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Serious How do You Feel Regarding Death?

Started by ZeoStar September 27th, 2019 8:31 AM
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dream world
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It's a morbid topic. but I zoned out during a lecture and began thinking of this, and had woke up this morning wondering some more.

Death is inevitable. Everybody goes through it someday, and it's sometimes strange to think about how it's the one way out.

Is it something you worry about, and if not how did you become comfortable and accept this?

I think as someone approaching his 20's, age has become a thought of which I had previously ignored.


Age 27
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It's not something that bothers me

All I ask is that when mine comes, it's a relatively painless one
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Age 23
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I've never been bothered by it, to me it's a given I'll bite the dust one day, though when that time is, is simply unknown


Cubie the Cube

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The computer room
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Can't say I'm bothered much about death itself, but the circumstances in which it happens y'know. Like the only thing I want is that I don't have a painful death.
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Yes and No. I mean I've lost my dad and only have mom left. I myself have escaped death once or twice. I guess I worry about it but at the same time I don't. I don't know it's one of those things that comes and goes.
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Death of other people really bothers me. I've only lost a few people in my life and really shut myself in every time it happens, even if I wasn't super close to the person.

My own death does not bother me at all though. I do not actively want to die but I don't like fret over it.


magical leaf

the dream world
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i used to be terrified of my own death (and i guess to some extent, i still am), but if it happens, it happens.


the pretender

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I also find the death of other people incredibly hard to get over, even if I didn't know them too personally. Over a year ago someone quite young (in their 20s) that I knew of, died suddenly in their sleep with no explanation. Up until that point I'd been quite good at not acknowledging death but for some reason, that in particular created this horrible anxiety spiral about how I could lose important people in my life in a single moment. I still struggle with the idea that one day someone can be there and the next they could be gone. Just like that, I'd never be able to talk to them again and I don't know how I'd cope with that. I think it's the possible suddenness of death that scares me most, rather than say dying at an old age which I could accept. Sometimes I also find it hard to accept my own death but I try to realise that it happens to everyone so in the end, we're all going to the same place and in a morbid way - it's comforting that humanity is collectively in it together. I just try to make sure I let everyone I know how much I appreciate and love them, if something was to ever happen.


of the Final Day

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Away with the fairies
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Death isn't something I really think'll happen when it happens, and there won't be much I can do about it. I used to be scared of death, but then I guess I just...grew out of it? Fear of death is basically fear of the unknown - at least to me it is, I'm not religious and I'm not going to assume there is nothing beyond death, because there is as much evidence for that as there is of anything else - and I find it difficult to fear the unknown because my mind tends to wander in circles when I think about it and I get bored with it. If I'm scared about anything relating to death, it's the act of dying...I have no particular desire to go through a lot of pain before death. But that relates to living rather than dying, because you're still alive when you experience these things, so I don't think it counts.

I haven't lost anyone yet, so I suppose I can't say for sure I know how I'll react when someone I know dies. I'll miss them I think, but I can't see myself tearing up the way many people do because I'm just not a very emotionally involved person. It's not that I don't care, just that I express it in a different way if I choose to express it at all. Plus I just...don't see the point in being sad when it's not going to change anything. So yeah. But I don't think about that much either, because I've generally assumed that I'll die before other people do.


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When I'll die, I will return in another life form.
This is rather terrifying, as your wording gives the assumption that rather than returning as another being altogether, you will hijack the already living body of a creature that will be functionally dead afterwards (its memories, its personality, will be replaced with yours) unless you have a sort of Voldemort-in-Quirrell situation going on. How ominous.


I like to say that I've accepted death, and I've certainly got that whole #relatable #suicidalidealation going on, but there's always that niggling feeling in the back of my head about what comes afterwards. It's not that I believe in Hell or anything, but the last remnant from my Catholic upbringing is the fear of ETERNAL PUNISHMENT, and I haven't yet been able to 100% purge my fear of being tortured by hot coals up my anus for endless lifetimes. I'm not afraid of death, and wouldn't be particularly bothered by the cessation of feeling, there's just a theological remnant of my childhood that still makes me shiver even though I don't truly believe in the afterlife or the soul or what have you.

Maybe it's just a fear that not even in death can I be at peace from myself.


Santa's (Not So) Little Helper

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Ryme City
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Kind of a scary thing to me. I mean, when you get old, you'll have to see it happen to everyone you've ever loved. Judging from my username, you can probably tell that I do have some beliefs about an afterlife. I don't belong to any religion at the moment (I consider myself more spiritual than religious), but I do think that there could be an afterlife, even though I don't know what it is exactly.
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it's something that has always scared me since i was little, and some of the reasons why i ended up backing down on past suicide attempts and sought psychiatric help. i'm scared about what's on the other side and scared about how i will die and if it'll be painful, mainly.

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Simply Dunsparce

The Middle of Nowhere
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Coming to terms with my own mortality has been one of the goals that I have hoped to achieve since I started identifying as an atheist, yet I've never gotten around to it. I hope that some day I be ready for it, but, until then, I'll still be scared of my eventual demise.
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Depends on the day you get me. On the days I'm not doing the depression thing though, it's not the process of dying that I'm bothered by as much as I'm bothered by potentially ceasing to exist. Like, the actual experience of dying - at this point it can't be much worse than what I've already gone through. But I have no idea what comes next, if anything, which is a bit disconcerting and I'm quite bothered by the idea that within a few decades I could be completely forgotten with no evidence left that I was ever here.

Generally speaking though, I fear the death of loved ones a lot more than I care about dying myself. Losing people in any sense sucks.


Take my hands now

Kansas, USA
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Death only worries me because I still have lots I want to do. In some ways I've barely even started experiencing life, so I definitely don't want it to be cut short!

I probably think about it more than your average person, though, because I've lost most of my family, and my mom talks about it often.

It gets tiring to think about, I just wanna live and enjoy life, thanks.

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Barring a painful death, what I fear isn't the death of my body so much as the uncertainty of what comes after death. The death of conscious is what terrifies me, to be really just a kind of machine shutting down forever.

At the same time what I fear more for myself than a mortal death or the death of the ego is a life never lived. There may be nothing else waiting for me but this life, making it more tragic to live a life full of regrets and chances never taken, losing sight of goals, giving up on dreams, a life where nothing ever changes, where potential goes unmet, a life with nothing to look forward to, a life I haven't fully experienced. Since death is inescapable, to sleepwalk through whatever time here we have seems the worst of all. That is a waste of the gift of life. If I have to die, then let there be some point to why I was even born.

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I agree with Vision in the fear of the unknown, the possibility of nothingness is terrifying!

If this is all that there is, then suddenly the risk/reward paradigm changes drastically. Do you risk your ego, your self, to get on an airplane, knowing there is the possibility of a crash that could kill you, and your existence. Do you risk your existence by getting into a car, knowing any number of things could kill you.

If you accept the belief that the life you currently have, is all there is, the risks of everyday life become far more noticeable. On one hand that isn’t a way to live, yet on the other if this is all there is to existence, shouldn’t the goal be to maximize the amount of your existence as possible?


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It scares the hell out of me, so I try my best to not think about it too much. I can deal with it that way. I actually miss the times where I didn't mind the thought of it happening if it were to happen (not depressed, just didn't care for some reason). At least I'm not still in my phase where that fear got overwhelming enough to the point I got scared of almost everything.
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