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Posted February 9th, 2022
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Decompilation Setup Tool - DST
(Created by InmortalKaktus)

Since I came back to the community one week ago, I've realized that many people want to do their projects with decomp, but they don't try it, or can't finally compile the ROM because it's not easy to set up all the dependencies. That's why I've created this tool, to simplify the whole part of the command line.

This program is ready to install the missing the dependencies, fix them if there is some broken one, configure everything, setup a new decompilation folder, and compile successfully the ROM.

As you see, I've tried to simplify it, as much as I was able to, so anyone can use it.

  • Windows 10
  • x64 bits architecture
  • WSL Enabled
  • WSL Terminal installed (I recommend Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from Microsoft Store)
  • Configured terminal with username and password

With this tool, you will be able to:
  • Create and compile a project based on pokeemerald or derivatives thereof
  • Create and compile a project based on pokeruby or derivatives thereof
  • Create and compile a project based on pokefirered or derivatives thereof
  • Install all the dependencies for a correct compilation of the projects
  • Select the folder where to create our project
  • Use a custom name for the folder where to create our project (optional)
  • Use custom repositories (always that use an accepted base)
  • Do a clean installation of all the dependencies, and fix them if they are damaged
  • Install more than one project on different folders, the script will take care of execute just the needed commands

If you want to use the tool, but you don't know how to install WSL, you can take a look on this tutorial about how to set up the requirements and use the tool.

Download links
Mega - Mediafire

ATTENTION: Probably when you download the tool, the browser will ask you for a confirmation of the download, advising that it may not be secure. This is because it contains a .sh file, which is used to execute instructions in the terminal (which is the part that this tool helps you to do), and it has an .exe that executes said file, but you can rest assured, it's free of virus.

ATTENTION 2: It's important that you use the folder that is extracted without moving or deleting the files inside of it. You can create a shortcut of the aplication, but if you delete the files, the tool won't work.

I think the tool is simple enough so that if all the steps are followed well, there is no problem in completing the setup of a decompilation project, but it is worth remembering that you can report any problem in the comments.