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Rated: T (For Blood, Violence, Language, and Some Content)

Note: This takes place on a completely made up region. No names of places from the games or shows exist here. Also, no humans exist in the RP. This is a world of Pokemon.


"Harmony never truly dies, and neither does chaos. If chaos returns to the world, light will follow in its rebirth."

Once upon a time, in a world ruled by Pokemon, there existed a nation that united Pokemon under the slogans of freedom, love, and peace. This nation eventually became known as Valkaria, and the government that ruled it the Alpha Alliance. The core of the Alpha Alliance is what kept the nation together. They were the Gold Tribe, a group of elite Pokemon peacekeepers who protected the Alpha Alliance and made it a place of harmony and happiness. For years, the Gold Tribe defended the Alpha Alliance from a multitude of threats. However, none have been as prominent as the Dark One, Darkrai.

The history of the fighting with Darkrai began over 2000 years ago. At that time, he was defeated at the cost of many lives. Darkrai was successfully imprisoned and hidden away from the world in a small but powerful device known as the Silver Crystal. However, Darkrai’s will was too powerful to be contained even in the Silver Crystal, and eventually, portions of his might began to pour into the world again, despite still being trapped. Wars were fought and much blood was spilled as Pokemon fell under his command and slaughtered all in their path. For Darkrai’s power is fueled by the darkness, chaos and malice of this world. It is through these traits that he could control and corrupt other Pokemon, and it is through these traits that he could return. The violence fueled him, and when he had gotten enough power, he broke out of his prison and returned to the world once more.

Thirty years ago, the Pokemon of the Alpha Alliance managed to stop the Dark One after he was finally released from his prison in the Silver Crystal. With the help of the Gold Crystal, the Silver Crystal's counter, he was defeated. Yet he was not destroyed, and he vowed one day to return:

"Darkness and chaos. These will always exist. I will never become just a memory."

Instantly, plans were made to ensure that should he ever return, they would be ready. Yet the Pokemon of Valkaria understood that finding and fighting Darkrai would only benefit him. Open war would be exactly what he would have wanted, as violence would fuel his strength. Instead, the Pokemon of the Alpha Alliance decided to try and find another solution.

The last, and perhaps only solution they had left.

Since Darkrai fled, much has happened in an effort to be prepared. In order to achieve complete transparency on the enemy, Pokemon began moving about the country to spread the message about Darkrai and the history of their battles. Records from the Golden Catacombs (the unofficial, private library of the Gold Tribe) were made public, and all across, Pokemon became more knowledgeable about the Dark One.

Yet this knowledge wasn't just kept inside the borders of Valkaria. Soon, expeditions were sent outside of the borders of their home by multiple groups, including the Gold Tribe and the Seekers. While they varied in their approaches, they had two overlapping goals: to spread the tales and terror of Darkrai, and to search for signs of Cresselia (whose energy was inside the Gold Crystal), the counterbalance of Darkrai, and the supposed one Pokemon who could stop the spread of Darkrai's chaos.

As the years passed by, Darkrai's presence had begun to strangely decrease. Sightings of his minions or the Dark One himself became less common. Then they became rare. Eventually, not a whisper was heard of him at all. Some from the younger generation began to question whether he had ever existed at all, while the old veterans continue to cling onto the dark memories of long past.


It has been exactly thirty years since Darkrai was defeated in Gold City by the Pokemon of Valkaria. Things have remained relatively quiet, though whispers and rumors of strange activities beyond Valkaria's borders have begun to reach their ears. Regardless, a large festival and party is scheduled to be held in Gold City to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the victory, in which Pokemon from all walks of life are invited.

The festival coincides with the announcement that Benedict "Scar" Tiberius, second-in-command of the Gold Tribe, will be retiring and the leader of the Gold Tribe, Lyn "Guardia" Reed, will choose a new second-in-command. Guardia has also declared that the day immediately following the party, she will lead a new, more aggressive expedition beyond Valkaria to find additional signs of Cresselia...or Darkrai. The expedition is open to more than just the Gold Tribe.

You will be arriving in Gold City to attend the 30th Anniversary of Darkrai's Defeat, whether as a member of the Gold Tribe (Valkarian or Beatrucian), Seekers, Sharp-Eye Corporation, or Thieves.

Sign Up Sheet

Title: (if Gold Tribe)
Faction: (Valkarian or Beatrucian Gold Tribe, Thief, SEC, or Seeker)
Appearance: (if any distinctions from normal)
Moveset: (6 max)
RP Sample: (Taken from recent RP post or newly written)

Accepted Characters/Players


  1. All Standard PC Rules Apply
  2. All Standard RP rules apply
  3. Respect your fellow RPers. No godmodding, bunnying, etc.
  4. No post length below what is written in the RP rules
  5. Try to remain active! Obviously, things can come up, but be sure to keep me in the loop so that I can accommodate you.
  6. Most importantly, have fun!

Important NPCs

  • Lyn "Guardia" Reed/Zangoose - Leader of the Gold Tribe since the end of the Silver War thirty years ago.
  • Benedict "Scar" Tiberius/Mienshao - Current second-in-command of the Gold Tribe. Used to be a corrupted servant of Darkrai known as a Sentinel during the Silver War, but was saved.
  • General Grett/Sceptile - One of the three Generals of the Alpha Alliance. By far the youngest elected General in Alpha Alliance history, after being elected last month to power.
  • General Riken/Conkeldurr - One of the three Generals of the Alpha Alliance. As a Commander back in the Silver War, he helped the Alpha Alliance reclaim their homeland.
  • Former Commander Thomas Blake/Hypno - Former Commander of the Alpha Alliance and current leader of the movement known as the Valkarian Exposure. They believe that Darkrai did not appear in the closing moments of the Silver War and that the story was a cover-up of Gold Tribe members betraying their own tribesman and creating the Silver Tribe. Thomas Blake ran against Grett in the election for General a month prior to the beginning of the RP.



Credit to Ray Maverick for creating the map. Thanks!

Red Square: Points of Interest
Gold Square: Gold Tribe Bases
White Square : SEC Network Point
Black Dot: Capital City

A:Golden Catacombs
B: Truon (city)
C: Mount Titan
D: Erble (city)
E: Mercurion (city)
F: The Great Vantage
G: Temple of Balance
H: Temple of Life
I: Irtol Forest
J: Selar Village
K: Trualcall

1. Gold City
2. Daggen
3. Reverence
4. Surina
5. Argime

Playable Sides

Alpha Alliance

Alpha Alliance Army/Citizenry

The Alpha Alliance is the nation of peace and prosperity. They are protected at their core by the Gold Tribe, but the Alpha Alliance itself has most of the army under its command. They have upgraded their weaponry to feature protected, powerful Hyper Beam Cannons throughout the cities of Valkaria. The Alpha Alliance is led by three different Generals, who are appointed by the Pokemon citizens. Players can choose to be an Alpha Alliance soldier, citizen, or one of the three Generals (only one General spot is available).

The Gold Tribe

The Gold Tribe is a group of elite, highly-trained Pokemon who are and were the core of the Alpha Alliance. They are peacekeepers, the Alpha Alliance’s first and last line of defense against powerful enemies, and those who threaten the peace and freedom of the Alpha Alliance. Members of the Gold Tribe treat each other like family, often referring to each other as fellow ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ of the tribe. The Gold Tribe is selfless, putting the Alpha Alliance and their citizens above all else, even their own safety. They have a deep sense of honor and duty, and treat Pokemon, especially other members, with respect. The Gold Tribe is usually led by a leader, elected often by the previous leader to whom they believe is most worthy. This person on many occasions is a son or daughter of the previous leader, but not always. There is also a second-in-command. Gold Tribe members tend to be identified by Golden emblems/insignias that each member wears somewhere on their bodies, either as a necklace, a bracelet, an armband, etc.

There are two major differences which have occurred in the Gold Tribe in the last 30 years. The first is that acceptance into the Gold Tribe has become more rigorous. The trials of the Gold Tribe trainees were always difficult, but the current leader, Lyn “Guardia” Reed, has also ensured that they are a test not just of ones physical and mental capabilities, but also an analysis of the content of one’s character. For this reason, many Pokemon who would have gotten in on their strength alone were turned away. The second major difference is that they no longer encompass just Valkaria. The Gold Tribe has become a true international entity, having ties, alliances, and even bases in multiple nations and countries. Players can choose to be a member of the Valkarian Gold Tribe or the Beatrucian Gold Tribe.

Sharp-Eye Corporation (SEC)

The Share-Eye Corporation, or SEC, is a business developed and constructed by Hanso SharpEye, formerly ‘TrueStriker’ of the Gold Tribe. After the Silver War, Hanso left the Gold Tribe, and began acting a mercenary and guard for hire. From there, after discovering a sizeable wealth left in his nearly-destroyed mansion, he utilized it to hire mercenaries, soldiers, contractors, and advisors to the Alpha Alliance as a third party agent, as well as invest in technologies by a Raichu scientist named Demas. Of those technologies include a machine which allows the Pokemon exchange a move they know for a new one (TM swap), as well as many other useful technologies that help in defending the Alpha Alliance.

One of the most important tools Hanso and the SEC have brought to the public is something they refer to as the Network. The Network is a psychic link between Pokémon. Basically, a team of psychics are set up in every major city, and some minor ones. The Psychic Pokemon link their minds in such a way that creates mental barrier across that city to prevent teleportation willingly, greatly strengthening their defenses in most cities. The Network also makes travelling easier for allies, who can travel between cities, being identified by the city's psychics as someone who is allowed to pass, and then teleported by one city's psychics to another. The Network has gone beyond Valkaria too, being established at or nearby cities of other nations/countries, should they have accepted iit. However, as the SEC is seen as a third party rather than part of the Alpha Alliance government, most countries generally have allowed their presence to some degree. This has been crucial in establishing alliances and bonds with the other countries, and demonstrates how important the SEC has been.

Non Affiliated Organizations/Factions

The Seekers

Formerly known as the Affiliates, an underground criminal group, the Seekers are a group created by Penance “The Madman” Malum, a former Gold Tribe member. As the Affiliates, the group operated mostly against the Gold Tribe in order to further Penance’s goals. The Gold Tribe and the Affiliates often were on opposite sides, tangling on multiple occasions in Cape City prior to the Silver War. After the war began, the two sides temporarily joined together to defeat a common enemy. When Darkrai was defeated, Penance created the Seekers with this main goal in mind: to seek Cresselia wherever she may be. They would do this by going out into the lands and spreading the tales and messages of what they had encountered.

To become a Seeker, one must go through a rigorous test, which begins with a year long course on the nature of inner darkness, the manner by which it exists in every Pokemon, and how to fight it. If they pass the tests, they are admitted as Seekers. The new seeker is then enlisted in one of the three branches: become a teacher to help others fight against darkness, a defensive soldier who protects cities from those who are corrupted, and those who go out and spread the mission, as well as fight against any corrupted they meet.

The Thieves

The thieves have been the natural enemies of the Gold Tribe for many, many years. There was once a Lucario named Arnold who sought to change the norm of society completely in the Alpha Alliance. Instead of rules and regulations and laws, he advocated for the abolition of every law and rule known to Pokemon. He believed then the Alpha Alliance would become a completely free society, and everyone could rule themselves. The view had quite a bit of supporters, who followed Arnold. But it had harsh criticism too, believing it to be too rash, and too heartless. In this system, burglary, assault, murder and all other crimes would become second nature, as if nothing was wrong with it, and nothing could stop it. But Arnold wanted to go ahead with his plans. Gathering up all of his supporters, he attempted to launch a revolution that would bring his dream to reality. The Gold Tribe fought this rebellion and ultimately finished it. Those who managed to avoid captivity fled to Eden Forest and made it their home. The forest was like a labyrinth, and eventually the Gold Tribe stopped immediate pursuit of Arnold. There had been multiple attempts over time to burn them out to stop them, but the forest seemed to have a life of its own, always somehow putting out fires and replenishing the forest. The forest became almost independent of the Alpha Alliance, coming solely under the jurisdiction of those inside, as they were the only ones who learned how to navigate it. Over time, it became a safe haven for all types of criminals (excluding murder) and those inside renamed it the Thieves Forest.

The Gold Tribe and the Thieves have occasionally gotten into a few bouts over the years, including during the Silver War. However, after the thieves were nearly annihilated by the Silver Tribe, they allied themselves temporarily with the Alpha Alliance to bring the Silver Tribe down. When the war was over, Lyn “Guardia” Reed, leader of the Gold Tribe, decided to pardon the remaining thieves for their previous actions on the condition that they not resume their previous activities as renegades. Snype, new leader of the Thieves, brought back all the survivors to the forest, and since then, they've been relatively quiet, being spotted only on a handful of occasions. It is rumored that Snype somehow managed to expand the Thieves to other countries, but that has yet to be confirmed...or denied.

Non-playable countries


Karn was said to have been built on the bones of a thousand Pokemon, and kept with the blood of a thousand more. The Pokemon of the Empire of Karn are as cold as the land they inhabit. Winter is common in Karn, being present in the nation most of the year. Karn’s capital is the city of Daggen, which has been destroyed and rebuilt over a dozen times. They are and have always been a warring nation, valuing strength and power above all else. Those with strength should utilize it, and those without strength should move aside, or be swept aside. It would not be an uncommon act to see a Pokemon challenge another to a duel upon the street, as most arguments or debates are often settled with duels, and often more than not, they are to the death. It is considered an insult to decline a duel with anyone. Fighting is also a means to rise from desolation. In Karn, strength is all that defines you, including your position in the empire. The lines between the rich and the poor are blurred because it is not the rich in power and the poor that are starving. It is the strong that control the government. Here lies one of the most unique aspects for opportunity in Karn. Even the poorest Pokemon in all of the land could rise to the top. The Empire is ruled by the Emperor, who is not chosen by divine right but rather by blood and victory, through combat. The Emperor of Karn is quite often the strongest Pokemon in all of Karn, until their rule is challenged, usually through a duel. Directly underneath the Emperor are the 5 Grand Generals, the 5 Pokemon thought to be second in strength and power to the Emperor of Karn. It is often one of them that are typically challenging the Emperor for the throne.

Because the Empire is ruled by the strong rather than those who are most fit to rule, like the wise or the intelligent, the Empire is constantly in turmoil. There have been hundreds of new governments and Emperors that rose through coups and duels. As is often the case, these new Emperors are not in power very often. An example of a recent government that rose and fell is the Order of Neoverse, where Emperor Galleon reigned on the throne of Karn. Furthermore, the country is constantly in economic strife and civil war. In fact, it is often jested that a year without some sort of unrest or turmoil in Karn is a bad omen. However, beyond all of the trouble the country is constantly in, Karn has one of the most powerful armies of any country. The current Emperor, Edgar Rionart, is the second longest reigning emperor in the history of Karn.

Alliances: The Alpha Alliance was initially hesitant in pursuing any sort of relationship with Karn given the history of the two countries. For many years, the Gold Tribe avoided them altogether. However, with the Seekers failing to establish any foothold in the country, the leader of the Gold Tribe, Lyn “Guardia” Reed, decided to take a group of Gold Tribe members into the borders to make contact about 17 years ago. The contact began violently, but ended with a surprising acceptance of the Gold Tribe by the Emperor. The Emperor listened to the Gold Tribe’s tales of Darkrai, and permitted limited travel into his borders, as long as the traveling parties were Gold Tribe.

Currently: Officially neutral with the Alpha Alliance. Encourages open persecutions of Seekers upon sight. Allows limited SEC Network presence in one location outside of the capital solely for Gold Tribe usage. No relation with Tollen. Still technically at war with Anatellia, but currently an armistice. Bad relationship with Beatruce, who has been at war with Karn many times in the past.


Tollen is a kingdom located north of Valkaria. It’s capital is Argime, and has been ruled by the bloodline of Narron for over four centuries. However, despite its status as a monarchy, the citizens of Tollen have enjoyed a variety of privileges, including the suffrage on decisions of the state, as well as guaranteed protection and well-being. Most of the rulers of Tollen over the years have been benign, and often adhering to the will of the Pokemon they rule, though occasionally some of the nobility have been known to abuse their power. They are Pokemon of civility, being just in their causes, and unfaltering in their determination.

However, they are also a Pokemon of country and duty, believing in the necessity of service beyond all else, particularly to the crown. For this reason, there is compulsory military service expected of every Pokemon for a minimum of two years. During those two years, Pokemon are evaluated based on their service. If it is found that you perform your duty poorly, your commanding officer will elect to keep you in the military for an extended period of time, and move you to areas closer to Tollen’s borders, where the most danger resides. They are officially called the Guardians of the Borders, but many have nicknamed them the Hellguards. It is consistently considered the least favorable outcome of military service, though there have been cases of a minuscule amount embracing their roles. If your duty is thought to be performed adequately, you are allowed to be discharged from military service and re-enter civilian life. However, if it is found that you have performed your military service exceptionally, your commanding officer is allowed to give a recommendation for you to join the Royal Knights of Tollen. The Knights are the royal guards of the Monarchy and the capital, and considered to be the best of the best. The position is highly prestigious, but the more appealing benefit is the sizable income a knight receives upon joining, as well as the benefit and safety of being stationed in the capital. However, many officers are known to take bribes, so many soldiers who are recommended to the Royal Knights end up being from wealthy families rather than based on their merits or skills. The Royal Commander of the Royal Knights is the highest military authority in the land, having control over all of the Royal Knights, the military and soldiers, and the Guardians of the Borders.

Tollen has its own history with Darkrai. Over 100 years ago, Royal Knights were sent from Tollen to Argos to participate in the Dark Tournament along with the Gold Tribe from Valkaria. Their reason for participating was the sudden sickness of their King, which they believed the Ultimate Power could cure. However, like everyone else in the tournament, they were deceived and soon found themselves in a fight for their lives. The emissaries of Tollen fought side by side with the Gold Tribe and prevailed, but upon victory, both the Gold Tribe and the Knights agreed that bringing home the full stories of the horrors of Argos would be unwise. The Knights of Tollen returned and relayed the story of Argos, but told the entire tale only to the ailing King and his successor, though stories of the brave Pokemon of the Gold Tribe are still occasionally told among the Royal Knights.

Alliances: Upon re-contact with the Kingdom of Tollen by the Pokemon of Valkaria about 26 years ago, many were split upon their feelings. Much of the nobility of Tollen viewed the Gold Tribe as part of the reason the Royal Knights were unable to obtain the Ultimate Power over a century ago, and thus the reason then King Reylas Narron died of his sickness. Thus, they grew to not trust them. However, King Sofon (King 26 years ago), knowing the full story in Argos, quickly accepted an alliance with the Gold Tribe and Valkaria. King Sofon accepted both the SEC and the Seekers as acceptable organizations within their borders, seeing the importance to spread the tale of Darkrai. SEC’s Network was also accepted and three points of entry were established in Tollen (one in Argime).

However a few months ago, King Sofon had passed away due to old age. His son had died some years before in a hunting accident, leaving the crown in the hands of his young daughter Aleena. Since Aleena’s coronation, relations between Valkaria and Tollen have been strange and somewhat strained. Talks between Tollen and Valkaria became less common, with the last one having taken place nearly a month ago. Two of the Network points have been closed permanently, and the last one had been “temporarily severed”, as the Tollenians put it, due to “internal imbalance”. Most of the Seekers who were found were removed, with the reason given being “population management.”

Currently: Strained alliance with Valkaria, Gold Tribe, and the Seekers. One open access point through SEC’s Network, but currently disabled. No relationship with Anatellia. Historically disdaining of Karn, but maintains neutrality. Trade agreements and small alliance with Beatruce, but recently they've backed off on it as well.


Anatellia is a most peculiar country, if one can even call it a country to begin with. It has no singular central authority to form a united government, mostly because there are about dozen different factions within Anatellia gunning for some level of control. These separate “sects” have been warring with each other over all manner of ideals and traits, such as politics, Pokemon species, and type. Yet none have been fought for more prominently than religion. Anatellia is one of the most religious regions known to Pokemon, and also one of the most religiously diverse. Here, Pokemon worship many different legendaries besides Arceus. Some worship one or two additional legendaries along with Arceus. Some worship all the legendaries along with Arceus. Some even choose not to acknowledge Arceus as a higher power at all. The creation myth for Pokemon can be heard a hundred different ways in Anatellia. There are also many shrines and temples which have been erected that are dedicated to the different Pokemon the Anatellians worship.

There have been approximately half a dozen primary sects that have continuously held the most strength in Anatellia. These sects are further divided between the ‘warrior zealots’, who handle the crusading on behalf of their religious sect, and the priests, who handle the prayers and interpretations of the messages of the legendaries. In some cases, those priests believed to be enough spiritually in touch with the legendaries were said to have communicated with them.

Over the past few decades however, a slow change began to envelop Anatellia. A young Pokemon named Gaiyo Nyys, (more commonly now referred to as The Historian) began to rise through the ranks of one of the sects. Using his sharp wit, talented persuasion capabilities and constant pursuit of knowledge and truth beyond anything else, Gaiyo began to bridge loose alliances and pacts between the sects. Violence began to decrease, though not entirely vanish. Many Pokemon became less extremist and more in pursuit of knowledge and spirituality. The sects of Anatollia slowly began to be morphed into more of a gang-like structure, with the Historian controlling the largest one, the Sons of Arceus. Many took The Historian’s direction of the gangs, with numerous members now seeing their sect as a measure of pride rather than religious devotion (though religious faith still runs deeply in many gangs). Now, the closest thing Anatollia would have to a government and ruler would be through the Historian and the Sons of Arceus, who control the capital of Reverence and much of the eastern part of Anatellia. Gaiyo prefers to see himself as a mediator between the gangs and their current loose, shaky alliance, which has been the closest thing to peace and stability the region has ever had. Many are slowly accepting his system, though many too still resent it.

Alliances: The Historian is extremely cautious on who he lets within Anatellia. Many outside influences are seen as a threat to the loose order he has created. When the Gold Tribe attempted to come to Anatellia 22 years ago, he firmly barred them. Any future attempts by them or the Alpha Alliance has been met with hostility. However, the Historian has taken a liking to the Seekers, particularly interested in what they had to say about Darkrai, whom he had never trusted as a legendary. He developed a strong friendship with the leader of the Seekers, Penance Malum. However, Karn has always been enemies with Anatellia, practically regardless of the sect.

Currently: No relationship/hostile to the Alpha Alliance and the Gold Tribe. In an alliance with the Seekers. Allows SEC presence for Seeker usage. Currently the Sons of Arceus and close allied gangs have trade agreements and a semi-alliance with Beatruce. Still technically in open war with Karn, though no major battles have been fought in some time. No relationship with Tollen.


Beatruce, beyond anything else, is a country of endurance. Over the course of its existence, it has been the target of famine, war, and disease. Yet still, over their many years as a nation, the Pokemon of Beatruce have continued to press on. Through their hardships and their experiences, however, they have grown wise and calculated. They are an open country, willing to establish relationships with anyone granted that the costs of such a relationship would not outweigh the benefits. Beatruce is not a nation of honor or blind pride, but rather one of fairness. Among their most sacred laws is equivalence, whether in trade, benevolence, or crime. Fairness is something they pride themselves on, whether it be delivering an equitable punishment or a just reward. Debt is something they also believe in repaying, and expect too to be repaid.

Beatruce has had the chance for a grand set of experiments of governments throughout its existence, including the identity as a kingdom, dictatorship, and oligarchy. They eventually decided that the most fair way to govern is to allow the Pokemon whom they govern the power to make decisions of the state: a democracy. The country was therefore split up into fifteen districts, each with a representative chosen by the people. The fifteen representatives are considered the Senate of Beatruce. The Senators also elect among them by vote someone to represent them and the country at large, whom they call the Overseer. The current Overseer, Julian Oriah, has been in power for 3 years.

Alliances:Upon first contact with Beatruce 25 years ago, the Gold Tribe were surprised to learn that they were quite receptive to them. Though the Beatrucians didn’t quite believe in the tale of Darkrai, they quickly came to arrangement with the tribe after witnessing their skills in combat in helping them put down a minor rebellion, and again when a relatively large bandit strike threatened one of the north districts of Beatruce. The Gold Tribe was allowed to stay within Beatruce as honored guests, and eventually after a few years establish a permanent base in the capital of Surina. It also helped their reputation that they had fought and defeated the Order of Neoverse in the past, with Karn and Beatruce being long and bitter enemies. SEC and the Seekers were extended the same courtesy, with Network points being established in a handful of cities where the districts voted for them.

Currently: Alliance with the Alpha Alliance, with bases for the Gold Tribe, Seekers, and SEC inside the country. Maintained trade agreements and small alliance with Tollen until recent developments within Tollen alienated them. Maintains trade agreements and semi-alliance with Anatellia. Bad relationship with Karn.

History of the War with Darkrai

The Great Tribal Wars - Year 0 AFV

Over two thousand years ago, before the Alpha Alliance was founded in Valkaria, there existed seventeen great Pokemon Tribes. These tribes existed in relative stability with one another. That is, until Darkrai passed through Valkaria. He secretly began manipulating the tribes against each other, resulting in violence and culminating in what is known as the Great Tribal Wars. It was only half a decade later into the fighting that Darkrai’s manipulation was discovered. With the help of Cresselia, the tribes put aside their differences to fight a common foe. It was paid for with a mountain of lives, including Cresselia’s herself, but Darkrai had finally been defeated. However, the Pokemon didn’t have the power to kill Darkrai, but merely to bind him. Using the power of the Silver Crystal which Cresselia provided to them, they sealed Darkrai within it, to be bound within its powers forever. The tribes put aside their differences to create a single nation, the Alpha Alliance. To ensure that the Dark One would never be released, the leaders of the 17 individual tribes banded together to create the original 17 members of the Gold Tribe, who vowed to protect the ideals of the Alpha Alliance, freedom, love and peace, and by doing so secretly ensuring that chaos, malice and violence would never return.

The Creation of the Gold Crystal - Year 34 AFV

As powerful as the Silver Crystal was, its energies was not able to fully seal Darkrai’s power. His will slowly began pouring away into Valkaria once more. One of Darkrai’s most potent powers is his ability to ‘corrupt’ Pokemon around him, making them into his obedient servants. Having been publicly displayed in a museum in Gold City, the Silver Crystal slowly began indoctrinating Pokemon over the years, until his influence was buried in enough Pokemon to begin a civil war. The rebellion was eventually put down, but the power that the Silver Crystal exhibited couldn’t be ignored. It was decided to be hidden away from public view, and all records of it striped from public knowledge, save for some very few, secret sources.

Furthermore, to ensure that such a travesty would never occur again, a second crystal, the second of two provided to the Pokemon by Cresselia, was utilized to create a counter to the Silver Crystal. Inside this crystal, all of Cresselia’s memories, as well as most of Cresselia’s power she had left before she died was put inside this crystal. It had become known as the Gold Crystal. Any remaining records of these were put under the protection of the Keeper of the Gold Tribe, the original Psychic Pokemon of the tribe.

The Order of Neoverse - Year 2346 AFV (The events of Pokémon Odyssey)

The Gold Crystal had been essential in preventing Darkrai’s influence to return from within the Silver Crystal. Yet whether through poor planning, the slow decay of time, or the continuing violence that would continue to transpire across the continents despite the best efforts of the Gold Tribe to prevent it, the Silver Crystal found itself a new target. Past the mountains of Valkaria to the northeast lies a nation known as Karn. The Empire of Karn is home to Pokemon who value strength and power above all else, and the Dark One knew this. All he had to do was wait for the right moment, which occurred when a coup brought a new government to power, the Order of Neoverse, headed by a Garchomp named Galleon Gamble. Even as far as the Karnians go, Emperor Galleon was sadistic and power-hungry. The Silver Crystal subtly but firmly began to work its power into the emperor’s mind, until it had a firm grasp on it. It was then that Galleon announced his campaign to make the entire known world and beyond belong to Karn, a conquest of the ages. Galleon unleashed war upon many surrounding nations, but targeted one in particular as a result of the Silver Crystal’s manipulation: Valkaria.

What resulted was a brutal war which saw many Pokemon die, and almost brought about the end of the Gold Tribe. During these conflicts, Galleon secretly sought and succeeded in finding the two crystals that called to him.

Through much hardship and a lot of help, the Alpha Alliance managed to destroy Emperor Galleon and defeat the Order of Neoverse, sending their armies back to Karn, broken and bruised. The Gold Tribe only briefly heard mention of the crystals, but by the time they had killed the emperor, both of them were gone.

The Dark Tournament - Year 2349 AFV (The events of Pokemon Odyssey 2)

The Gold Tribe was invited to participate in a fighting contest known as the Dark Tournament, which was to be held across the seas in a land known as Argos and in which many nations would send representatives to participate. The prize for winning was a mystery, known only as the Ultimate Power. The Gold Tribe would have dismissed this and rejected the invitation, had it not been for rumors that suggested that remnants of the Order of Neoverse were also participating for the Ultimate Power. Not wanting to see it fall into their hands, the Gold Tribe decided to participate.

Though it was difficult, having to battle some of the strongest Pokemon in all of the world, one of the Gold Tribe members ultimately succeeded in winning the tournament. However, nothing was as it was suspected, as it was soon discovered that the hosts of the tournament were none other than remnants of the servants of the Dark One, and that the prize was the Silver Crystal. The entire tournament had been a rouse to cause violence, chaos and malice in order to help release the Dark One from his prison. It was largely successful, as the fighting had caused Darkrai to release enough energy to latch onto the winner, who now acted as a mindless vessel and bend to his will. He used his stored up powers to summon forth his servants, the Ancient Pokemon who fought for him known as the Ancients, and laid siege to all Pokemon of Argos.

The Keeper, who had been guardian of the secrets for thousands of years, had followed the Gold Tribe secretly from Valkaria, and explained the situation, and how the Gold Crystal was the only way to stop the Silver Crystal. Fighting waged on, but eventually, the Gold Tribe Pokemon in possession of the Silver Crystal (known as the Wielder) and the Ancients were stopped, and the Gold Crystal was used to stop the Silver Crystal. The Gold Tribe brought the two crystals back with them to Valkaria and hid them, a secret to be locked away for only the Gold Tribe leader to know about, and their successor.

The Silver War - Year 2447 (The events of Pokemon Odyssey 3)

Nearly 100 years after the Dark Tournament, the troubles of the Alpha Alliance began once more when a group of Gold Tribe members led by second-in-command Luphen “Auron” Augustus went on a mission outside of Valkaria and came back different, changed Pokemon, and with an army of Ancient Pokemon with them. They began a terrible war that resulted in almost the complete annihilation of the Alpha Alliance and the Gold Tribe. It was only long into the conflict that the Gold Tribe learned about the full secret history of the two crystals and the Dark One, and sought to permanently end it.

The Gold Tribe rediscovered where the Gold Crystal lay, and utilized it to fight back. The Silver Crystal had corrupted many Pokemon, including the Gold Tribe leaders and many Gold Tribe members. It had taken many lives to finally defeat the Wielder of the Silver Crystal and activate the Gold Crystal. In fact, though they were able to stop the Wielder, the Gold Crystal didn’t have enough energy to stop the return of Darkrai, having built up so much of the world’s power into him over the millennia of conflicts he had ensued.

Because of the effects of the last bit of energy in the Gold Crystal, the Pokemon of the Alpha Alliance managed to stop the Dark One after he was finally released from his prison in the Silver Crystal. He was defeated, but he was not destroyed, and he vowed one day to return.

The current Pokemon of Valkaria, informed of the history and the mistakes of their past, ensured that should the Dark One ever choose to return, they would be ready.

The Current Date: AFV 2477

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*doesn't even read anything*

Name: Warren Karkanos
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Title: Devastator
Species: Blastoise
Faction: Valkarian Gold Tribe

Appearance: A couple of links are provided. Other than the average Blastoise, he is a bit bulkier, and far more fit for close quarters combat.


Getting Ready to Charge

"Why can't everyone just shut up and have a drink?"

Warren is going to be the "hardened veteran" this time around. This guy saw some serious sh*t during the previous war with Darkrai, and he's even seen a bit of sh*t since then. He is a hardened warrior, meaning his discipline on the battlefield is stronger than his love of alcohol, which is astronomical. When on downtime he may be found in the local tavern, the camp ale storage, or the training ground. Although Warren is a drunkard and a brawler, he's an honorable and courageous drunkard and brawler. His dedication to the Gold Tribe is unquestionable, and his hatred of evil emanates off of him tangibly. Although he drinks a lot, he likes to get things done. Warren does what he does to the best of his ability, and that's destroy everything he possibly can.

Warren is both loud and rowdy: The life of the party. He'll be the first to lead the bar in a drinking song. He's friendly in an odd sort of way. He's kind to newcomers. He'll show them around the camp, introduce them to people of note, and, finally, seal the deal with a mug of ale. Warren will not consider himself friends with you until you toasted mugs of ale together. This Blastoise has a strange appreciation for one who is willing to sit down and swap battle stories, something he excels at from his years in the Alpha Alliance. To him there is nothing more honorable than fighting in a cause that you believe in. That's why he fights so avidly for peace.

In battle, Warren does what he wants. There's really no particular strategy for it, but he doesn't really need it, considering that his cannons decimate everything in his path, and his physical prowess exceeds that of most soldiers. If he took part in a fantasy RPG party, he would be the tank. He's fond of protecting those smaller than himself, and is willing to dive into the depths of Hell and back to bring his friends to safety. Or his acquaintances. He really doesn't discriminate. As long as you have a drink with him, he thinks the world of you.


Ability: Torrent

Moveset: Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Skull Bash, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and Flash Cannon

RP Sample: A reason post from Gimmiepie's Fragmented.


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Name: Joshua Vensworth
omg there's no gender slot plshalp
Age: 22
Title: "Watchman"
Species: Swadloon
Faction: Gold Tribe (Nationality TBA)
Personality: (Work in progress)
History: (Work in progress)
Moveset: (I said work in progress damnit!)
RP Sample: (Will add when the rest is done)
"Johnny rocked that golden circle, and all those VIPs, and that music that had freed us became a tired routine.
And I saw his face in close-up tryin' to give it all he had, and sometimes his eyes betrayed him, you could see that he was sad.

And I tried to rock on with him, but I slowly became bored
Could that man on stage with everything somehow need some more?"


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Haha, sorry about that guys. Added gender and species into the SU sheet.

<Challenger> and GastlyGibus are reserved!

I also realize that there's a lot of info here, so if anyone has any questions about their SU, or anything at all, feel free to ask here, or in PM/VM. I can also help in creating a character if need be.

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Can you reserve a spot for me? Promise to have my SU done in 1-2 days. Just a little busy, but will get to business.
Train them please!

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Sure thing Logical Cabbage, you're reserved!

I should probably make a list in the first post of all reservations.

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Naku is here and asks for a reservation
Naku promises to try and stay here for the whole thing this time
Pretend Naku doesn't have a history of disappearing randomly
Naku appreciates this.

To the Faithful Gold Tribe

Name: Alizai Arashi
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Species: Absol
Faction: Valkarian Gold Tribe
"Future" in Old Norse

Moveset: Perish Song - Play Rough - Stone Edge - Sucker Punch - Substitute - Thunder


Due to her lineage featuring various different pokemon species, such as Liepard and Zebstrika, Zai holds a number of features that set her apart from normal Absol. She has blue eyes, a tail that's a bit longer than average and far more maneuverable, and overall she's larger and more gracefully built than most Absol. The fur from her paws to her knees is thicker than normal, like a Liepard's, and it's darker in color. She also has various dark spots across her body that resemble a Liepard. She wears a large blue gem-like stone that was given to her by her uncle around her neck, although it's often tucked beneath her wild mane, and her Gold Tribe insignia is worn as an anklet around her right foreleg.


Zai is a very kindhearted and compassionate being, but she is also stalwart, courageous, and has a strong sense of justice; qualities that allow her to fit in well with the Gold Tribe. She was raised on the morals of the Gold Tribe, and follows them without wavering. But she is also an individual, and follows her own path of righteousness. She has nothing against anyone, and is very understanding. She'll happily befriend anyone from any place or faction, so long as she sees goodness in them.

She's a calm, level-headed individual and is rather outgoing. She's not afraid to speak up for what she believes in or defend those that she cares for. She's an incredibly intelligent and tactical person, and her reflexes have become a honed weapon that she is well known for. She has a fun sense of humor that can be crude at times, sometimes causing her to laugh in inappropriate situations.

Zai has a weakness for children, caring for any as if she were their mother and protector. She also adores sweet foods, painting by using mashed-up berries, and she likes to collect shiny objects such as gemstones. She's not a fan of hot weather and she despises bigotry with a passion. Her horn generally lowers and angles backward when she's annoyed, and she has an odd tendency to stare off into space at seemingly random moments.


Zai and her twin brother Mordekai were born in the Valkarian wilderness during the Silver War, when their mother and grandmother had been in hiding while their father, aunt, and uncle were off fighting. It wasn't long before the war had ended and they were able to return to Gold City, but only Zai's uncle, Raishuma Arashi, had survived; her father and aunt had both been killed during the course of the war. They had all fought bravely, and Rai had even been a part of the final battle against Darkrai, and he continued his work in the Gold Tribe after the end of the war. He was eventually able to move his whole family into a mansion, now known as Arashi Manor, in Gold City. Here Zai was raised alongside her brother by her mother, uncle, and grandparents. They were even joined a few years later by Rai's newborn son, a Houndoom named Gaia. Thanks to all of this, they grew up rather privileged, but they were also raised upon the values of the Gold Tribe from the very start, so they learned to never take their privileges for granted.

Thanks to the peace brought on by the defeat of Darkrai, Zai's early life was rather uneventful, but not always without its dangers. She was trained as a member of the Gold Tribe from a very young age, providing her with skills and knowledge beyond the average pokémon. She was taught the signature move of her family, Thunder, by her uncle, and by the age of thirteen she had mastered it. At sixteen she passed the trials required to become a full-fledged member of the Gold Tribe, and from then on she went on various missions for the Gold Tribe. It was also at that point that her uncle gave her the peculiar stone that he had found at the end of the Silver War, when he had gone and rescued her grandfather. He did not know what it was, but he told her that he felt that she was meant to have it, and that it might bring her luck, at the very least, and so she has worn it around her neck ever since. Through the years, she has risen through the ranks of the Gold Tribe, and is now considered a character of some esteem, with enough renown to at least be recognizable to many of the citizens of Gold City, and heard of by many others throughout Valkaria. Her title of Skuld was given to her by her uncle, and her brother received the title of Elpis. Together they are known as the twins of "Future" and "Hope," and they are often regarded as a deadly and inseparable team, despite the fact that they often work on missions apart from one another.

When Zai was only six, she met an Eevee named Tebra, who would quickly become her best friend. They met when Zai and Kai had been out with their uncle, who was teaching them the ways of the Gold Tribe. Tebra was the daughter of an ex-renegade from the Thieves' Forest, and it was pure coincidence that they ran into each other on that day. But they did, and they immediately hit it off. Zai was not allowed to enter the Thieves' Forest, however, and so they were unable to see each other every day. In order to remedy this issue, Tebra would often randomly appear in Gold City and seek out Zai, and that was how their relationship grew over the years. Tebra eventually evolved into an Umbreon, and she and Zai would often slip off in the middle of the night and hone their stealth skills; an area in which Tebra had much experience and a lot to teach Zai. At first Zai's family was unsure of her relationship with a child from the Thieves' Forest, but they soon warmed to Tebra's kind heart and amiable personality, welcoming her as part of the family. Tebra's family likewise warmed to Zai, and even allowed her into the Thieves' Forest on a handful of occasions, the first being when Zai was eighteen. This gave Zai some ability to navigate the Thieves' Forest, but not enough to know it like she did Gold City. Even if she were to learn its layout, she swore to Tebra's family that she would never lead the Gold Tribe into the forest, and due to her being so close to Tebra and her family, as well as being one to never break a promise, she upheld her solemn oath.

When Zai was nineteen, she encountered a small group of Seekers while out on a mission. At first she was wary of them, but when the leader of the Seeker trio, a Pyroar named Desmond, offered to lend his group's assistance, she accepted. They fought alongside each other against a group of corrupted, and at that point formed a friendly alliance with each other. The trio, which was rounded out by a Sawsbuck named Argent and Manectric known as Caius, often assisted Zai against any corrupted that she was tasked with fighting. It wasn't long before Zai and Desmond grew close, and were eventually mated. Desmond came to live with Zai at Arashi Manor, and when Zai was twenty-three, she gave birth to an Absol pup and a baby Litleo. The Absol pup was a male that they named Ortaia, and the Litleo was a female they named Vaitra. They would later adopt two more children.

Eona, Ryder, and Sly were three orphaned children that roamed around Gold City. Zai and Kai encountered them one day when the three attempted to pull a rather elaborate heist to rob a bit of money from the Gold Tribe twins. The twins caught them and confronted them, but they were lenient as the children were only about six and seven years old. After a little bit of deliberation, Zai and Desmond adopted Eona, a female Espurr, and Ryder, a male Skiddo, and Kai and his mate Selta, a member of the Sharp-Eye Corporation, adopted Sly, a Zorua. Zai and Kai were twenty-six at this point.

Going back a few years, to when Zai was sixteen and had just been inducted into the Gold Tribe, her uncle took her and her brother to the top of a mountain on the outskirts of Valkaria. Here they were introduced to Sergius, who was a Delphox and an oracle. Apparently he had taken up residence on the mountain shortly after the end of the Silver War, claiming to have been called there. He had contacted Zai's uncle about a year after appearing on the mountain, claiming to be in contact with Kyusu "Kasey" Fuella Arashi, Zai's aunt that had supposedly perished during the Silver War. Being a very young Ninetales, she had been able to salvage a portion of her essence and remain in this world, but not as a corporeal being. As a psychic, Sergius had been able to communicate with Kasey, and over the years she had been gathering energy, allowing her to manifest and communicate as a spirit by the time Zai was a teenager. Rai would often visit her to talk to and learn from her, and eventually he introduced Zai and Kai to her. From then on Zai and her brother made a point of visiting their aunt every now and then, and when they did Kasey would often teach them the skills of a proper psychic, regale them with tales from the Silver War, and tell them of their father, who she could speak with via the spirit realms. Eventually Kasey gained enough energy to occasionally contact them through telepathy, even when they were no where near her mountain.

Now Zai remains in Gold City, with Desmond and their four children. They all reside in Arashi manor along with their uncle and his mate, their cousin, grandparents, Zai's brother and his mate and children, and occasionally Tebra and her mate when they visit the city.

RP Sample

background image by darkheroic of deviantART, edited by me
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Urp reservation because lots of other people are GUP GUP GUP THAT'S THE SOUND OF THE HYPE TRAIN

Erm... Righty. SU in a bit. Okey-doke. That seems to be done.


Name: Razathiel, the Dreadmage (Raz for short) (Or Razzy, if you feel like bringing on a Psyshock)

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Ralts

Faction: He’s, uh… Gold Tribe. Yeah. Sure. Totally. I’m convinced.


Razathiel has many of the features of your average Ralts – short stature, a white-ish body and green, cap-like hair. His general colouration, however, is a few shades darker than normal, and the red horns that usually protrude from the heads of his kind appear to be missing. His eyes, which would be mostly hidden below his hair along with the rest of his face if not for their luminescence, glow a menacing crimson. He carries a metal staff with some kind of red jewel at the tip, using it as both a (comically large) walking stick and as a conduit for channelling Psychic energies and Fairy magic. A lot of the time he dresses in quite heavily concealing robes, though he isn’t entirely uncomfortable when out of them. They are a reddish brown with long, wide sleeves and a cowl that is pointed at the tip. The Ralts may also be seen to wear a stereotypical wizard hat, if he’s having a particularly good (evil) day. His voice has developed a somewhat grating and gravelly tone, but unfortunately for him, its pitch has stayed the same. Not as high as it could be, thankfully, but certainly not the resonant booming he would prefer.

Pictures because fun:


"Am I not being clear? I am evil. I hate everyone, because I am evil. Now shut that blabbering void you call a mouth before I'm forced to obliterate you and everything you hold dear."

Razathiel is probably the cruellest, evilest Ralts ever to walk the planet. Admittedly, that isn’t too difficult a title to obtain amongst Ralts kind, but even so – the Dreadmage is a twisted creature, a being that thrives on death, destruction, and the pain of his enemies. It is easy to describe him as a glass cannon with a short fuse; frail, (I mean, come on, he’s a Ralts) with a short temper and the ability to obliterate his opponents. Relentless and merciless, Raz is utterly ruthless in both combat and conversation. In any fight, he aims to kill. He cares little for the feelings of others, at least on the surface, and is almost sure to speak harshly and bluntly on any topic. Most attempts at conversation with him result in a quick, sharp insult or a mad flurry of death-threats – especially when his child-like qualities are concerned. There are many who deeply regret the days they mentioned how Raz was ‘little’ or ‘silly’ or ‘cute’. Well, they would regret it, at least, if they were still alive. Alive, and not some kind of gelatinous puddle, anyhow.

As despicable as many of the things he does may be, Razathiel simply loves the idea of being evil more than there is truly evil deep in his heart. He tends to prefer hunting down other evils in the world – those he refers to as ‘rivals’ – rather than going after the ‘heroes’. Whatever moral acts he may commit, however, will be met with a swift rebuttal; the Ralts has a particular knack for providing some form of evil justification for things he does, even if they do seem pure and good initially. You know: save a child from a burning house, because then it can grow up and seek revenge on the arsonists, breeding hatred wherever it goes. Evil logic.

It has been speculated by many that the absence of Razathiel’s horns (used to sense people’s emotions) is what drives him to be evil as he is. In truth, this isn’t the entire case – he admits that it has stunted his senses of those kinds of things compared to his brethren, but he can still read emotions as well as or better than Pokémon not of the Ralts lineage. He just doesn’t care. There are far more potent contributing factors to the Eye of Dread’s insanity.

In battle, Razathiel does consider tactics for more difficult battles, but he is at his best when he can be unremittingly on the offensive. Despite being a mere Ralts, he has gained enough power to easily outmatch most Gardevoirs of his age – and he knows it. The Eye of Dread can hit hard and fast. Unfortunately, the power he has obtained focuses heavily on offense rather than defence, so he is fairly vulnerable. Still, although he may appear more the ranged mage type, he isn’t as awful in close quarters as he may appear. As a Ralts, he has very little body weight, and with the aid of his staff and a little Psychic enhancement, he can dodge effectively and even wield his staff as a weapon if need be. These skills, though, are only particularly useful for gaining distance to attack at range, or for attacking another ranged attacker who is weaker in close quarters than he is – which isn’t all that common.

Aside from his general pursuits of Fairy magic and Psychic combat, Razathiel can be seen to have a few other hobbies, though granted they relate mostly to his villainous aspirations. He has taken a good interest in powerful trinkets and the like; Twisted Spoons, Spell Tags, as well as various incenses and gems that have become massed in a collection he keeps in his Magic Room. He has also taken to Psychically controlling musical instruments, and is fairly adept at it – well, that’s an understatement. He can play almost anything completely perfectly, on several instruments at once. Even the most obscenely difficult pieces, not meant to be played by anyone with mere hands, he could play on an entire orchestra without missing a beat. That’s Psychic for you. He happens to keep a few grand pianos in that Magic Room of his, too.


Razathiel was born into unfortunate circumstances. On the eve of his birth, he, his parents and his entire village were tormented by horrific nightmares. The nightmares persisted, too, in the coming days, drilling their way into their waking thoughts and punishing them for any moment of sleep they dared to take. Young Raz, having been born without horns – and on the eve of the nightmares’ origins, no less – was quickly targeted as a scapegoat. Some of the village residents took to accusing the young Ralts’ Pokémanity, rambling of evil spirits and stopping madness. Madness was indeed the word for it; everyone was desperate, distraught with fear, confusion and sleep deprivation. Eventually, Razathiel’s family could no longer take the awful dreams or the harassment, choosing to leave the village in the hopes of escaping the nightmares – both sleeping and waking – once and for all.

They didn’t.

To their despair, it didn’t end with a simple change of location. It did for the people of the village they’d left – they haven’t had a similar occurrence since, making them even more assured in their beliefs that Razathiel and his family were somehow to blame. And when the arrival of a new family brought haunting nightmares with them, suffice to say that they weren’t met with a particularly warm reception. And unsurprisingly enough, as the days passed and the nightmares continued, feelings didn’t get any warmer. Eventually, even Razathiel’s parents started having doubts. Maybe their child was some kind of malevolent, demonic… thing. Maybe it was causing all these nightmares. Maybe…

Luckily for the Ralts, Psychic types don’t stay stupid for long after birth. He could already speak fairly decently, and although emotions weren’t something he could necessarily sense as well as his parents, danger was something that he definitely could. Something told him that his parents were up to something sinister – and so, he hid. He hid as well as he could, and if he felt they were going to find him, he Teleported away. What they’d have done if they had found him, he never did find out.

After a short while of hiding, a commotion grew outside. The patrons of the village, tired and angry, had formed a vicious mob intent on ending the madness that had gripped their troubled minds. They broke in, and Razathiel’s parents stood no chance. The Chimecho and the Gallade were cut down almost immediately by a flurry of attacks, no time to even so much as scream. Razathiel hid. There was nothing else he really could do.

The Ralts stayed in their house for half a day or so – the mob hadn’t found him, not that they’d particularly made any effort to look for him. No, they were far too tired and caught up in the bloodlust for that. Eventually, Raz found the courage to venture out of the house, sneaking around the village in search of food. He was eating an apple in a small nook on the underside of someone’s house when a stranger appeared, striding confidently into the small settlement. A proud Exeggutor, a cloak around his body and a staff in one hand. The villagers, naturally, were intrigued by the new arrival, who slammed the hilt of his staff into the ground and generally drew attention.

And then, plain as day, the Exeggutor announced that he was the cause of the Nightmares, and said that they would continue if the villagers would not meet his demands. There was a piercing cry of primal anguish from behind him, and Razathiel, the source, charged at the coconut Pokémon with everything he had – and the last thing anyone expected: fire.

The villagers were rattled to the core. Their bloodlust had been used up, and they didn’t know what to think. Confused, frightened and shocked out of their minds, they did the only thing that seemed reasonable at the time: they turned, ran and screamed at the top of their lungs. What kind of Ralts could use fire? It could be a manifestation of Giratina itself, risen from the Torn World, for all they knew. The Exeggutor was even worse off; fire was painful, and seeing and hearing the villagers’ reactions to the Ralts before him was truly terrifying. He’d only wanted to scrape a bit of money off of these superstitious fools; he hadn’t expected… he didn’t want to die. He was knocked off his feet by the blast of fire, landing painfully on his back, his staff rolling off to the side. The demonic Ralts approached. The Exeggutor rattled off all the excuses and pleas he could imagine, saying how he’d lied and didn’t even know the first thing about the nightmares, pleading for forgiveness. Razathiel, like most of the people in the near vicinity, didn’t know what to think. He couldn’t stop himself. His sorrow and anger flowed out in another Hidden Power, and he burned the Exeggutor alive.

That was the first time in his life there had ever been any sort of resolution for the Ralts, and it was when he had taken on the evil that all of his peers had accused him of. The villagers had preyed on him when he had denied their claims, but when those claims appeared to realise themselves, they wouldn’t even dare to try. He hastily stole what he could from the merchant stalls for supplies, took the late Exeggutor’s staff, then fled. Where, he didn’t know, but there was one thing he was sure of: he needed more power.

Since that day, Razathiel has certainly been somewhat successful in attaining power – he has travelled far and wide, gaining knowledge and techniques from notable Psychics, magicians, and even ancient tomes and libraries. He has never evolved, though – he suspects this has something to do with either the intense childhood stress, or some kind of birth defect, which would also be linked to his lack of horns. He has trained his Hidden Power for constant use, but it has still never quite reached the same level of power as it did that first time. He has made something of a name for himself in his travels – he is only known by few, but those who do know him often fear him greatly. Either that, or he's just remembered as 'that tiny guy that played that piano real good'. Whatever was causing the nightmares no longer affects him directly, but the dreams themselves still persist, like scars failing to heal.

His goals now include attaining more power – that one never really has an end point – finding the cause of the nightmares and exacting final revenge upon them – he figured it couldn’t have been the Exeggutor; the nightmares were far too great a feat, and he died far too easily to be that powerful – and, at the risk of cliché, world domination. He is evil, after all. When the world is his, none will be able to make false accusations like the ones against him. He, and only he, will provide ultimate judgement for all, whether they wish it or not. Generally, though, this last goal takes a back seat, especially since he’s still making progress in the first one. The festival and its cause seems to serve all three of his goals; the quest is likely to attract people of quite great power, and as much as he hates to admit it, Razathiel could potentially learn from them. Darkrai, also, is a possible candidate for the cause of the nightmares of his childhood, and of course Razathiel has the audacity to want to fight him. World domination, also, comes into it for Raz in a fairly simple way - the fate of the world is in the balance of this quest, and he'll be damned if anyone messes it up before he does. The problem for the Ralts is that this requires co-operation of sorts, so, to his dismay, he may have to tone down on the killing a little...

Moveset: Psychic, Psyshock, Magic Room, Dazzling Gleam, Hidden Power (Fire), Thunderbolt.


Ability: Trace.
Titles: The Eye of Dread, Dark Psyker, The Nightmare.

RP Sample: I'm lazy, so link we go. (Posted by Griegs, but I'm in there.)

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Naku, Xilfer, Greigs, welcome back! Glad you're in too True Epicness! You guys are reserved.

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Just a placeholder/reservation, If that's all right.

Name: Cassius Omin
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Dusknoir
Faction: Seeker

Fire Punch - Curse
Will O' Wisp - Shadow Punch
Dark Pulse - Ice Beam

RP Sample: (Taken from recent RP post or newly written)
Pokemon Omega Ruby Team:


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You're reserved, Julius Caesar! If your character isn't Gold Tribe, you can take out the 'title' part of the SU.

Also, I forgot to add in the Appearance part of the SU, so feel free to put that in. It's not that big of an issue though if your character doesn't have any big distinctions from the species.

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HNNNNNGGGGGGG A pokemon Odyssey! I missed out on all the others I can't miss out on this one! RPs that have finished *drools* Please reserve me SV ol' buddy ol' pal ol' friend! I did an SU thing!

Callimer Vian

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Title: The Emerald Sentinel (Usually just called Sentinel)

Species: Dragonite

Faction: Valkarian Gold Tribe

Appearance: Cal certainly stands out in a crowd (Not just because he's 8 feet tall and 500 pounds of muscle either) He's almost what you'd see of a shiny Dragonite (if that's what they call'em in this world) but his sparkling scales are a much deeper emerald green, and the membranes of his wings a royal purple. The only other physical difference Cal has from other Dragonites is slightly larger wings that don't look so small on his body by comparison like the rest of his kind.

Personality: When Cal was younger he was very gentle, and kind of skittish, partially thanks to his size. After the deaths of his and Kaveri's parents he became a bit more outgoing, but his self esteem didn't go up much thanks to feeling like a burden on his sister.

Nowadays Cal is a far cry from his old self, he's confident, and never backs down from a challenge. Sometimes he can seem cold and no-nonsense or even downright aggressive, but only if he thinks someone is being rude or presents a threat. So far the only one Cal can let down his veil of strength around is Kaveri, he's always very gentle and kind with her or children. After spending so much of his early life having to be protected by Kaveri and Wildfire he refuses to let anyone around him have to fight if he can help it, and would gladly take on danger himself to keep others from it, especially his sister.

In a serious battle Cal has no mercy and will pound his opponent into the ground with overwhelming strength and ferocity until they cannot fight anymore one way or the other, or if they can prove they're not a threat to his allies. Everything Cal has done since his final evolution has been to transition from the protected to a protector, and nothing matters more to him than keeping those important to him safe. He still has the same gentleness of his youth in him, but he won't hesitate to crush anyone who tries to hurt those under his guard.

History: Callimer was still practically an infant Dratini when the war with the silver tribe erupted and their father died not too long after, leaving him to watch helplessly as their mother wasted away and his sister was forced to do everything she could to keep them going. Since there was nothing he could do to keep them afloat financially he always tried his hardest to keep there spirits up. Kaveri was always a great big sister but their mother... she'd completely checked out, she was so devastated by her husband's death even her children seemed to cease being important to her. Despite their best efforts their mother's inner pain eventually seeped into her physical being and she literally died of a broken heart.

The siblings were sent to an orphanage so they could at least have some semblance of stability as they grew up. The orphanage was very close to a cemetery specifically for members of the Gold Tribe and, although he was too young to know much about the tribe or the war Kaveri was a different story. Cal didn't like being away from his sister and after her first few trips to the cemetery he started to go with her, and every time they went she would tell him as much as she knew about the Gold Tribe and what great heroes they were. A fire had been lit in Kaveri's belly by a member of the Gold Tribe she'd met on one of her solitary trips to the cemetery, and her determination to become like her inspired Cal a bit as well.

The next year-and-a-half at the orphanage was surprisingly uneventful for the siblings considering how hard they were working, partially because Cal wasn't much of a sparring partner. But Kaveri grew a lot in both senses of the word, and it made Cal proud to see the kind of pokemon his big sister was becoming. After the revival of H.A.S was announced the siblings went on yet another trip to the cemetery, and this time Cal finally got to meet Wildfire himself. There was something very inspiring but simultaneously somber and sad about the Infernape, and it really hit home when Kaveri asked her why she always came there and they were told about Hunter.

Wildfire apparently wondered about the siblings herself, because as soon as she finished telling them about Darius and her goal to keep training future generations she asked Kaveri why they came to the cemetery so much. When she heard about their predicament, she declared she would adopt them, she'd been an orphan herself and wanted to save them the same way Hunter had saved her.

While Wildfire wasn't exactly the gentlest or most easygoing mother, she didn't lack for devotion to the children, and they loved her for it. She taught them how to fight, even if her overuse of the life flames kept her from using battle moves, and she made plenty of time for them to learn more academic and mundane lessons as well. When Cal was 12 Kaveri enrolled at H.A.S to finally pursue their dreams, sadly Cal was too young just then, and had to wait another two years to join her.

When Cal finally got into H.A.S it wasn't going too well for quite a while, Cal excelled at the academic aspects of the school, but even with Wildfire's training he struggled at everything physically oriented. However he managed to just barely struggled through with rigorous training from Wildfire and what help Kaveri could give him, until his second year at H.A.S and Kaveri's final. In the middle of a class Wildfire's usage of the Life Flames finally caught all the way up with her and she collapsed in front of all her students, a month later she was dead, gone just like that. Cal had lost his mother again, if anything it was much worse than the first time, he understood it more and he loved Wildfire more than he'd loved their real mother. Wildfire, at least, never abandoned them. They struggled with their grief for a little bit, but Cal was determined to make Wildfire proud of him and he didn't allow himself to mourn for long.

Not much time passed between Wildfire's death and Kaveri's graduation from H.A.S, Cal cheered louder than anyone else and was so proud of her, but for the first time he realized she couldn't help him anymore and felt truly alone. At the beginning of his third year at H.A.S Cal evolved and it felt so good, he could finally keep up with the other trainees in the more physical trials, for the first time in his life Cal felt competent on his own. His next two years went rather smoothly, until his final exam. The knowledge portion of the test was easy, but when it came time for the battle test he seemed to lose his composure. The only thing that turned things around for him was the thought of letting down Wildfire after she'd done so much for them, she'd always given him just as much of her attention in training as Kaveri, even though he'd always been so useless.

Cal released a twister to slow down his proctor and gathered as much of his energy and determination as possible, and just as his opponent crashed into him he pulled off a use of Draco Meteor, the onslaught of energy projectiles and small explosions did the trick. Cal passed, and even though he didn't notice at the time his teacher made sure to mark down that the Draco Meteor's had glowing blue cores and were wreathed in black flames, Cal later claimed his Draco Meteor was "a gift from his mother".

Finally it came time for Cal to sit down with Guardia, the leader of the Gold Tribe herself. Surprisingly the whole thing actually went fairly uneventfully except for it's ending. Eventually the topic of Cal's ultimate goals came up, and after his impassioned speech about wanting to be a protector for once instead of being protected, and his intent to keep his sister safe. A bit of observation on his sparkling green scales and his seemingly one-track mind in being a guardian she thought of a title for him herself. At the suggestion of being "The Emerald Sentinel" Cal knew it was perfect, and with that out of the way she seemed satisfied.

After what felt like an eternity of being a useless burden, he'd done it, not only had he made something of himself but he was in the Gold Tribe! Cal took the opportunity to link back up with Kaveri, and from then on the two siblings did as many missions as possible together, and made a formidable team.

During Kaveri and Cal's 7th and 5th years respectively in the Gold Tribe, they were sent with one other member on a recon mission to investigate stories that some ancients had survived the war. In reality the stories were not idle gossip, but neither were they true. Some bandits with a grudge against the Gold Tribe had circulated the story of surviving ancients in an attempt to set up the perfect ambush. They appeared and attacked so quickly that Kaveri and their comrade were wounded and disabled quickly, with enemies closing in on them as their vision faded, only Cal made it through the first attack relatively unscathed thanks to his serpentine body. They woke up a short while later to the sight of a deep-green Dragonite fighting all the bandits by himself, and most of them had already been taken out.

With the team back together again they quickly dispatched the rest of the bandits, when they returned Cal''s title was decidedly earned. Everyone who heard what happened was astounded by the fact that he'd kept any of the bandits from getting to Kaveri and the other member before they could fight again, despite how many hits he took in the process.

For the next 13 years both siblings continued their service in the Tribe, rising through the ranks and gaining their individual reputations, and a reputation for how devastating they were when fighting together. Every chance he got Cal threw himself into danger to keep others from harm, he never lacks for confidence anymore.

Moveset: Ice Punch, Roost, Extremespeed, Superpower, Outrage, Draco Meteor

Ability: Inner Focus

RP Sample:

And this one!:

Yes I know three sample is overkill but I LOVE THOSE POSTS SO MUCH, and maybe you'll enjoy them enough to want to read all three anyways, so here:
"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."

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Forget not joining any other RPs, reserve me for the Gold Tribe please :'D

Name: Kaveri Vian (Sometimes called Caviar by her friends)

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Title: Jetstream

Species: Floatzel

Faction: Valkarian Gold Tribe


Personality: Kaveri has always been incredibly optimistic and cheerful, always having a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes. Perhaps an offset of her constant optimism, or maybe the cause of it, Kaveri has seemingly boundless energy and can act quite childish at times, pulling silly, harmless little pranks, often in an attempt to lighten the mood or cheer someone up; these pranks sometimes include her practicing her pick-pocketing skills she learned from Wildfire, thought she always returns what she takes right away, and she only does this with her friends. There's very little that can get her down; even when her parents and Wildfire died, she only mourned for a short time before bouncing right back to her lively self, determined to keep living her life to the fullest. Once Kaveri decides something's not going to deter her, she'll push her way through until she makes it to the other side. Even when the obstacle seems impossible, she'll find a way to overcome it. Besides having unwavering determination, Kaveri also has utmost confidence in her abilities. But then, she's good at what she does, so why wouldn't she be? Even when she's beaten, she doesn't dwell on it too much, and her confidence always remains. After all, she reasons, if she goes into battle doubting herself, then she's certain to lose. This confidence has a way of infecting others, as she always gives her comrades the most encouragement she can, in her own way.

While a serious Kaveri isn't something that is usually seen, she knows when it's time to get down to business and stop goofing off. She had learned responsibility at an early age, so she took her duties very seriously. However, even when she is serious, she doesn't always appear to be. The smile never leaves, and there's always a laugh or joke on the tip of her tongue; she simply can't stand tense atmospheres, after all. When fighting, she prefers to get things done quickly - but of course, she had to call them a few names and just get on their nerves before taking them down. While she works well with just about anyone she's paired with, she prefers fighting alongside Callimer and there's no one she trusts more than him.

Anger isn't something Kaveri usually shows, but if you do wanna tick her off, all you need to do is make some terrible joke about parentless kids, or degrade your own parents. When her parents died, she was at just the right age for it to hit her hard, even if she did keep up a strong appearance at the time for the sake of her family. She won't outright smash your face in, but if you continue on and ignore her warnings, you'll learn what it's like to go up against an enraged Floatzel of the Gold Tribe.

History: Kaveri was a 6-year-old Buizel when the war with the Silver Tribe began. Her father, a Floatzel in the Alpha Alliance army, died during the first invasion, leaving Kaveri and her younger brother Callimer in the care of their Dragonair mother. However, their mother went into a state of depression after her husband's death and pretty much gave up on life. As the older sibling, Kaveri learned responsibility pretty quickly, as it was up to her to keep the small family together, as she watched out for Cal and tried to encourage her mother to start moving forward. It wasn't enough, however; their mother eventually faded away and died of a broken heart. Only a month later, the Gold Tribe defeated the Silver Tribe and ended the war.

Kaveri and Cal were sent to live in an orphanage, which just so happened to be near the cemetery where all Gold Tribe members were buried. Kaveri was enthralled by these great Pokemon, envisioning them as mighty heroes, and she would often go to the cemetery just to stand by the gate in respectful silence. It was here that she met Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar of the Gold Tribe, and one of the ones who had fought against Darkrai. Wildfire was there to visit the grave of her mentor, Darius "Hunter" Chalmers, but when Kaveri came upon her, she was attempting - and failing - to gather enough energy to create a Focus Blast.

Kaveri was completely enamored by Wildfire, confidently stating that one day, she wanted to be like her. Wildfire was at a bit of a loss at first, but the black-flamed Infernape seemed to resolve herself soon enough and left Kaveri with these words: "If you really do want to be like us, don't wait until you're older to start working toward it. Start building your character now; then when you're ready, look for me at H.A.S. I'll be waiting."

Kaveri took Wildfire's words to heart, and from then on worked to change herself from the inside out. She was still the ever optimistic, confident, teasing, hyperactive Buizel that even her parents deaths hadn't been able to change, and she'd already learned a great deal about responsibility after watching over Cal for nearly two years. However, she also started to develop a more caring and courageous personality, and even became just the slightest bit more humble. When she was able to, she'd even practice fighting; this never went well, however, and she didn't really have anyone to practice with, since Cal wasn't much of a sparring partner. Basically, she was aiming to become what she imagined a member of the Gold Tribe should be.

A year and half later, news spread throughout Valkaria that the Heroes Alliance School (H.A.S.) had been successfully revived by through the efforts of Gold Tribe members Wildfire and Blitzkrieg. A few days after the news reached Kaveri once again went to the Gold Tribe cemetery, this time bringing Cal along with her. To Kaveri's delight , Wildfire was there visiting Hunter's grave again. Kaveri was curious as to why Wildfire kept coming back to this particular grave, and especially why she was back here now when she hadn't been for over a year. Wildfire explained that Hunter had taken her in when she was but a young Chimchar, living on the streets of Gold City. As for why she was only returning to his grave now, she told Kaveri that the last time the Buizel had seen her at the cemetery, she had made a promise to Hunter: to do her part to prepare future generations to bring Darkrai down once and for all. And when H.A.S. had been revived, she felt the need to return here and let Hunter know that she was one step closer to fulfilling her promise.

Kaveri wasn't the only curious one; Wildfire questioned why she came here so often, and if Kaveri and Cal's parents would even approve of them being out on their own when they were still so young. When she learned that they were orphaned during the war, she contemplated their situation in silence for a few moments before announcing that she would adopt the both of them, her reason being that she sympathized with them, having lost her parents at an early age as well, and she also respected Kaveri's spirit.

While Wildfire was more of a mentor than a mother, she may as well have been both to Kaveri and Cal, young as they were. Kaveri didn't care that Wildfire didn't cook them spectacular homemade meals or tuck them in at night. What mattered to Kaveri was that Wildfire made the time to train her and Cal. Most of said training involved basic martial arts and not much actual battling with moves, since Wildfire wasn't actually capable of using any moves. When Kaveri and Cal asked about the reason for this, she told them about her Life Flames. The Life Flames were basically an especially powerful from of the Blaze ability, and they could be activated at any time; however, they drained the user's life force. Wildfire had used her Life Flames one time too many during the war with the Silver Tribe, causing her to lose the ability to summon energy for moves, which is why she hadn't been able to create a Focus Blast back when Kaveri first met her. Since this forced her to retire from full-time participation in Gold Tribe activities, she made up for it by refounding H.A.S.

Wildfire may or may not have also taught Kaveri some of her less... savory skills from her days on the streets. Pick-pocketing being one of them.

When Kaveri turned 14, she enrolled in H.A.S. Having been training with Wildfire for the past 5 years, she at first believed that she would be leagues ahead of all of the other students. However, she soon learned that she still had much to learn; not just about fighting and strategy, but also about discipline, respect, and honor. Cal joined a few years after Kaveri, and the older sister continued to look out for her younger brother all through their time together at the school.

In the middle of Kaveri's final year at H.A.S., Wildfire's overuse of her Life Flames finally caught up to her and she collapsed in the middle of overseeing one of the battle training classes at H.A.S. A month later, she died. Kaveri mourned Wildfire's death, of course; but she didn't stay down for too long. Even if she wasn't related to Wildfire by blood, she had to uphold the Infernape's legacy and keep moving forward! With Wildfire gone, Kaveri took on her mentor's promise to Hunter as her own: she would do whatever she had to do to make sure that one day, Darkrai was taken down for good.

Kaveri graduated from H.A.S. when she was 18, and was accepted into the Gold Tribe the same year; she was given the title Jetstream for her speed, and the way she seemed to fly when she ran. The first thing she did after being accepted was go to Wildfire's grave to let her know. A few years later, Cal joined her in the Gold Tribe.

During a recon mission with Cal and another Gold Tribe member to check out some rumors of some Ancients that had somehow managed to survive the war, they ran into some unexpected trouble. The rumors, it ends up, were spread by a group of bandits who had a grudge against the Gold Tribe (but then, what evildoers don't?). Normally, the three Gold Tribe members wouldn't have had a very hard time taking down what was a rather small group of bandits. However, the bandits were prepared; they ambushed the Gold Tribe the recon group, hitting Kaveri and the other Gold Tribe member from behind before they could react. Fortunately for Cal, he was still a Dragonair, and his slim body made for a harder target. But he wasn't a Dragonair for much longer when he saw Kaveri was taking a little longer than usual to get back up, and he evolved into a Dragonite right then and there. By the time Kaveri returned to her senses, Cal had already taken out most of the bandits; the siblings then double teamed the rest of them, ending the fight quickly.

Over the course of the past 20 years in the Gold Tribe, Kaveri has risen in reputation, some Gold Tribe veterans even recognizing her fighting style as being similar to Wildfire's. When she isn't off on missions for the Gold Tribe, Kaveri helps out with teaching classes at H.A.S., feeling a connection with the school not only because she had once been a student there, but because of her connection with Wildfire, who was often called the founder of the new H.A.S. alongside Blitzkrieg.

Moveset: Aqua Jet | Ice Fang | Rain Dance | Dig | Water Pulse | Agility

Ability: Swift Swim

RP Sample:



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AHH! i scroll down saying first and then i realize im not even close :(. well please Reserve Me

EDIT: Ill just put this here

Name: Liam Verr
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Linoone
Faction: SEC
Appearance: Has thin stripes going down his back, and his brown parts are darker than most.
Moveset: (6 max)
RP Sample: (Taken from recent RP post or newly written)
Roleplays I am in:
Fire Emblem: The Rift War as Argath Vennon
Fragmented as Zander Hyrall
Fargona: The Land of the Dragons as Leon Saunders
The Demon Pact as Steven McEvens


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Snype's ready to lead the thieves onward! I'd like a reservation :p

Name: Snype
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Species: Sableye
Faction: Thieves (Leader)
Appearance: Nothing much has changed with Snype in the past 30 years. Sableye can live for several hundred years. He looks as if he had never changed since his fight with Darkari. His fur is still fairly ruffled and he is also taller then the average Sableye. When traveling, he has a backpack with several little tools made to defend himself in battle. Such as a Destiny Knot, to make methods such as attract backfire, and several berries to cure injuries. Frankly, he's well prepared for most situations.

Snype also has a small hood that can also work as a makeshift scarf when taken off. Not to hide his identity or anything crazy like that but hey its useful for a rainy day right?

Personality: During the last war, he was known to be a real menace among the silver tribe, having joined voluntarily to get back at the Gold Tribe. A real monster. Since then however, he's become a bit more tame after almost being betrayed by the Silver Tribe. Snype has since then developed to be more of a proper leader, and developing to be a bonafide strategist for the thieves. When he has free time though, he does like to let his old instincts kick in and pull some pranks on his fellow thieves. It came with being a Sableye after all!

Other then that, he's uncomfortably cheery, always giving off that big toothy grin even in a serious conversation. His tone of voice comes off as if he really doesn't care what discussions are taking place but he's really just trying to keep a positive attitude the whole way through unless of course, the situation is drastic.

History: Snype's history before his time in the silver tribe is fairly vague. The most notable thing he's remembered for is his involvement in the death of the previous leader of the thieves and his betrayal. Thanks to Snype's direction, the Silver Tribe was able to take out many of the thieves within the forest while Snype in return, received a spot in the silver tribe. He'd soon discover that he was simply being used and to this day, regrets his decisions. However, despite all of these events, Snype had aimed to make emends for his past actions by reviving the thieves, restoring their base within Eden Forest, and making them stronger then ever thanks to his clever little mind.

Many of the veteran thieves still are weary of Snype for his past history, but even then, he has proven to have become an effective leader the past 30 years, even going as far as expanding their hideouts far beyond Eden Forest and into other countries , while still remaining true to the thieves customs, minus the renegade part. This process took the thieves several long year to achieve, but with this, the group would have tabs just about everywhere. Their presence is especially strong near the two branches of the Gold Tribe in Valkaria and Beatruce.

This wasn't just for petty crimes. Weither Snype wanted to or not, the thieves would act as a failsafe. Incase a repeat of the Silver Tribe were to befall the region. Snype would remember the conversation perfectly thirty years ago. A task requested of the thieves by Hanso Sharpeye himself.

"I do have something to ask. Prob'ly more to confirm it in my mind than anything else. If you were paying attention, you would've seen how some of the Gold Tribe had been slowly falling away from the values they're supposed to uphold. I'm sure the Gold Tribe is going to be the best it can be now..."

"If they don't, though...if the Gold Tribe somehow ends up trying to take over, the way the Silver Tribe did...will the Thieves keep them in check?"

While reluctant at first to get involved, Snype knew the dangerous possibility of a second silver tribe incident. They were the ones that nearly tore appart the thieves as is. Snype had since then taken every sort of precaution to make sure that even in dire circumstances, the thieves would not be torn apart so easily. Even if Snype were to fall in battle, the many organizations around the country would still be able to keep the thieves lively and strong.

With the expansion, Snype has set up a series of messengers throughout the region. Conveniently, these messengers are Ninjasks, tasked with sending messages and tasks to the many different branches of thieves throughout the world. Moreso focused on Valkyrie at the moment. Their job is to provide the thieves updates on what's going on in the world, who's rising to Power, and activities that may threaten the thieves exsistance. With their speed, the messengers have managed to keep their selves discreet among the other organizations and since they have no need to use Psychic Powers to get around the world, they've remained hidden among the network when delivering these messages.

Their expansion however, has been kept secret. Their presence in Valkaria has become stronger with the task of petty crimes to make their living, keep the gold tribe on their toes, taking out the Dark One's minions, and overall make sure none of the factions throughout the region becomes another Silver Tribe. If history does repeat itself, the thieves are prepared to take action to defend themselves from further threats.

Moveset: Foul Play, Shadow Sneak, Detect, Flash, Recover, Will-o-Wisp

RP Sample: (From Pokemon Trainer Academy. Joint Post with Griger

Mark and Snype headed just outside of the Raikou dorms. He was dressed in the kind of outfit he would sleep but seeing how he was just staying close to the academy, he wasn't really concerned in looking good for anybody. They were training after all! And he had to get two of his Pokemon into the game since they had been neglected recently. Mark threw out Two Pokeballs, revealing Kara, his Gligar, and Xerox, his Ditto. Both were his newest team members and they needed some serious training!

Kara seemed pumped, though she seemed to be eying both Snype and Tyro with a sly look on her face. Xerox just flopped around there in his jiggly form.

Lucia twirled around a bit in mid air as Tyro glanced at the two, "So... Xerox was it? What exactly do you know about fighting as other mon? Have you done a fire or a fighting type before?"

The Ditto looked up at his opponent, glancing over his features and immediately transformed into Tyro. He was rather quick to transform into whatever caught his eye. That'd be useful if he did this sort of thing in battle. Mark wouldn't have to waste time getting Xerox to transform that way.

"I can't say that I have. You know, being locked in a cage for most of my time I only managed to practice transforming into whoever was brought in. Even then I was limited." Xerox explained.

Tyro nodded and walked up to Xerox, turning so that the two were side by side. Tyro held out his arm with his fists closed, "Well, one of the main draws of being a fighting type is punching and kicking. Most are humanoid so if you can practice fighting like I do then you can apply that to generally any fighter you become... except Hitmontops. They roll around on their heads. Other than that most will fight with their bare fists. Now, we're going to practice punching as well as doing some kicking moves. Don't use any fire attacks yet. Just limit yourself to punching, like this."

Tyro pulled his arm back, and in a single second his arm flung out with power. "I don't use punches much myself, but other fighters do."

Xerox stood firm, mimicing Tyro's stance. When Transforming into another Pokemon, he would take on similar instincts as that Pokemon. Common ones at least. He was modifying his own DNA to become a complete copy of his opponent. Xerox threw out a Jab similarly to how Tyro did.

Tyro nodded and continued jabbing, "With fighting types its important to get into a rhythm of sorts. Simply think to yourself something along the lines of one, two... one, two. I know some who memorize lyrics of songs and dish out attacks while the beat goes on in their head. Now." He paused jabbing and faced Xerox, "I'm going to send out punches right at you. Stand still and block them. As a fighting type you have to learn how to block physical attacks as well. You're no weak normal type here, you're a bulky fighter." Tyro pulled up both hands and immediately the punches flew out at Xerox. "Remember, find a center of gravity and rely upon it to keep your balance!"

Xerox's wrist began to give off small flames as he braced himself for the oncoming punches. The Blaziken threw up his arms and held them up to block any incoming punches, waiting for a possible weak point where he could throw his opponent off. Xerox didn't look too phased. It was an extremely calm and straight forward Pokemon.

Tyro paused in his punching and nodded, "Good. Now... I want you to test out kicking. I know Double Kick so I want to see your best tries. When you think you're ready, attempt to kick me."

Xerox didn't even delay. While Tryo was talking, he already threw two roundhouse kicks right toward Tyro to catch its opponent off guard! Was he just impatient? Or trying to be a show off? Either way, he was slowly adjusting to the whole fighting type thing. "Heh. How's that?"

Tyro was just was quick to react, letting the first one strike him in the chest as he stood rigid while his hand grabbed the other foot before it hit. He grunted as he jerked the ditto's leg around to twist him around. "Catching the hang of it." He said calmly as he kept his tight grip on the copycat's calf, "Now, try and unleash your fire. Keep it restrained and try not to light the whole place up."

Mark kept an eye on Tyro. He realized that if he was going to use Xerox against somebody, he'd have to know what moves his opponent used in the first place. Xerox ended up being twisted around and onto the ground by Tyro. As soon as he did, he was quick to let his foot errupt into flames as his wrists flared up intensely. He used his spare leg to use Blaze Kick right back to his opponent.

Tyro grunted as he staggered back, but he smirked, "That's what I'm talking about!" Tyro took in a deep breath and held up his arms, flexing a bit. A white light glimmered around him as his body bulked up with muscle. He lowered his arms and got into his battle position, "Show me what you got copy."

Mark decided to step in after watching them fight. He had to be involved in this as well if he were to properly train his Pokemon after all! "Ready Xerox? Let's get you ready too! Bulk up!" Mark said. Xerox held up his arms, mimicing Tyro's movements and bulking his body up a bit as well. "Hmmm... Hey Lucia! How about you try commanding Tyro? We can have a little practice round and all! Its been awhile after all." Mark said to her. If Lucia couldn't train as a Pokemon, then she could train as, well, a trainer!... right?

Lucia blinked and floated on over, "As a pokemon?" She queried, "I'm not sure... Hm..." She twirled in mid air, "Uh... I can try." She floated on over to Tyro's side, "Hm.... AH! I know! Tyro how about a Double Team!"

Tyro smirked and held out his hands. He cried out as on each side of him appeared two twins. At that the three smirked, "Well, which one am I?" The three asked the other Blaziken.

Xerox observed the different Tyro clones! Looks like Lucia at least remembered how to command her Pokemon! Progress! It'd at least keep her more human! "Good one Lucia! A pokemon is as strong as his trainer after all right? Xerox! Flamethrower!" Mark said. The Ditto fired off a flame from his beak, aimed toward the Blaziken's feet. Hopefully this would help him track the real one!

As the flame came Lucia likewise flipped out a fin, "Tyro, another Bulk Up!" The three Blaziken first hissed out as the fire hit into their feet, all three managing to be hit as the two copies faded away. Still Tyro flexed his biceps as another surge of power flowed along his form.

The Blaziken had shown at least five different moves of his... Mark didn't know what his sixth move was but he was sure that Xerox had it all in his memory upon transforming. Mark had to figure out a more effective way to track his opponents moves! "Double Kick!" Mark called out. The double jumped forward and roundhouse kicked toward the Blaziken twice!

Kara was sitting on the sidelines with Snype waiting for her turn to have a bit of that action. She did give off a wolf whistle toward Tyro though after watching him use Bulk up!

Tyro ended up blushing as he heard that whistle, helping to catch him off guard as a kick hit into his chest and another slammed into his gut. He grunted and was quick to retaliate on his own. His own foot came up as he swung it back and forth to hit his opponent twice.

Xerox wasn't too phased by the whistle coming from Kara. It gave him a good change to get a good hit on Tyro! He'd have to keep that weakness of his in mind... Xerox held up his fists to block the oncoming kicks. Xerox too the chance to use a move that hadn't ben demonstrated by Tyro and was an exploitable weakness to both sides. The Ditto held onto Tyro's head when he got the chance and used Peck straight to his forehead, basically hitting him with his head. Mark was able to figure out his last move at least!

Tyro grunted as the peck hit him, but his foot fired up with fire as he shot his knee up to slam right into his double's stomach, "Not feeling so hot now huh?" He said with a smirk as he pushed his knee in further.

Xerox gave off a wheeze as he was kicked right in the chest! The Ditto was inexperienced so it didn't take much for him to go down. He didn't have as much bulk as his opponent. "Gah...haha... r-right... you win..." Xerox said as he transformed back into his original slimy form. Snype and Kara clapped on the side, while Kara gave another whistle to Tyro.

"Hehe, not bad big guy~ I wouldn't mind duking it out with you sometime." She said, giving a small wink.

Tyro blushed and rubbed the back of his neck, "Uh... thanks... uh my first fan?" Lucia twirled again in mid-air, "Ah, I see now. I think. Or maybe not." She giggled a bit, "Anyways, what should Kara do?"

Mark looked over to Kara. "Hmm... I always figured Kara to be a more defensive fighter. I'd like to get her more prepared for any sort of defensive tactics out there. Dealing damage and taking plenty of hits for the team. But I'd like to get her more used to fighting in general. I admit I've been neglecting on her..." Mark said, rubbing his head.

Tyro shrugged, "Well she can come over then. We can see how well her defenses are."

Kara gave off a small squee as she glided on over to the battlefield! "Oh finally! I get to have an actual fight with a man who knows his stuff! Comon! Hit me with your best shot!" Kara said confidently as she held he pincers out, clamping them a few times.

He shrugged and ran forth a leg being coated with flame as he aimed to slam it into the Gligar's chest.

The Gligar held her claws out and gave a loud gasp. "Ah...kahah... as strong as you look..." Kara said, throwing another wink.

"Alright... lets see how this works. Kara! Acrobatics!" Mark said. He had never used the move before so he wasn't quite sure how exactly it worked. Kara hit the Blaziken's leg away from her and lept up into the air. Once she decended to the Blaziken, she performed several acrobatic flips and attacked from above! The move would get a serious boost in power since she wasn't equipped with any sort of item.

Tyro grunted as he was slammed upon from the attack and he fell onto the ground, groaning from the type difference in the attack. He fainted on the ground and Lucia blinked, "Well... that was powerful." She commented.

Kara simply blinked, rubbing her head a bit bashfully. A good hit from Acrobatics took the Blaziken down, yet the Ditto that transformed into it couldn't? Xerox felt kind of embarrassed. "Well... I guess I've found one of Kara's better attacks to use in battle!" Mark said, giving off a small laugh. So much for training with Tyro! It'd probably be best to get Kara into an actual battle to get her situated to this sort of thing!

"Guess we should take Tyro to the Pokemon Center huh? I think our two Pokemon here have gotten the hang of things. Say um... anything else you'd like to do tonight?" Mark asked Lucia. He still remembered that Lucia wanted to ask him out but considering she was a Porygon... planning out dates would be kind of weird, as much as Mark would love to.

Lucia blinked a bit, her head tilting around in a circle as she thought. "I... don't think so." She said slowly, "Though I might explore the net a bit. It would be fun." She gave a few nods. "Anyways that was good training and all. Maybe I can get in it next time!" She giggled softly.

Mark gave a bashful smile. "Heh... yeah..." Mark simply said. He didn't want her getting involved in the training at the risk she may develop Pokemon instincts and cause her programing to adjust to it. Mark had to get her to become more human. Something worth continuing to look into tomorrow perhaps. After classes of course...

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power


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Name: Lance

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Title: Ventus (Means wind in Japanese)

Species: Hawlucha

Faction: Gold Tribe (Valkaria)


At first Lance was childish, never wanting friends, and always roaming off both in his imagination, and in the real world, With an unsatisfying curiosity Lance skipped school most of the time looking around each and every corner, wondering if something amazing could be found, a treasure, or something that would just catch his eye.

That didn’t change when he grew up, he still looked for freedom and adventure, and when he turned 19 and started his adventure, they say age comes with maturity, and that might be true with Lance having 10 years to mature while traveling all as many countries as he could and growing more confident. (Mind you still somewhat childish), however when he turned 31, a tragic event happened at that point made his behavior a lot less free caring, and more depressed.

He lost the love of his life Ruby, she died trying to protect someone and was killed because of it. (look in history for more detail) when he was 29 he felt home sick, and when he came back that’s when he met her, and when he lost her he felt heartbroken and felt like that for a whole year, finally when he got tired of it. He wanted to get rid of the feeling, and with all the ideas he could come up with the best of them was revenge.

He joined the Gold Tribe (Lied about his reason for joining), and at first while he was there he was felt nervous. That he didn’t belong, someone who lied their way in to simply get stronger to kill someone, he felt terrible at first but after a while he enjoyed his time there, and grew more humble, and no longer remembered for his revenge.

Today Lance’s attitude is probably quite polite, at first he kept to himself, and still somewhat does, but he tries his hardest to converse. Now Lance isn’t entirely shy, he will sometimes speak up, but not often the last thing he wants is a quarrel. When it comes to trying to make friends, that isn’t Lance’s strength as he never even made friends as a kid, he isn’t a selfish character, and will try to be fair to others’ and he succeeds well in so.

Lance does have a few flaws in him, he prefers to do things by himself, that or he will let someone else do it alone, as long as he can have enough space for himself. If he ever is partnered that would be a problem for him as he doesn’t like working together. He is fine being around mon for a little while but there is a limit Lance prefers to set. Lance also doesn’t like be given anything from anyone else unless they have a good reason.

Lance also may have matured a lot but some of the child is in him where if he is insulted, he isn’t very good at ignoring it, he can try but it doesn’t work all the time, he usually know if he is being insulted or if someone is just mad though, but when he knows, he always decides to prove them wrong, for whatever the insult is.

Lance also has a competitive spirit, not to everything but even if he isn’t a master at something (or he knows nothing about it) he still will accept any kind of challenge, which is a bit of a weak point, and if Lance happens to win at the challenge he usually gets to proud in himself, but he doesn’t show unless it’s right after the challenge is done, where Lance will probably boast a little. (that’s when he doesn’t show his polite) When other mon who know Lance (as a calm mon) see this, they are usually surprised.

Lance’s nature (if we are going pokemon style) is probably, Calm in terms of staying calm around everyone, or at least he tries, timid when it comes to socializing, and yet bold, because when he is challenged he usually won’t put them down (especially when trash talked).

History: As a young Hawlucha growing up in Valkaria, Lance was somewhat mischievous, getting in and out of trouble, disobeying his parents and always wanting to go out late at night, or going to places his parents said where too far away for you to walk. They always told him not to go far, never understanding the child, and why he didn’t listen. Though the reason he did disobey is because he wanted more freedom, doing whatever in the world he wished to do, and see what was out in the grand world, to satisfy his curiousness, to find an adventure.

While growing up he never changed, still acting childish. He would skip school to find an adventure, he never even made to many good friends (hard to make friends when you keep getting them in and out of trouble).

Finally his parents gave up and decided to home school Lance, he still disobeyed his parents, but eventually they got through to him and were able to teach him. However that still didn’t stop him from fleeing the house now and then, looking for his adventure he wanted to fulfill, finally at the age of 19, he was allowed to leave his home.

He started his journey in the closest country, (Valkaria, because he lived there) However his attempt on the first day was greatly disappointing, what was the disappointment, well to him everything, he expected to get a little more of a urge of joy, and there was nothing that shot interested in him, yet as a kid, he was excited for anything, sometimes he was excited for silly things like a golden on land where there is no ocean for miles, (actually that isn’t silly, how did that fish even get there in the first place was a mystery, but he was looking for something a lot bigger than that).

Now that he was an adult he was hoping to find more rare things, like a plant (Which was the first thing to pop in his head but he wasn’t much for plants). Anything that was a rare sight or just something he wanted to see would be good enough, but a question popped up in his mind, how would he even know what he could find would be rare? (derp)

Once he realized this he noticed he might haft to do research, though he hated it he would hate even more to see his whole dream fall. He also understood he would need to make goals for himself to give him a challenge, (and what he noticed, he needed more of a reason for travel).

Soon enough he started that research taking his precious time (as he thought of it) to read books, after some time though he actually got interested in some of the phenomenon’s that existed.

He also understood he would need to do some work, to get money for supplies, and for as well a living involved with travelling (Basically Lance started out as an adult with a mind of a teen realizing life is hard). It took quite a length of work, but he eventually gathered enough to really start his journey, with a few jobs to do with delivery while adventuring.

For 10 years (with the help of the SEC Network point) he finally traveled all over, to Anatellia, Beatruce, Valkaria and even some of the unclaimed lands. He may have had a multitude of great adventures, but sometimes his journeys were torture, experiencing all around the land he learned of the many unique differences from them, (and which ones to stay away from…Karn) and he nearly died of hunger multiple times, and from his time of traveling he learned to mature and became more humble.

After a long time of traveling, Lance become for once in his life home sick, something he was surprised from, but why not he thought. On the trip home Lance found another surprise, one that would completely change his life… he fell in love by a pokemon that caught his eye, a Hawlucha named Ruby.

He was again astonished, he never expected anyone to be more important than his sense of adventure besides his family. Never the less he began a relationship with the other Hawlucha he fell in love with.

2 years later, of staying home in Valkaria, Lance was going to ask Ruby to be with him forever, but an unexpected event happened. He never knew all the details, but she died trying to prevent a kidnap, and she failed in her attempts and died, the mon that was kidnapped was from a rich family, how she was in the same nonpublic area as the killer was unknown. Lance heard of this from a detective who came unexpectedly to his door. He asked who had done this, and the detective told him it was most likely a criminal of the Thieves Forest, not much else was known as it wasn’t in a public area.

He was forever traumatized by this event, after a few weeks of healing himself, he decided to continue his traveling, but he never did, the adventure, and joy inside of him died. He decided to give himself more time to heal and relax to regain his joy, but he never did.

After a year he was tired of being sad and depressed by this tragic event, and instead of exploring the world, he started to search for a way to end his sadness. On and on he thought, but he couldn’t think of anything. He talked to himself, if only he would have been there to protect her, if only he could’ve asked her sooner, if only he could’ve done… just something. He hated himself for not doing something, he knew it wasn’t his fault but he hated himself, but even more he hated the mon who killed her, she only tried to do the right thing and yet she was killed, if anything he deserved to be killed…maybe that was it!

Lance may have found his solution to be happy once more; to get revenge for Ruby, to kill whoever killed her, but a question came in his mind. “If the mon who killed her was from the Thieves Forest, then would he even have the strength to kill him.” He became stronger over the years of traveling, but to go where the killer lies would be a death hole.

He couldn’t just be rash and charge in, they would obviously kill him on the spot, or worse, how was it even possible they didn’t spread much havoc? Lance then remembered, the Alpha Alliance. They were the ones to keep peace in Valkaria; they have been known to be great enemies of The Thieves in specifically the Gold Tribe, the core of the Alpha Alliance.

Lance was about to get up and apply for the Gold Tribe, but remembered he wasn’t really going to join them for good reason. He didn’t even think they would allow him in, but he needed to get stronger somehow. Plus the Gold Tribe is known to be some of the strongest, and there wasn’t much of any other way, perhaps he could train by himself, but wouldn’t the Gold Tribe be more efficient.

Either way, he still had one problem, how would he get in even? “Just lie.” A voice said in the back of Lance’s head, “Just lie, no one would know about it, and besides, this is justice isn’t it!” Lance liked the idea that popped in his head, but wouldn’t that be a risk? What if the others found out about his true reason for joining? “They won’t find out! You’re too paranoid! And besides, what about Ruby.”

Lance had the same conversation in his head, and a few times he considered if revenge was even the right thing, but unfortunately, he decided it was. Despite him still having a guilty conscious, Lance went to join the Gold Tribe at the age of 32 being. He felt nervous when he first joined, but after being there a while he grew to ignore the thoughts. Though not because he purposely did, but he actually started enjoy being at the Gold Tribe in itself.

Lance humbled an amount while being there for 4 years, and without him noticing he forgot about the very reason he joined the Gold Tribe, and he stayed there, and planned to stay there for the rest of his life.

Appearance: Lance has Goggles for his flying attacks, as well as a green and yellow scarf. And has a gold tribe band on his wrist.

Moveset: Detect, Aerial Ace, High Jump Kick, Dig, Flying Press, Acrobatics

RP Sample: (This is when Lance was told that Ruby died)

“…” Lance stayed silent after hearing the words the detective said at the door, and felt a choking pain in his chest, and in his throat that prevented him to speak. He looked down on the ground with his eyes closed, he was greatly angered, not at the detective though, if anything he would have thanked him for his time, but he was stunned at his words. With his fist clenched he hurled it down at a table accidentally breaking it, falling to the floor with his hands and knees, keeping him up. He hit the ground again with his fist, and again, and again. Finally he spoke,

“Ahhhh!” He screamed out crying, drowned in tears in a few seconds.

~~~ (this means he’s having a flash back.)

*Knock Knock Knock*

The detective knocked on the door and folded his arms behind his back, with a disappointed look on his face, he sighed “Huh… the one part I hate about my job…” He had a sad, nervous look on his face. He was a tall pokemon for his species.

He was a Wobbuffet wearing a hat, and trench coat, even in a hot day like today, the sun was shining over the roofs of homes and the sidewalk was burning. The detective just noticed this now, and looked down at his cooked feet. He was immobile for a few seconds feeling the pain; he gave a small whimper, and jumped.

“Owowowowow! Hot! Hot!” He yelled and moved his feet to the side walk that was shaded. The detective feet felt more relaxed here, he started to fan his feet trying to cool them down, and at that very second the door that he knocked on opened.


“Hmm?” The Wobbuffet responded, and realized the door opened. “Oh…uh.” He stopped fanning, and put his hat on his head and turned to the Hawlucha with a serious look. “Are you Lance Aires?”

“Yes that would be me?” Lance nodded.

“I’m Detective Wyatt I’ve come to ask you something.”

Lance raised an eye, “Yes of coarse what could I do for you detective?”

“Do you know who Ruby Rales is?”

“Yes I know what about her?”

“…” The detective stood silent and hesitant to speak, with a troubled look on his face.

“Is she alright!” Lance asked in worried and had a stunned look in his eye, as if he just seen a

“…Well I don’t know how to say this so I’ll just say it right out.”


~~~ (<- back to present)

Lance couldn’t hold back the tears, he cried and cried for his precious beloved Ruby who he loved beyond anything else. For a few hours he kept this up, but finally the tears stopped coming every second, and he tried to hold the rest of them back. He felt so close to Ruby with the love that kept them close and yet so far as she was now gone, he couldn’t hold the tears back, let out some more, but got up and walked hesitantly to his bead, trying to survive his loss .

Avatar and banner made by Mario. A great thanks to him. :)
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