ⟡ Slowpoke ⟡ Male ⟡ Own Tempo ⟡
Disable // Confusion // Yawn // Water Gun // Growl // Curse
Spoiler: Inventory
Trainers' License [registered in Johto and Hoenn] ⟡
$2,000 ⟡
Knuckle Badge ⟡
Empty PokéBalls x 3 ⟡

Sunscreen ⟡
Berry-Print Bikini ⟡
Beach Towel ⟡
Oversized Sunglasses ⟡
Large But Lightweight Backpack ⟡
Rechargeable Battery + Charging Port Housing ⟡
Lidded Pot, Dishes, Chopsticks, Spoon ⟡
Camp Stove ⟡
Soap, Washcloth, Towel ⟡
A Gift ⟡
A Red Wagon ⟡
Spoiler: Contacts
Dad ⟡
Mom ⟡
Brothers #1, #2, and #3 ⟡
Brawly ⟡
Edison ⟡
Natsuko (via insta) ⟡
Sunny (via twitter) ⟡
Van ⟡
Wally ⟡


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18 - - Castelia City

Pokémon / Inventory:
⚡ Rei (Tynamo), ♂
Spark, Charge Beam, Tackle, Thunder Wave
⚡ Hoshi (Staryu)
Psywave, Rapid Spin, Water Gun, Camouflage, Confuse Ray, Harden
⚡ Aruku (Clobbopus), ♀
Rock Smash, Leer, Feint, Detect, Bind, Brick Break
⚡ Tsuga (Treecko), ♀
Mega Drain, Pursuit, Pound, Quick Attack, Quick Guard, Detect

🥊 - 🧱

Another headbutt
Sunday, September 27th - evening - Slateport

It took how many tries now? I feel like Benji was just tired of seeing me try and try again. But let’s not get into it, all that matters is that I got my badge.

I actually got it by doing possibly the one thing that Avril would kill me for: hitting my own Pokémon to boost the other. I also did another dishonorable thing: tell Rei to go hide right under the ceiling. Those were definitely the highlights, the things that I know will spark some fire in my comments. But honestly, after seeing Benji himself do something similar with his Wormadam, I’m more than happy to return the favor.

Speaking of Wormadam, that’s who he used in this battle too. And right there on the spot, I knew I had to get Rei if I wanted to have a chance. None of my Pokémon can really boost their strength, but Rei can apparently. And he does so by damaging other Pokémon nonetheless! That’s why, after a while, I just decided to park the thing right by the ceiling and tell him to shoot some Charge Beam here and there, on whatever was easier to hit. I was sure that by doing this, I could’ve overpowered Wormadam. If he dodged enough attacks or something.

Of course the problem was Stunfisk, against whom I sent out my Treecko. Risky move because there were many Signal Beams coming for her, but - this was the interesting part - Tsuga fainted only after bringing the Stunfisk down with her. And here it was definitely a matter of mobility and prediction more than anything… like, I had to really become my Pokémon’s second pair of eyes and make our reaction times the shortest they could be. The Sandstorm of course only made things harder but even with all odds against us… we pulled out some clutch maneuvers. If anything, the previous battles really did teach my Pokémon a lot, and acted as nice practice sessions. All the battles I had against Orion and Cass helped too, it seems!

Benji still remarked that I had a long way to go - because of course he would - but thinking about it, yes, it was true. He also had to acknowledge I had improved as a trainer, though, and that I was training my Treecko quite well. I… didn’t buy it though, not until even Wormadam got defeated by a nice sequence of Thunder Wave - Charge Beam - Spark from Rei. That also wasn’t easy to achieve, with the Pokémon already very strong from Quiver Dance, but… with some quick dodges, my Tynamo still came out on top!

And this, everyone, is how I’ve made progress in life. Headbutts. Trying again and again because why not. If I look at the badge now, as I wait in the Pokémon Center lobby for my Pokémon to get healed, I feel as if I got lucky with this battle with some of the dodges. Maybe I got Benji on a day when he was tired altogether, since it was Sunday, 6 pm. But hey, luck is also something that sooner or later just has to turn in your favor.

This… now leaves me with nothing to do though. I’m still stuck on this wheelchair for a couple more days, and I can’t get out of Slateport until that’s sorted out. My blog may get some nice comments from this Benji battle post, but what then?


I decide, the following Monday, to spend some day in the public library. I’m not doing anything that I couldn’t already sort out from my hospital bed, but the more time I spend lying down on it, the more I itch to leave it. I don’t have the excuse of beating Benji anymore, but Avril and the Mega Stones come in useful in this case…

The library won’t tell me anything I don’t already know from the internet, but what it can give me is legitimacy… so that I can see what’s true and what’s a myth. There’s a lot of those online, including some totally absurd prices that Key Stones were sold at (but that I’ll probably never reach), not to mention the horror stories about Glalie dislocating its jaw and all that.

Wait that’s actually true!?

After that slightly undesirable revelation (which may still not be entirely true, I may have picked up a not-so-trustworthy book anyways), I look for better photos of the stones I have with myself. Even the library resources confirm it: two of them are Key Stones, and the trainers have to hold them. In fact, various items were created for this purpose, with some even becoming fashion statements. Necklaces, gloves, glasses, anklets even.

The other two I have are a Mawilite and a Sceptilite. It’s almost a perfect coincidence how I snagged up exactly these four items from the cave Aggron was guarding, and how me and Avril came out of that.. “adventure” with a Treecko and a Mawile to boot! I assume fate wanted to play with us a bit and let us know that those stones were meant for us, haha!

That reminds me, though. Avril did message about those stones some time ago, but I’ve never heard from her since. I might have scared her off with the hospital thing and really, I doubt she likes me much in the first place after what I dragged her into. But… although I could already sell the stones I don’t need, I’d rather meet her again before that. The stones are not the only thing that’s been left pending.

Paired with Ninetales and Lux 🌸 Moderator of Challenges and Writer's Lounge


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Edison Kintobor
Sunday, September 27th, late morning
Oldale Pokémon Center

Despite their haste to leave it the day before, Ed and Sunny had found themselves back on Route 102 after Ed's battle with Merry. As it turned out, Sunny's refusal to fight stemmed from her lack of Pokémon.

"You heard what Merry said!" She'd argued. "Four one-on-one battles, no exceptions! If I only have three Pokémon, how am I supposed to do that?"

There was logic in what she said, although Ed felt justified in being bitter, so he'd only agreed to help her if she helped him. As such, they'd spent the remainder of Saturday afternoon and into the evening doing research on the local Pokémon, seeing if any of them would make a suitable addition to Sunny's team.

On Sunday morning, Sunny had gone back out there while Ed talked to people around town. After conducting these interviews, he now uses one of the Pokémon Center's computers to compile his notes and write a report to Professor Brendan.

Seedot: the Acorn Pokémon

Throughout the forests of Route 102, I encountered several Seedot, a small Pokémon that toddles around on two tiny feet. It has a bony ridge atop its head that appears to be a sensory organ of some sort, as individuals were observed burrowing into the ground using their feet, leaving only the cap exposed. My assistant found the cap to be quite sensitive, and applying pressure to it agitated the Seedot into attacking her.

Some Seedot were also found within the trees. How they got up there was a mystery, as they lack arms, but as night approached, we observed a Nuzleaf carrying a Seedot into the trees with it, presumably to avoid ground-based predators.

Seedot appear to rely primarily upon photosynthesis for energy. We encountered two near water, but they never drank from the ponds, although one did eat an Oran Berry mid-battle.

Most of the Seedot we encountered were solitary, but we did encounter a small band, consisting of a bonded pair of Nuzleaf and five young Seedot. My assistant's attempts to engage led to a battle with one Nuzleaf while the other fled with the Seedot, requiring us to relocate to find new specimens.

When I interviewed residents of Littledale, I leaned children are encouraged not to approach a buried Seedot, as they occasionally burst from the ground, or more rarely, are used as bait by Nuzleaf who spring from the trees to scare or attack the unsuspecting children. It is recommended not to approach Seedot without Pokémon protection, as they and their evolved forms can be vicious pranksters.

The entire line has garnered a poor reputation, despite Seedot themselves being seen as mostly harmless. Nuzleaf have entered mythology as forest spirits who prey on unwary travellers, with the final form Shiftry being seen as a merciless forest guardian. Some say that the ninja clans of Kanto and Johto made use of the Seedot line for their capacity for stealth and ambushes, while others suggest the Pokémon directly inspired or even trained the first ninja. I find these stories doubtful, as my assistant can attest to the generally distrustful and unfriendly demeanor of these Pokémon.

However, despite their reputation, Seedot can become loyal companions and friends, like any Pokémon. A trainer who specializes in unconventional strategies, or simply is looking to add some variety to their style, would do well to consider training a Seedot.

His initial draft exceeded five hundred words, but he was able to trim it down after some revision. Satisfied with his work, he glances at the clock to see that it's nearly noon.

"Clock is ticking, Sunny... where are you?" He briefly considers going out to find her, but logic dictates that she'll return to the Center before going to the Gym, so he'll definitely encounter her if he just wants here.

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Background by Pete Jendro

Wednesday September 23rd @ 0900 – Petalburg City

It was yet another new town for Clint Shaw. In just a few short days, he went from Slateport to Dewford, then to the small city he found himself in now, Petalburg. This morning he was following his cousin, Ruby Shaw out to a park where there was a training ground she had been using the past couple of days. To the average person watcher, there was no way these two could be related, as they couldn’t look more like polar opposites. The meek, tiny city girl leading around a rugged, solemn farmhand would have made no sense to the average person, but here Clint was relying on his younger cousin to get him from point A to point B.

They finally arrived at the park, an open area with a handful of fenced off rectangular spaces, which looked to be for holding Pokemon battles in them. A couple of the arenas had people and Pokemon in them, a spirited match between a Zigzagoon and a Wooloo caught Clint’s attention. Clint and Ruby picked a fenced off area for their training, and entered the arena.

“How about a one versus one to warm up, I wanna see how you battle. We won’t go full out, this is practice after all,” Ruby suggested.

“Fine with me,” Clint retorted, even though he wasn’t a big fan of the idea. Half efforts never got anyone anywhere fast.

Clint and Ruby took their places on opposite sides of the field, and readied their Pokeballs. Clint briefly held his hand over Charmeleon’s pokeball, but then switched over to Grovyle’s. she could use this a little bit more, Clint reasoned. Clint let Grovyle out onto the field, and Ruby let out a Swablu. Clint pulled up the Pokedex feature, and scanned the Swablu, he noticed Ruby doing the same to Grovyle. They both looked back up at each other after doing so, and both knew the same fact, flying beats grass.

“How’d you get so lucky and find a shiny Pokemon? I’d kill to have one of my own,” Ruby had a jealous tone to her voice.

“Suppose I got lucky,” Clint replied. That was the truth of the matter.

Grovyle started off with a Quick Attack, and quickly closed in on Swablu, before striking the fluffy Pokemon. Swablu bounced back a couple of times, before returning to the field, floating in the slight breeze in front of its trainer. Swablu replied with a Peck, swooping down towards Grovyle, hitting Grovyle with its beak. This was enough to cause Grovyle to stagger back, but still maintained her composure.

“Looks like I got the advantage here,” Ruby taunted.

“That appears to be the case for now,” Clint replied.

Swablu swooped in to attempt another Peck, but Grovyle was able to get a Detect off beforehand and avoid the attack. With Swablu in a compromised position, Grovyle got in another quick attack, which led Swablu to twirl in the air uncontrolled. Swablu managed to regain its balance, and waited for its next set of instructions from its Trainer.

“Well, now that I know you can handle yourself, let’s put a pin in this battle for now, there’s supposed to be a fishing spot around here I want to try, let’s heal up at the centre and head out,” Ruby suggested.

“Alright, I could go for some fishing myself,” Clint said, calling Grovyle back into her Pokeball,

“I’m counting this as a win for me though.”

“Hey that’s not fair.”

Wednesday September 23rd @ 1330 – The Point

The two cousins climbed down a rocky slope, attempting to get close enough to the shoreline for fishing. They had borrowed a couple of fishing rods from the port, from an old fisherman who lends them out to aspiring trainers. Of course Ruby had to satisfy the elderly gentleman’s penchant for conversation, with Clint in the background nodding along and throwing the occasional ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Clint found himself a large rock on the waterfront, a suitable spot for him to set up for fishing. He could feel a slight breeze coming off of the ocean that was also carrying the smell of salt water with it. Clint put his best effort into looking under the surface, But couldn’t clearly see anything. The water appeared dark, suggesting that the bottom of the ocean dropped off very quickly. Ruby found a spot to sit a few feet away from Clint, and they both began to set up their fishing rods.
“Think we’re gonna get anything here,” Ruby asked.

“Depends, gotta be quiet if we are going to catch anything,” Clint responded.

The two cast out their lines, and the waiting began. The fisherman suggested using jigs, so that’s what Clint and Ruby went with. Jig fishing was very boring, it consisted of getting the lure at the end of line a few feet off of the bottom, then moving the end of the rod to move the lure around, hoping to attract any Pokemon down below.

After about a half an hour with no results, Clint felt something on the line. Clint set the hook, and began reeling in. The rod bent down towards the depths, as Clint fought whatever was on the other end of the line. This is where the fun was, reeling in a Pokemon is a battle in of itself, where the wrong move would leave you with nothing on the end of the line. Plus if he tuckered the Pokemon out, it would be easier to catch as well. He could see a blue blur coming up to the surface as continued to reel, and pulled out a Poliwag that went flying over Clint’s head and onto the cliff above him. Didn’t realize you could find Poliwag out in Hoenn, and Clint let Grovyle back out of her Pokeball to finish weakening the Poliwag.

Grovyle went leaping up the rocks after Poliwag, delivering a Quick Attack that landed hard on Poliwag. Clint slowly made his way up the rocks to get a better view of the situation. Ruby looked on curiously, with a slight hint of jealousy. Grovyle followed up the Quick Attack with Leaf-age, subjecting Poliwag to a swift barrage of leaves, further weakening the tadpole Pokemon. Poliwag retaliated with Water Gun, spraying Grovyle with a spurt of water. Grovyle wiped her face, getting the water off before once again using Quick Attack, this time bashing Poliwag back and down onto the ground. This was the opening Clint was looking for, as he threw an empty Pokeball out at the Poliwag. The Pokeball encapsulated Poliwag, and the waiting began. You could hear a pin drop as Clint watched the Pokeball do its thing, shaking about while it attempted to seal the capture of Poliwag. Sure enough, it worked and Clint had a new team member once again.

“Wow, you’re so lucky,” Ruby said, the tone in her voice implied she wasn’t happy about not catching anything.

Clint went and picked up the Pokeball, attaching it to his holster. He retrieved Grovyle back into her Pokeball, before walking back over to Ruby,

“Don’t you worry, I’ll stick around until you catch one too.”

- Clint caught Poliwag!Ability: Water Absorb Moveset: Hypnosis|Water Gun|Pound|Mud Shot


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Natsuko Soyokaze
Sunday, September 27th, morning
Route 102

After leaving the Ranch (they'd politely insisted she not stay another night), Tsu found herself back on the trail to Oldale. According to the information she'd gathered, it would take almost a full day of walking to get there, assuming she didn't get sidetracked.

But that information was based on human foot speed.

"Sorry I don't have a saddle, Shiny. This isn't gonna be comfortable for either of us, but it'll get us to town faster!" She climbs onto Shiny's back, taking a moment to find a comfortable position. She's never tried riding Shiny for an extended time like this, but considering that even Riptide doesn't want to be here anymore, it's the best option she can think of.

They start off at a slow walk, just to get a feel for the setup. Tsu finds it better to lay a little flatter than to sit up, distributing her weight more evenly across Shiny. Shiny picks up into a light trot, which isn't too bad. A nice pace, and Tsu can balance fairly well as long as she holds onto Shiny's mane.

They encounter a slight hurdle when they meet a wild Poochyena in the middle of the road, Shiny slowing warily at the sight of it. It growls at her, but Tsu learned her lesson on the first day out here. She looks to either side, and sure enough, there are two more lurking in the shadows.

"Ready to run?" She whispers into Shiny's ear, gripping her mane and locking her legs as tight as she can against the pony's flanks. "Get us out of here, Flame Charge!"

Shiny bolts forward, leaving flaming hoof prints in her wake as she tramples Poochyena. The others spring from cover to try to intercept, but Shiny puts on more speed with Agility, Tsu clinging to her back in a mixture of fear and excitement.

After a minute that feels like an hour, Tsu calls for Shiny to slow down. The loss of Agility almost throws Tsu off, but Shiny slows to a better pace. She's breathing heavily, and Tsu slides off her back, her legs almost giving out when she touches down. She leans on Shiny for support, her legs shaking from the adrenaline. "Let's just walk for a bit, yeah? Catch our breath." She takes a few faltering steps, still gripping Shiny's mane for support.

🔥🔥Later, around noon...🔥🔥

Back atop Shiny and moving at an easy trot, Tsu pulls the Ponyta to a stop when she sees someone sitting on the side of the road, leaning against a tree with their head in their hands. "Excuse me! Are you okay?"

The girl on the ground looks up, apparently snapped out of her thoughts by Tsu’s voice. Both girls are surprised to recognize each other.


"Sunny!" Tsu hops off of Shiny, going over to offer her friend a hand up. "What are you doing out here?"

Sunny accepts the hand, pulling herself to her feet. "Oh, I was just... thinking. Doing some last minute preparation before my Gym battle today." She looks a little red in the face, but Tsu thinks she's probably just embarrassed to be caught napping.

"A Gym battle? Wow, you move so fast, Sunny! Didn't you just get here?" Sunny looks away, but Tsu is too caught up in her train of thought to catch her expression. "Oh, wait! That must mean I'm close! We made really good time, Shiny!"

Shiny nickers softly, proud but a little tired. Tsu comes over to stroke her mane. "Well, good luck with your battle, Sunny. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help, I'd be happy to!"

Sunny pauses, coming over to pet Shiny as well. "You mean that? You'd help me?"

"Of course! That's what friends do, Sunny. What do you need?"

"Well... Can I borrow Shiny for a bit?" Sunny pats Shiny's cheek, making the little Ponyta toss her head in annoyance.

"You mean, like, for training?"

"No, I mean... okay, look. The Gym is a series of one-on-one battles. Specifically, four of them. But I only have three Pokémon!"

"Why don't you just catch another one?" Tsu strokes Shiny's neck to calm her, as the suddenly heated conversation happening over her back is starting to spook her.

"There's no time! I've been out here all day trying to catch one, but I've had no luck! And I don't have time to train it, anyway. The Leader said if I don't fight him today, he won't let me challenge him for another week! I can't spend a whole week here, Tsu!"

"What about Ed? Can't you use one of his?"

Sunny frowns as she looks away. "Eddie... isn't very happy with me right now, I don't want to push my luck. And Merry has already seen all of his Pokémon." She reaches for Tsu’s hands, looking into her eyes. "Please, Tsu, you said you'd help!"

Tsu is taken aback by this behavior. She's only known Sunny for about a week, but she's never seen her so desperate. What happened in the past few days? And Sunny was right, she did say she'd help... "Alright, you can use her in your battle."

"Yes! Thank you! You're a good friend, Tsu!"

Tsu gently pets Shiny's cheek, looking her in the eye. "Do your best, Shiny. And do what Sunny says, okay? She actually went to school, she knows more about fighting than I do."

Shiny presses her head against Tsu’s chest, pushing lightly. Tsu laughs, grabbing Shiny's face and kissing her own the forehead. She returns her to her Poké Ball, which she hands to Sunny.

"Take her to the Center first, okay? She might still be a bit tired from riding down this road."

Sunny holds the ball carefully, her eyes sparkling with delight. "I will, I promise! Thank you again! You should come watch me!"

"Oh, I'm not letting you out of my sight!" Tsu smiles, but she's not joking. "That's my daughter in your hands, so I'm coming with you."

Sunny laughs, though a bit nervous. "Yeah, that's fair. Come on, I need to be there before sundown."