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So, i've found out that Sockets can connect to the internet without having to use something like MySQL.

I've been trying to use Sockets to create a sort of trading system, however, i'm unable to figure out how to do so.

I've tried looking at how essentials use sockets, and i still dont have the slightest idea of how to use them.
Could I get some help?

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You would still need your own server back-end logic to process the data that Essentials would send to it. Keep in mind with the inherent limitation of the socket system you're limited to only an HTTP connection. I have a video which goes over how to use the script end-points of the Sockets and how to write minor server logic in PHP which may be useful:

If you want to create a feature like trading, you need some sort of persistent data store on your server as well. So either a relational database, or whatever other data store you think would be easiest (MySQL is provided by a lot of Apache based webhosts, so using PHP and MySQL to create the online functionality is usually the easiest approach).