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Started by VisionofMilotic October 25th, 2021 4:59 AM
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A person's name is important. While some parents may know right away what their child's name will be, it can also be a lengthy decision process where multiple names are considered.

Did your family ever think of a name that's different than the one they gave you? For me, yes! It sounds like it was actually a long, involved discussion, from what I have been told. It wasn't just my parents, but other busy extended family members popping up and suggesting and vetoing names.

There were a lot of things I was nearly named. My mother wanted a name that was both unusual and that she thought was pretty, gravitated towards ones that came from art. A couple of them were Giselle, the title character of her favorite ballet, and Titania, name of the fairy queen in A Midsummer Night's Dream. My dad thought all of this was pretentious and silly. I'm not sure how I feel about Giselle, but I actually liked the Titania idea. My dad however refused both, and wanted instead names after some flesh and blood people he knew or respected, and was gunning for Winifred, with my nickname being Winnie. My mother had a violent reaction to that one, especially thought being called Winnie for short was cringey. While I don't miss being Winifred, I would probably just have shortened it to Freddie, that I could deal with.

The compromise my dad put forward was my actual name. I personally think it's kinda ugly, but like with Fred I am okay just being Sam for short.

Was there a name that you were almost given? You don't need to share the name you currently have, unless you want to. This is just about alternative names you could have gotten.

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Hmm, my parents once told me they wanted to name me Sanbhav, a combination of their names, but the family members had other plans, and that lead to my present name.


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If I were a boy, I would've been named after my dad. He was named after his dad (he's the Jr.) and my parents were going to name the next boy the III, but my parents never had any boys.
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In my case, my mum was so dead set on what to call me that she prepared two versions, one for both possible genders. I'm Víctor, but had I been a girl, I would have been Victoria (a name I used in some Pokémon games when I decided to use the female character).


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My family is very old fashioned and tends to name after other family members.
This is the context for why I was almost named Gertrude.

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