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Posted April 26th, 2019
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I played this a little bit back (a year give or take), before it had grammar fixed. While it was kinda fun to chuckle looking at the grammatical errors, it was really nice to come back after that time to see all the grammar fixed. Really well done game. I enjoyed it a lot then and I'm looking forward to playing through it again.


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So where an I find a TM for Sludge bomb in this game?


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Tried patching with two different Emerald ROM’s, no luck. What’s the name of the Emerald Rom i need to patch this? i’m using NUPS, and it gives me an error every time i try to patch. Attempting to patch the latest version, but no matter what Emerald Rom i use, it doesn’t work. Help!
Change the "If the file is invalid" setting from "Abort" to anything else. It's likely that the patch was initially created from a ROM that isn't quite 100% unedited.
My hack:
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Hey how the heck do I advance after getting the seventh badge? The sea south of Halfleaf City is totally blocked off from the islands to the west, and none of the dive spots seem to lead to them either.
You've probably found it out by yourself now but there is a dive spot that will take you past the rocks and to the islands to the west.

So where an I find a TM for Sludge bomb in this game?
In the city where the 7th badge is fought for. There is a building that has a person who will sell you every TM in the game.
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where is that particular dive spot exactly? I keep failing to find the right one
Go south of Halfleaf City all the way until you find this island:

Then surf all the way east and then north. It's this dive spot east of a Swimmer Girl:
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I've just finished this game. This game may be years old, but I'd still like to point out my main issues with the game. Feel free to let me know of any reasonings for these decisions:

-Levels too high and unreasonable. Level grinding would be a real pain without infinite exp cheats (use Crystal or Platinum as reference for better level sets).
-Late game normal trainers have more than 2 healing items. Why? Just give 1 to late game normal trainers, 2 for Antagonists/Gym Leaders, 4 for Elite 4/Challenge Guards, 6 for Champion/Challenge Master.
-Boss' aces unreasonable (e.g. 1st gym leader has Porygon-Z)...why?
-Learnsets/movesets inaccurate (e.g. Scraggy doesn't learn Low Kick at lv. 1, Magnezone has Iron Tail, Absol has Barrier)
-Western Tyron rushed? I am unable to fly to southern-western towns including Challenge Bridge
-Character designs questionable: why swords?
-map too large/overextended; too much unnecessary space/space with nothing or just tall grass
-Why dragon/fighting Axew line? Makes no sense
-Music: unbalanced. There are odd 8-bit like tunes that overpower the overall themes, making them difficult to listen to (e.g. Trainer Battle theme).
-Event tile placement to get Dive is questionable. Why not disable Escape Rope/Dig use inside the Storage Room and put the event tile in front of the front entrance?
-Sky Tunnel: almost copy-pasted from Victory Road (Hoenn) 1F-B1F. Not so much a major issue, but still feels lazy.
-Pokemon sprites like Lopunny and Victini (back sprite) (Drapion from Mega Power is another good example) are squished. Again, not a major issue, but still unsettling nonetheless.


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I can't figure out how to evolve my Lampent, I've got a Fire Stone, but it won't let me use it on it
I'm not sure if it's an older version or not, but a Youtube video shows a Lampent evolving at Lv42.
I'd say it's worth a try.
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