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Anyone active?

Started by The ShyLarvitar August 16th, 2019 8:59 AM
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Sure I'd be interested well maybe if you added what the RP is about then its a Sure I'd be Interested from me
I'm an adult who has the mind of a child


space adventure

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Hey I'd love to RP here, but I've noticed that there are barely any new ones being tossed around/people reply maybe once every two days or so. Would anyone be interested in doing a small group RP? Maybe 3-4 people?
There are plenty of active people, but a lot of writing is done in online docs like googledocs, before it is posted here. A lot of discussion happens in Discord servers instead of here in Casting threads. It's just the way the community has evolved ^^

What would you like to RP about? :D
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Well, this RP forum is more strictly regulated than others. Everything has to be approved before it appears, so that forces people to write quality threads. The "harder" nature of this forum draws in a lot of older people who can form a sentence, and we have jobs and lives so we're not always free. I might be interested if you gave us the plot.
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