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    Lucas McMillan
    Mythology Class (Day 2)

    Lucas’s ears perked up at the sound of someone entering the room. He looked up from his book to see someone in a long black coat place a Master Ball on a small metal pedestal on her desk. He looked at the woman, only to soon realise that it was Cynthia herself! Lucas closed his book and moved it off to the side. Lucas almost didn’t hear her question. What is a Legendary Pokemon? Lucas pondered the question. A Legendary Pokemon is a Pokemon that can’t evolve or have a previous form, but I heard that there was a newly researched Legendary that does evolve. Legendary Pokemon generally have a special move that only they can use. The also have special powers, like creation of land masses or being able to go between dimensions. Normal Pokemon can’t do that, Lucas thought about the question for another minute or two. There were so many things that could be used to classify a Legendary Pokemon. Lucas had an answer in his head, but he didn’t want to answer in case he was asked to clarify. Lucas decided to wait and see what other people knew. He could already see some hands going up.
    Spoiler: Pokemon Trainer Academy RP Character Profile:
    Name: Lucas McMillan
    Dorm: Suicune
    LV 10 Aron (Aaron) Male; Moves: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Headbutt, Protect, Harden, Bulldoze
    LV 10 Growlithe (Ace) Male; Moves: Crunch, Howl, Ember, Double Team, Rest, Will O' Wisp
    LV 10 Drilbur (Donna) Female; Moves: Skull Bash, Mud Sport, Mud Slap, Scratch, Rapid Spin

    Spoiler: It Begins RP Character Profile:
    Name: Ryden
    Form: Dragon scales and wings (humanoid dragon)
    Right: Fire Bending (breathes fire, can cover body in fire)

    Spoiler: Disbanded: The Swords of Justice RP Character Profile
    Name: Lucas (Lucario)
    Group: Cobalion
    Position: Second in Command
    Item: Lucarionite
    Moveset: Blaze Kick, Bullet Punch, Bone Rush, Power-Up Punch
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      Eric also thought about the definition of "Legendary" when it comes to Pokémon.

      He came up with a pretty straightforward answer "An extremely powerful Pokémon that can control the forces that make this world what it is. Usually, there is only one of each Legendary Pokémon known to exist." Eric continued to think of an example of legendary Pokémon, besides Arceus. He suddenly remembered the tale of the two brothers that lived long ago in Unova. One sought the truth, and the other sought ideals, and the Original Dragon split into two different Pokémon embodying either of these traits. What was left behind by the birth of Reshiram and Zekrom was the husk of the original Dragon, now called Kyurem.

      Eric raised a hand and gave Cynthia his answer, but made it as short and sweet as he possibly could.
      "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."
      "The most important thing when ill is to never lose heart."
      "Sometimes - history needs a push."
      -Vladimir Lenin
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      Ivrant- Self Defense/Fighting Types

      The best method for defending? Well Ivrant figured having your Pokemon on hand would be one but there were going to be times where you don't have a Pokemon handy for that sort of thing... if you had to rush to a Pokemon Center you would be completely defenseless. And this was a fighting type gym leader also so... Ivrant raised his hand to take a shot at a response. He's been in the city and heard about people getting mugged and such here and there. They didn't always have Pokemon on hand so they had to try defending themselves somehow right?

      "Um... Protecting vital parts? Head... eyes... er... my neck... and..." He gave a small pause. "Legs and Groin? Well at least... if I were being attacked I wouldn't want to be hit in any of those spots for obvious reasons. I might not always have a Pokemon on hand if they're say, fainted..." Ivrant gave off a nervous chuckle and instinctively fidgeted in his seat at the thought of being attacked like that. Hopefully he was at least getting in the right direction with all this.

      Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
      Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 11
      Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

      Buster, Marill, Male Level: 7
      Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle
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        Kylie Kahale
        bags under eyes

        crop top

        high tops

        skinny jeans

        red & cream entei jacket draped on chair

        staring into space

        just talking, talking punctual, seated with school-brand coffee and high-top kicks stacked on top her open-front school desk.

        ’ Hey, Nurse Joy, ’ she snarks to herself with that pink hair in mind.

        The instructor is composing herself, legs crossed, and the seating is doing wonders for Maylene’s standing now-- she is not unlike another barely-scraping-five-foot martial artist in jeans with a penchant for resting on furniture, so, in truth, there’s comfort to be had here. This whole room is like a big, sterilized box to Kylie, polished and perfected and assigned a purpose without possessing a sense of home, of feeling “lived in.” And the AC’s a rattata. So she embraces the tranquility that is put forth.

        “That’s a good question” — she’s musing aloud. “What is the best method of defending yourself anytime, anywhere…?”

        Looking in, a little Hoennese girl leans against the back legs of her chair, looking up into the realm of nowhere, the screen of a yellow-framed device flickering in her lap.

        Her stream of conscious continues, loudly: “Well, you need distance first, and then you can do… well, anything. All it takes ‘s reflexes and you can grab ‘em, lock ‘em, whatever you need to. Once they motion towards you, it can be over before it even starts. So I guess the best thing you can do is be on-guard and ready to counter.

        “Self-defense isn’t just the ‘defense’ part-- like, you have to take the initiative and really pay attention to your attacker’s movements. You can stand there, guard perfectly, and keep taking hit after hit ‘n’ all, but it’ll just wear you down, and you’re not getting anywhere then in actually defending yourself.”

        Kylie Kahale is resolute in her diatribe, one without prior indication, truly lost in it as, in its voluminousness, it threatens to cut in, cover up others of its type uttered by more conscientious classmates.

        “So: be alert, be on the offensive, what else…?”

        Self Defense w/ Professor Maylene • Ivrant the Mighty • Desmond McDash • Naomi Junn

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        Silvana Walcha Arle

        Level 11

        Level 11
        As Silvana sat herself down, she began fishing for a potion bottle and just sort of began fiddling with it. The little crystal vial was indistinct from one you might find in a laboratory. It was one of the very few things science took from magic. (There's not a thing that can't be put in a bottle. Getting it in there is where the fight is.) Silvana thought to herself rather wistfully as the teacher walked in. Seemed she'd been less than a minute early.
        Goodness, that was a close call! (I shouldn't even be here. I don't have any psychic talent! Don't they think I tried already?? There's research on psychic potential in humans everywhere!) Silvana went on to silently lament in frustration. You didn't need to be a mind reader to see that she wasn't having a good time. (I bet they weren't even paying attention when I told them what my dreams are. There's no way anyone can read that many applications! Heh. No way. I bet I could show them some psychic power if I could get a whisker from a kadabra or the mists of a munna.) Silvana continued thinking to herself. There were a lot of things you could do with psychic pokemon, dependent primarily on the specific pokemon in question.

        Sabrina's question, though, took Silvana off guard.

        (Aw man... She wants me to read her mind! This is a crash course in embarassment waiting to happen.) Silvana silently lamented, pondering the trick question. Shame that wasn't going to happen, but maybe she could cheese the question using a silver tongue instead of extra-sensory insight. With a hand raised, she smirked at the thought of what she was about to say. "Everyone has a talent. It's just a matter of finding it." she stated in an optimistically matter-of-fact tone. Hah! How could a teacher ever shut her down for saying something like that? Good vibes like that were dangerous to kill! Boy, she was good.
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          Sydney Florencia Ramirez

          Sydney looked at the pokeball in her hand, the red half shining in the sunlight until darkness passed over it. What was that called again? Oh right. A shadow. She looked around, a slight breeze stirring her hair, and saw that the shadow was cast by the nearby trees swaying. There were an awful lot of trees all gathered together, she was pretty sure that was called a forest, and she was stood right in front of them. Or behind them, maybe, how did you know which way a tree was facing? She looked down at herself, moving slowly as though she were in a dream, and assessed her outfit. Calf high brown leather boots, a pocketed tan skirt with a woven leather belt the same colour as the boots, a tucked in fitted navy blue polo shirt with pleated shoulders and a long silver necklace with a tiny pair of ornamental glasses on the end.

          It was a cute outfit, she thought, but she didn't remember putting it together. Or putting it on or... anything, now that she thought about it.

          That snapped her out of the mental fog she seemed to have been lost in and she stood perfectly straight, eyes going wide as she looked around her. Where was she? What was going on? This wasn't a dream, she couldn't remember anything, WHO was sh-

          No, no, wait, I'm Sydney, my name is Sydney Ramirez, oh hell I remember that, okay. Okay.

          The knowledge that she could summon up her own identity meant she could allow herself to take a deep breath. What else could she remember? Thinking about it, she was fairly sure she could remember everything - but then, if she'd forgotten something would she even know she had forgotten it? The last thing she remembered was going to bed on Oak Island after a few days of being at The Pokemon Trainer Academy. She had been looking forward to the first day of classes. She turned in a circle and spotted the Academy buildings in the distance, which was a relief. She at least knew she was still on the island and hadn't bumped her head ten years later, forgetting half her life. Had she only lost her memories of today? Judging by the sun it was still early, not even afternoon yet, so what could have possibly happened to her? And if something odd had happened, why was she just standing at the edge of the forest holding Miko's pokeball?

          ...Wait, this... this isn't Miko's. Titania? ...No... no it isn't hers either...

          She kept staring at the pokeball, a sense of rising dread creeping through her body as her mind raced to understand what was going on. Something had happened today, something that meant she had caught a Pokemon and lost all of her memories up that point - or had them erased.

          "Oh... oh no..." She said, barely able to force out a whisper, "...I need to... need to get to the Pokemon Center..."

          She tried to make her legs move and tear her eyes away from that awful pokeball, the two toned surface polished so well that she could see her own reflection in the red half. She looked perfectly fine, no one would know what had just happened to her, but she was almost certain she had puzzled out what must have occurred. It was when she met her own eyes and saw the helpless horror in them that she snapped, breaking into a dead sprint towards the Academy grounds, the pokeball still clutched tightly in her hand.
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            Day 2 (Continued)

            Cyan had just got back to Oak town, when he checked the time... and noticed that if he ran, he could just arrive in time for class. After looking on his X-Tranceiver, he found out that his first class was Pokemon Mythology. Though it doesn't sounds like the most exciting subject in the academy, it sure has more use than any other for him. Plus his teacher is Cynthia or Iris, both which are part of the best trainers in the worls. He couldn't possibly miss the first day, right? But the time he uses on the class is time that he could be using to train his pokemon or hunting down the mysterious bug-type from the outer forests. "Think, Cyan, Think" Cyan said to himself, "What to do, what to do?... Lara, answer quickly! Class or training?" And in less than a second, the little bug started going on the direction of the school. To be fair, her training was quite tiring, so it made complete sense that the little thing wanted to rest during class.

            Cyan was running to the academy grounds, when he saw a girl running to the class as well. No brainer, she must be late just like him. But he quickly catches a glimpse of a pokeball in her arms. Well, thats odd. Most people would rather have their pokeballs in a bag or on a belt or something like that. It is just impractical to keep a constant hold on to them, unless... you want to keep it safe. He's seen that countless of times, back at Burgh's gym. Most people who were defeated would hold their pokeballs like that, to make sure that their pokemon would be safe until they arrive at a Pokemon Center. So, or that trainer was defeated in battle and is running towards the P.C., or It's just their way of holding the pokeball. He went with the first option.

            Cyan thought of asking the girl if she needed any help, but quickly stopped there. He didn't even knew who the girl was, and he was thinking of TALKING to her? Nope, something would go wrong. She was probably going to reject his help, Right? Then he would just keep standing there like an idiot. That happened way too many times before, and he isn't going to take his chances now. He looks at her direction again, and notices that she already saw him. Great. Now if he doesn't go, she will think he is not thoughtful of others, which he is. Now his dillema grew even more. If he doesn't go help her, he is the bad guy, but he can get in class right on time. If he goes help her, his help might be turned down and he will be standing there like an idiot. Tesla and Lara already made up their minds, pulling him in her direction. Summoning all the courage he has, he gets near her and says:

            "Do you... Do you need any help? What's going on?"


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              Sydney Florencia Ramirez

              Sydney had spotted the boy making his way from Oak Town to the Academy, not giving a lot of thought to it until he made a direct move to intercept her path. She skidded to a halt, black and blue hair flying around her face and a small cloud of dust stirring up under her feet. He must have seen her running like a spooked Rapidash and figured something was wrong. It was decent of him to come and check if she needed help but she was terrified of pulling him into the mess she had made for herself. Or that she thought she'd made for herself, anyway, it wasn't as if she could remember. Given her situation though she couldn't afford to turn down any offer of help, even if the boy looked like a strong breeze would carry him away, anything that could get her to a Pokemon Center faster would be a good thing. She had to hand this pokeball over to a professional so it could be properly assessed and, with any luck, taken off her hands. Why on earth would she have ever done something so foolish?

              What if it wasn't even my choice... what if I was made to do all of this in the first place?

              "I... listen, I - uh - thank you, but... I really don't want to get anyone else caught up in this, I think I did something really stupid, or maybe I didn't - I'm not sure - but I should have known better if I did what I think I did..." She looked at the pokeball in her hand, clearly frightened by the thing. "I just, I just need to get to Nurse Joy, okay? If you want to help can you just make sure no wild Pokemon jump out at me on the way? That's the last thing I need right now, I don't think I could concentrate on a battle properly." She lowered her voice as if confiding a dark secret, a piece of knowledge so forbidden it should never be spoken aloud. "I think I caught an Elgyem and I can't remember anything from today."

              Whether her reaction was appropriate to the situation or not was something Cyan would have to decide for himself but she was clearly spooked by it to the extent that she had started running through wild Pokemon territory without a thought for her own safety and for a girl who, at first glance at least, seemed to care a fair amount about her appearance she didn't seem too concerned with making a decent first impression. She was coming across as a bit of a mess, all in all. She was the last person to ever want to pull the damsel in distress act but under these circumstances she was just too frightened and shaken to trust herself and not accept help where it was given.
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