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The term "Shiny Pokemon" was not canon until generation IV with the legendary shiny beasts event. That being said what "fandom" terms in Pokemon do you use that aren't official?
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I have no idea...I didn't even know "shiny" wasn't a canon term until Gen IV! *looks up a list*

Elemental Monkeys, Pseudo-Legendary, Mascot, Dexit, Boss, Living Pokedex, EV Training, HM Slave, Nuzlocke, EVs/IVs, RNG (although this one is not Pokemon specific and does not originate from Pokemon so idk why it's on the list) and...lots of metagame terminology despite not being into the metagame. I'm not gonna list all those.

As a side note, I flat-out refuse to use the term "Mythical" to describe some Legendary Pokemon despite that being something that the franchise itself uses, and I will be in my cold grave before I called Sword and Shield "SwSh" because I loathe that contraction. As a Monster Hunter fan I automatically think "SnS" because I was a Sword and Shield user before I transferred to Light Bowgun. xD