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Hey, I have a quick question if anyone can answer.

So, I have a pokemon with over 50 different forms and I want them all to be found in the wild but at different rarities. I already have a backup fix if nobody answers, but it is rather tedious and I want to know if there is a way to code a script that adds extra percentage encounters to forms in the wild.

An example of this: Lets say that form #2 is much more common than form #16. Is there a way to make form #2 have a 50% chance to pop up and form #16 have a 5% chance to pop up when encountering the pokemon?

Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like you need a big "getFormOnCreation" proc for this species which returns different form numbers based on a random number. The exact calculations and relative rarities are up to you. Pokémon like Unown and Basculin are simple versions of this, where each form is equally likely.
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