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Suggestion for Eeveelution buffs

Started by Venheart October 16th, 2019 7:50 PM
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So Eevee is one of the fandom's favorite Pokemon, and one of the most popular from a marketing standpoint along with their many different evolutionary forms. It seems to be a shame that the Eeveelutions aren't particularly strong in any way. Some of them are even pretty weak: Flareon, Glaceon, and Leafeon being the biggest offenders. Since many Pokemon have started receiving buffs over the last couple generations, I'd like to suggest my own buffs for the different eeveelutions.

Before I get into the specifics, I came up with a few different things I wanted to change:
1. Currently, each eeveelution will feature a stat spread containing the values: 130, 110, 95, 65, 65, and 60. I'd consider adding a total of 20 points to this and change the values to 130, 110, 95, 80, 70, and 60.
2. I'd like to change the abilities for most of the eeveelutions, something to better compliment their fighting styles, though not all need this. I would like to make sure that each would emphasize their hidden ability as being the better option of the two.
3. Add 1 additional move to their level up arsenal, specifically an extra form of coverage. The eeveelutions tend to struggle with coverage, which does make a bit of sense, but giving them each a tad bit more coverage could certainly help in some cases. This move would be learned at level 45, and their current level 45 move would be learned at level 50 instead.
With that said, here are the suggested changes:

Water Absorb/(Hydration) -> Hydration/(Water Compaction)
HP - 130
Attack - 70
Defense - 60
Sp Attack - 110
Sp Defense - 95
Speed - 80
Additional Move: Acid Spray
Notes: The added Speed is the big selling point here. Also, I think Water Compaction wouldn't be a big stretch since Vaporeon can melt into water and reassemble themselves. Being able to turn water attacks into added defense would help Vaporeon cover their weakness, and would be great in doubles with a partner using Surf.

Volt Absorb/(Quick Feet) -> Volt Absorb/(Lightning Rod)
HP - 70
Attack - 80
Defense - 60
Sp Attack - 110
Sp Defense - 95
Speed - 130
Additional Move: Snarl
Notes: Switching into an opponent's electric attack would be a bit more devastating if it additionally boosted Jolteon's damage instead of simply restoring their HP.

Flash Fire/(Guts) -> Flash Fire(Moxie)
HP - 70
Attack - 130
Defense - 60
Sp Attack - 95
Sp Defense - 110
Speed - 80
Additional Move: Meteor Mash
Notes: Flareon needs a lot of help. Moxie is the first step. Guts requiring a status condition is rough on Flareon who has to deal with Poison, being a Fire Type and all. Moxie gives you more potential for momentum. The added speed also helps a lot in allowing Flareon to outrun more threats, though 80 is still not super fast. Lastly, while Steel isn't too great offensively, it allows Flareon to demolish Fairy Types and Rock Types.

Synchronize/(Magic Bounce)
HP - 80
Attack - 70
Defense - 60
Sp Attack - 130
Sp Def - 95
Speed - 110
Additional Move: Power Gem
Notes: Magic Bounce is already pretty spectacular. Otherwise the extra HP helps Espeon survive a lot more, which also helps give them a bit more advantage in comparison to Alazakam who's faster and has more coverage. Power Gem fits with Espeon's head stone and helps with their lack of coverage.

Synchronize/(Inner Focus) -> Synchronize/(Poison Heal)
HP - 95
Attack - 70
Defense - 110
Sp Attack - 60
Sp Defense - 130
Speed - 80
Additional Move: Clear Smog
Notes: Poison Heal is a great way to throwback to Umbreon's origins as well as the Pokedex claiming they can sweat poison. It also makes Umbreon a powerful tank who can't be toxicked down.

Leaf Guard/(Chlorophyll) -> Chlorophyll/(Harvest)
HP - 70
Attack - 110
Defense - 130
Sp Attack - 60
Sp Defense - 80
Speed - 95
Additional Move: Stone Edge
Notes: Leafeon mostly suffers from the pure Grass struggles of have awful coverage. Stone Edge helps that a lot, and Harvest makes the Eevee family's access to Natural Gift somewhat plausible to add any coverage you want in a single move.

Snow Cloak/(Ice Body) -> Slush Rush/(Unburden)
HP - 80
Attack - 60
Defense -110
Sp Attack - 130
Sp Defense - 95
Speed - 70
Additioanl Move: Flash Cannon
Notes: Glaceon struggles with being a slow Ice Type. Both Slush Rush and Unburden gives them an opportunity to counter that weakness and become an extremely fast sweeper.

Cute Charm/(Pixilate) -> Wonder Skin/(Pixilate)
HP - 95
Attack - 80
Defense - 70
Sp Attack - 110
Sp Defense - 130
Speed - 60
Additional Move: Air Slash
Notes: Sylveon already gets by pretty nicely with Pixilate currently. Air Slash adds a bit more options thanks to Sylveon's bows, and Wonder Skin is just there because Cute Charm doesn't do anyone any favors.

That's everyone. Let me know what you guys think.

Soaring Sid


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Wow, those are some awesome ideas, especially the Poison heal on Umbreon one and Moxie on Flareon. Vaporeon with water compaction might be a bit overpowered, though. You could partner it with Greninja and Water Shuriken it to increase its defense to a great extent:
If a Water Compaction Pokemon is hit by a Water-type move, its Defense rises by two stages. Also, note that it gets activated for "every hit of Water Shuriken."

Yet, you were very creative, keep this up! Don't know about the experienced folks, but I loved all these ideas.

<~Trent (from this place) says the Wigglytuff circus above leads you to a nuzlockle run and credits Haychel for the avatar!
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