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Started by Light and Darkness Dragon March 10th, 2016 1:24 AM
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Light and Darkness Dragon

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The Arena

In the space between spaces, in a place that connects to all other places, a world that touches all other worlds... there is the Arena. The Arena is a place where warriors from any universe and all walks of life come to test their mettle, try new strategies, or just have fun bashing someone's head in. All are welcome, from the newest recruit to the most seasoned veteran, to engage in fights to the death. While in the Arena, everything is permitted and nothing is held back. Once a fight has concluded, the combatants are healed of all wounds, even being raised from the dead, and sent to the Tavern, where they can relax, get a drink, and even make new friends.


If you ever had an idea for a warrior, but wanted to test it first, why not try your idea in The Arena? The Arena is a roleplay for players who want to fight. Stories play a back seat in this roleplay to the high octane action scenes we want to create. If your character dies in combat he/she is not dead forever, and can be used again in another fight.

Sign ups will be simple affairs, to place more attention on the fights, but don't think you have to make mindless war machines (unless you want to)! The focus will be on action scenes, but if you want to make a story, with rivals and grudge matches, that's fine too.

Players can either challenge another player to a fight, or simply enter the arena and wait for a challenger. Once a fight has started, one player posts their actions and the effect it would have if it works. The other player then responds to the actions (either taking the hit or using a defensive option), then makes their own move. This goes back and forth until the a winner is decided and the fight is done. Whether you prefer back-and-forth posting or collaborating on a JP is left up to personal preference.

Sign-Up Sheet



Appearance: What your character looks like. Pictures are fine, but please include a short written description as well to indicate any differences to the picture. Include any armor or weapons they would wear.

Personality (optional): If you want to, let us know what your character is like.

Abilities: A general description of how your character fights. Whether it's a knight in shining armor and a variety of weapons, a martial artist who channels his ki energy into his attacks, or a wizard who casts magical spells, all styles are welcome!


  1. All RPT rules apply.
  2. The rating is M, so feel free to have as much or as little violence as you want. There will be blood, it might be yours, but try to keep it tasteful.
  3. Remember to play fair. This is a place for us to unwind and engage in combat, not for writing about an unstoppable juggernaut effortlessly defeating every opponent in one punch.
  4. If you're fighting, try to be active. Don't leave the other guy hanging if you can help it. Let the GM know if something comes up, and we'll work something out.
  5. If you're not in a fight, don't worry about it! You aren't required to post, and can jump back in at any time!
  6. Have fun!

Light and Darkness Dragon

Gives Up

Age 26
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Posted March 25th, 2016
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Uzumaki "Naru" Rido | Male | 22

Uzumaki Rido is 5'9" tall with white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. He sometimes wears a pikachu or wolf mask while fighting or on missions. His garb consist of black form fitting clothing underneath his viridian flak jacket, metal arm guards and gloves, tabi boots, and a utility belt. His flak jacket has 6 pockets on the front of it. His belt contains kunai, smoke pellets, and a bola.

Naru's fundamentals are martial arts, and ninja magic. Naru has over 14 years of experience in fighting. Each fight shaped his style. The warrior knows the ins and outs of his own body, and is satisfied with the results of his training. His "magic" is based off of ki. His natural ki elements are Lightning, Earth, and Water.

Numah (Mother), Naiyas (Father)
Haseo (Brother), Many half siblings
Ume's Child, Kohana's two children, Haseo's daughter
Exes: Ume, Hinata, Kaile, Kiba, Kitty, and Kohana

History & Author's Notes:
It's a long story. It's been a while since it was told. Uzumaki "Naru" Rido has died multiple times. I thought he was going to stay dead but something called him back to life again. This is my first OC, and he has bits of my personality, but he has a id, ego, and super ego of his own. He has had many powers, and transformations over the years including Super Saiyan Wolf, a period where he was reincarnated as a pikachu, an insane form. I decided to go with a bare bones root with Naru this time. He was a shapeshifter, and i still wish to keep that aspect of him. Ume was never around, Hinata sacrificed herself, Kaile was a b. Kiba and Naru didn't work out, Kitty was gay, and he died protecting Kohana.


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Name: Miranda Rose

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rose is 5' 1" with a slim figure, gray skin, and red hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Her usual outfit consists of a dark shirt with leather bracing, black pants, leather boots and a combat skirt. She wears a sword at her hip, along with braces of throwing knives strapped to her legs. A bag at her belt contains her miscellaneous gear, and a bulky bracer on her left wrist holds her grappling hook.


Abilities: Rose is a duskblade, a warrior trained in both melee and magic. Her weapon of choice is a straight sword, complimented by throwing knives and electric spells. An agile fighter, she relys on speed in fights, using her magic to assist her. In addition, she utilizes small explosives and an arm-mounted grappling hook.
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