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Started by Spherical Ice May 11th, 2014 4:40 AM
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Hi im from VietNam 😆
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Is rom hack so great i just complete is rom hack a few weeks ago also champion It's also a challenge but i like it :)
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Just finished the game and absolutely loved it. I really appreciate the credits too where you recommend new games to play.

My feedback:
- I wish HM's didn't need to be taught to a pokemon in the party (this caused me to always carry 2 HM slave pokemon (Excadrill and Feebas) for Rock Climb, Rock Smash, Strength, Cut, Dive, Surf, Waterfall and thus made me play the majority game with only 4 Pokemon.
- I wish the grass areas where Pokemon encounter, contain more varied Pokemon. Maybe this is not factually true but it felt to me like in long routes I would just encounter the same small set of Pokemon.
- My favourite Pokemon happen to be Tyranitar and Salamence, a bit of shame they only appear so late in the game. I wish that was more varied too. But I understand how that follows the typical Pokemon game design.
- I wish there would be a way to see Pokemon IV rating (S - E) before catching to make it less tedious to catch good Pokemon.

- I was able to use a particular stone to evolve I believe Scizor to some random Pokemon. Excuse the details as this was earlier in the game that I discovered this.

My team below here. There are so many Pokemon I played with throughout the game, second image is a box with some of my favourites.