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Pokémon OPEN Kinyo: a new region, a new journey [M] Page 3

Started by Morganatri June 24th, 2019 4:29 AM
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I'm still interested in continuing, and I fixed most of the Issues of my post, so does it look any better?
I'm an adult who has the mind of a child



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This sounds fun, although can i still join? If i can i'm joining in.
P.S. I hope you don't mind a little bit of history tidbits all over his bio

Name : Arthur Weissmann
Nickname : Arthur, note : Disdain to be called Weiss as he thinks it's mocking his white hair and pale complexion
Age : 16

Arthur is a decently tall man with 171 cm of height, he is thin man with pale complexion. He used to have a brown hair but due to a certain sickness in his childhood his hair turned into white, and even though he is healed from that disease now his white hair stays with him ever since. He likes to wear crimson shirt with long sleeves as he disdain tanning (Had a bad sunburn during childhood), while he enjoys wearing slightly dark beige long pants with cotton fabric. He also uses a dark beige hat that matches his pants. Enjoys wearing a backpack everywhere as he is a pragmatic person that likes to stock important items to avoid mishaps in his journey. Likes to wear black sneakers as it's not dirty easily and it avoids him from getting pricked by Tall Grasses. Uses a tiny rimmed photochromic glasses with crimson rim. He brings a short white umbrella with a pink rose petal print around the top (A women umbrella) as it is a memento of his late mother in his backpack. Sometimes can be seen reading fiction novels or legend books while waiting for his friends, either that or he keeps seeing his black watch on his left wrist which usually means his friend was making him waiting too long.

Arthur's Grandfather was one of the Elite Four of Hoenn back in the day, however Arthur's father failed to follow the footsteps of his father as he was not talented enough to become a top pokemon trainer and opt to become a researcher instead. Arthur's mother however came from Sinnoh, she met Arthur's father during her journey to become a top coordinator. Although Arthur's father didn't manage to become a top trainer, but his mother did become a top coordinator under the mask and nickname "Cherry Blossom of Doom" which his mother took with pride during her time until her retirement. Arthur grew up in Mossdeep City to his grandfather's story as how he and his team manage to fend off almost all of the challengers to the league, the story made Arthur dreamt about being a Pokemon Champion one day. However during this time, Pokemon training popularity was dwindling and to earn money as a Pokemon Trainer was no easy task and it caused Arthur's father to probade him from trying to become one, Arthur's only comfort came from his mother who always reminds his son that his father means no harm and that she will always supports his decision even if eventually he did end up to become a trainer .

However when he was 6 years old, his mother passed away. The incident became the cause of Arthur's father overprotectiveness and it combined with the grieve of Arthur losing one of his source of happiness took a huge toll on him and cause him to be quite sickly. When Arthur is 7 years old, he decides that he had enough and decides to run away from his home. In the way he encountered a wild Arbok which almost killed him, however Arthur's grandfather managed to interfere right in the nick of time with his partner Metagross and managed to took him back home. This caused quite a change of outlook on Arthur's father and he decides to let Arthur follows the footsteps of his Grandfather, this cheers up Arthur quite a lot during this time and this time period Arthur remembers quite fondly as he grows up happily with both his Grandfather and Father in his family. Good things come to an end however just one day before Arthur's tenth birthday as his Grandfather also passed away. This brings him to quite a sad state.

Nevertheless, Arthur's Grandfather left one last inheritance to his grandson. A letter and a pokeball, Arthur reads the letter which in it is his Grandfather's last message "I put all of my trust in you my grandson, i can't give you much fortune or help, but at least i can give you your first partner just like how i started my journey back in the day. Fight kiddo, and never give up". And as Arthur picked up the pokeball he found out that the pokemon inside the pokeball was Beldum just like his Grandfather started his journey with it back then. With his spirit reinvigorated with new partner and his Grandfather's parting words, he was training once more to become the best that he can be as a pokemon trainer. His father supported his journey by sending him to Mahono Town to study Pokemon Training, especially since he was also getting moved there to research about power source around there.

P.S. Please add a research station somewhere if you can, just for story purposes haha.


Arthur during his childhood was quick-tempered and rash especially during his father's overprotectiveness era. However he had grown up to a calm and gentle mannered person although he still has competitiveness streak regarding pokemon. He oftenly smiles gently to almost everyone and he easily laughs, he had a lot of friends growing up due to this trait even though some of his friends still find it strange that he oftenly laughs at dry jokes. He is also very helpful to everybody although his pragmatic nature sometimes makes him hesitant to help as he thinks he is not the perfect man for the job, however he is more than happy to help his friends especially on studies issue. He is a mature person, but sometimes he does childish stuff when he is over-exhausted (Pouting, Rolling in the bed, and whatnot).

Arthur's hobby is reading books as it was one of the activities he could do without worrying his frail body back then, especially about Pokemon League history and Legends of Pokemon. He also loves stargazing and camping outside as he founds it fun, especially if he can find someone to accompany him. He is interested at physical activities but found people rather hesitant to invite him due to his past, he enjoys riding his bike even though that happens (But he had a dark secret.. that he could only rode a bike without training wheels just since he was 11 years old due to ill body). But his one greatest enjoyment if he had to pick one except pokemon battling was Playing Piano as it reminds him of his late mother.

He likes spicy foods, but unfortunately he can't handle it either which had cause him to oftenly drink chocolate milk whenever he eat spicy stuffs. He has an affinity of tinkering with electronical device since he oftenly do it with his father, and he is quite detail which helps him quite a lot in tinkering his device. However, beneath that exterior not much people realize that he was forgetful which is why he always carried a notebook along where he oftenly writes stuffs to do. He is frugal to himself, but usually generous to others especially to those he close with (Exception applies of course). He had two female cousins that he was close to back in the Hoenn Region (Storyline purposes :) ), however he rarely contacted them ever since he move to Mahono Town.

Academic wise, he was around the top of his class almost the very top even if he wasn't putting too much effort in studying (Arthur has a gift for studying). He also very well versed with making speeches in class which made him kinda renowned. But, he envies people who isn't at around the top as it leads to less attention and expectations at the School, afterall the time in school made him learn when to shut up to avoid more works (Especially helping teacher's with their paper works, he rather socialize rather than do such stuff) . He is also very popular at school due to his willingness to help other study, also as a subject of envy due to his lack of overall effort in studying. However beneath his matureness and smile he still harbors slight dislike of Poison types and extreme uncomfort of Snake Pokemons due to his incident with Arbok long ago, that and he also likes to wear his mother's memento parasol or using a sunblock due to him hating to get sunburnt.

Partner Pokemon

Braveheart (M) Lvl. 5 (P.S. The nickname is from his Grandfather's nickname during E4 days, George the Braveheart)
Jolly (+Spe, - Sp.Atk), @None
Ability : Clear Body
- Take Down
- Zen Headbutt
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Hey Wizard, if someone drops out of the RP, then feel free to join! Your sign-up seems pretty solid, it's just that I can't manage more than 10 people hahah

LycanAnimates, your post is pretty good BUT remember I have to roll you a Pokemon before you catch it! 😅 For this instance I'll let it slide but from now on please request a Pokemon before writing posts. The Rattata that was rolled was for Blaziken only.
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