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Seen April 8th, 2019
Posted April 7th, 2019
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I’m new to ROM hacking, and I’m creating my first game.

I write fiction, so I know that the storyline that I have come up with will be exciting and entertaining, but I’m worried about the look of my game. I know how to map but I have no idea how to create or insert custom tiles since I’m so new to this.

My question is; will any of you play a game that only uses basic tiles already in the game?


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Posted 1 Week Ago
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Short answer: Probably

Long answer: Being graphically appealing is usually one thing I look out for before playing a rom, but if you've got something that grabs my attention and makes me want more right from the get go it's probable that i'll stick around to see how things play out (As long as you've got decent grammar and such).

Also it's not too hard to add custom tiles, you could definitely teach yourself quickly with the use of some youtube guides, they are definitely all over the place!

Good luck with your hack, nonetheless! The PC is almost always supportive of somebody and their endeavors to create something whether it's pretty looking or not.
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Of course! Graphics aren't everything to me, I'd happily play through a hack that used original tiles if I liked the story and enjoyed the gameplay. You could always map with the default tiles for now and add fancy tiles later once you pick it up - don't feel pressured to learn everything at once, but as Natzen already said, there are plenty of good guides for inserting tiles floating around.


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Posted January 9th, 2019
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i would much more prefer normal tiles over poorly made custom tiles all the way.

bad sprites really rub the the wrong way in terms of playing a pokemon hack, especially since there are so many poorly made hacks out there. while looks arent everything, they definitely help distinguish your hacks from others.

id use the default tiles for now and maybe add in custom tiles if you feel its needed.


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Graphics of a game really dont matter until your storyline is good. I know that there are many hacks out there which have the original tiles but they are really good as their storyline is great. And as you said, you have great ideas for a hack, then i am sure that it must be good instead of judging the graphics of the game. Best of Luck, buddy!


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I feel the answer is rather thematic: if I'm playing a vanilla-esque adventure (a Liquid Crystal, a 386, a Emerald re-re-remake, Kanto-but-you-go-around-backwards, etc) I expect and prefer the normal tiles; for a custom adventure (custom regions, large-scale new implementations of stuff such as new weather patterns or a cast of Fakémon) then I prefer a customized tileset.

Graphics of a game really dont matter until your storyline is good.
While I mostly approve, graphics is one of the earliest selling points of a romhack; before any progress if anything devs have to show they are, at least, not doing something bad with the graphics.
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