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Tutorial How to Hack Pokemon Gens 6 & 7

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Old August 26th, 2017 (1:48 PM).
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    Hi everyone! This is my first tutorial on Pokecommunity!

    This tutorial is for anyone having trouble hacking the 3DS Pokemon main series games. It took me a long time to figure out. However, I've put it into some easy-to-understand steps. So, let's get started!

    Installing Luma3DS
    Since this part varies upon the version and type of 3DS, you can use this site.

    Extracting the ROM
    Download this pack and extract the files to an accessible place.
    1. Open up the Homebrew Launcher. It should appear as an app on your 3DS.
    2. You should see an app called BrainDump. Open it with the Pokemon game you want to randomize in the game cart slot.
    3. Select the Pokemon game.
    4. Wait while BrainDump works. It should take a long time.
    5. Turn off your 3DS and put the SD card in your computer.
    6. You should see a folder with a really long hexadecimal string. Take the contents of that folder and put it somewhere accessible (I recommend cut and paste).
    7. Open Command Prompt (cmd)
    8. Type these separately into cmd (press Enter after each one):

    [path to CtrTool64.exe] -t romfs --romfsdir=[path to RomFS binary] -x [path to RomFS binary]
    [path to CtrTool64.exe] -t exefs --exefsdir=[path to ExeFS binary] -x --decompresscode [path to ExeFS binary]

    Note: if the RomFS cmd code fails, use Asia81's RomFSExtractor.exe

    9. You should now see two folders in the file with the RomFS and the ExeFS named romfs_ and ExeFS

    The fun part!
    1. Download pk3ds
    2. Randomize or hack to your liking!
    Do not rebuild the RomFS or the ExerFS binaries. Keep them as they are.

    Deleting Unnecessary Files
    Delete all files and folders in the romfs_ folder except:


    If you are randomizing S/M, you also need these additional files:

    If you did not change a certain aspect of the game (i.e. Pokemon data), check the source code of pk3ds for GARCReference.cs and delete the files you didn't change.

    If you don't do this, the game will freeze on boot.

    Back to the SD Card!
    1. rename the romfs_ folder to romfs.
    2. Make sure the SD card is in your computer.
    3. Create a folder in the folder named luma called titles
    4. Create a folder inside titles named after the title ID of your game. (It should be the same name as the folder you took the romfs and exefs binary files from)
    5. Copy the romfs folder (and the .code.bin, if necessary) to the folder you just created.

    Finishing Up
    1. Take the SD card out of your computer and put it back into your 3DS.
    2. Turn on your 3DS while holding the Select button.
    3. Make sure Game Patching is enabled (there is an "X" in the parentheses).
    4. Press the Start button to save your settings.
    5. Launch the game from the 3DS home menu. It should now be hacked!

    Asia81 - For putting together the hacking tools
    smealum and yellows8 (GitHub) - For making homebrew possible
    kwsch (GitHub) - For making pk3ds
    The creators of - For making the tutorial on how to install Luma3DS
    The creators of Luma3DS - For creating Luma3DS
    All other creators of tools and resources used in this tutorial
    Myself - For putting together all the information available
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    Old September 5th, 2017 (3:11 AM).
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      Nice tut....Now I can hack my "Moon"
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