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A Very Farfetch'd Pokemon Game

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Old December 10th, 2011 (6:08 AM).
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You wake up and you have amnesia. The last thing you can remember is fighting a gang of Abras. They use teleport and you get sent back in time to a very simple pokemon world. You play as a Farfetch'd in a pretty retro pokemon world. You basically try to help other pokemon out and they give you "shiny coins". Once you earn enough money you can pay Alakazam to teleport you back into the future of pokemon. Once there you have a new agenda. Basically a reverse pokemon battle. You have to KO the trainers team and advance through the world in hope of returning to your flock. It won't have the classic pokemon battle system since I can't find it for rpg maker 2k3. Along the way you add friends to your party and become stronger. Instead of using a pokemon center there are berry trees that have the same affect. You will not only see trainer towns and citys but also an unseen side, pokemon villages. There are a whole new set of all natural items and even weapons. On your journey to find your flock you will utilize your friends moves to transform into trainers, melt icebergs, soar through the air, and seek around trainer cities. You will also have a few run ins with team rocket and some legendaries.
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Old December 22nd, 2011 (2:27 PM).
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Nice what rom are you doing it on? And if you like I'll test it once you feel like it's ready to be tested.
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