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#Pokemon20: RP Style

Started by jombii February 27th, 2016 3:19 PM
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It's the anniversary of Pokemon! We have that to thank for today since without it, there are many things we would not be experiencing right now. While it's true that there are a lot of non-Pokemon RPs popping around, I can still remember a time where there was nothing but Pokemon RPs dotting the RPC.

What are your favorite moments playing a Pokemon RP? Be it a journey RP, or one of the many installations of Odyssey, or a dungeon RP, share it here!

I remember once that, when I played as Gladius the Snorlax in one Odyssey RP, did I learn that PP does not exist in RPs. I felt so foolish in even mentioning that lol

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I haven't played as a Pokemon/Trainer in awhile, wow, so this really does bring back memories.

I have to say Monster Art Online was a pretty fun RP, playing a character that cheated and tricked others on their journey was quite fun.

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I remember playing a Weavile in Shattered Era (which was GMd by Greiger and Sir Bastian iirc?). It was very interesting, as she was a tough female soldier in a male dominated society and she had to make moral choices and alksdj it was very enjoyable but I think I dropped out because of time issues ;;

Aww cool that you liked MAO! I should remake that in a smarter, smaller scale at some point...

Also I've enjoyed most journey RPs I've been in, but especially New Johto League or whatever, where I played an Ashton with an Aipom, a Cryogonal and a Remoraid he carried around under his arm like a cannon in battles. The original Remoraidzooka <3 And also Crossroads with Aberdeen, certainly. All the lovely RPers there.


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Posted May 17th, 2019
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Gotta show my Gastly Gosu some love! Recent things, but writing a backstory and slowly revealing bits and pieces, tricking the reader into thinking one thing and then it actually being something entirely different... Gosu is one of my favourite characters to date.

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