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Television Forgotten cartoons Page 2

Started by PageEmperor April 26th, 2019 1:44 AM
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Anyone remember Mr. Meaty? I had forgotten how weird and uncanny it was until today.
I didn't watch much Nick back then save for one show... and its kind of self-explanatory as to why *cough* Avatar: Last Airbender *cough* That said, I do recall that show and it wasn't that bad either.


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Woah had no idea people still posted in this

Wander Over Yonder.

A fantastic animated series prematurely cancelled by an uncaring corporation, so it technically counts as a forgotten cartoon.

The amount of homages in Season 2 and Lord Dominator being a phenomenal villain made the experience that more worthwhile.

The show had many funny and heartwarming moments.

Both Wander and Sylvia, as well as Hater and Peepers, were effective duos that contrasted each other quite well. Their actors delivered fantastic performances and sounded like they enjoyed their roles.

I hope, at the very least, the show makes it to Disney+ for future audiences to tune in at any given time.
Is it weird that I actually predicted someone would mention this? That said, I’m a fan of that cartoon too! Actually got into it after it was cancelled but it’s really good for the reasons you said, had great animation and whatnot. I’m still hoping that a third season will come someday...


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American Dragon was most certainly an interesting cartoon to watch, so I'd agree on that not being watched/remembered by a lot of people.

also idk how many people remember the Jetsons these days but man....


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Gargoyles! I had a dream about it two nights ago and I couldn’t believe I forgot that show. I don’t actually remember anything about it but I know it’s a 90s show that never really got the appreciation it deserved.


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Mummies Alive! was a pretty obscure one that I absolutely loved as a kid...they used to show re-runs on ITV in the mornings. Catchy theme song, great cast, and from what I remember it was pretty funny at times as well.

Beast Wars is a pretty divisive show that got mostly forgotten outside of its few fans once they started airing "proper" Transformers cartoons again, but to me it represents the pinnacle of the entire Transformers franchise. Limited budget for the CGI and the need to tie it in with the toyline resulted in a pretty dark and oddly compelling, character-driven show where both heroes and villains were being killed off with alarming frequency. As a kid I loved the action, as an adult I love the narrative...and David Kaye is the voice of Megatron and nothing anyone says will ever convince me otherwise, yesssss.

Biker Mice From Mars and Thundercats aren't quite as obscure, although they'd be better off if they were, because the only reason they aren't is that both got absolutely AWFUL seasons in the 2000s. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe did as well, and that was one of the best shows of the early 2000s that never got the recognition it deserved I think...too bad it never got that third season.

Also, STREET SHARKS. Street Sharks were literally the coolest thing ever when I was a kid, but they seem to have been largely forgotten by time...there was also Extreme Dinosaurs, which was a spinoff of Street Sharks, making it even more obscure. xD
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