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Featured Forum Username Changes May 2019 Page 2

Started by Astronaut April 30th, 2019 7:22 AM
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Prof. Leon Dias

Let your memes be dreams

A deep underground lab somewhere...
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Posted 4 Weeks Ago
95 posts
6.8 Years
Old username: PSI Master
New username: Prof. Leon Dias

Figured I'd update my name to something everyone actually knows me by.
Check Out My Projects:

& My Ultimate Fire Red Base

Discord to join my Wish/Rombase server for updates, questions, and info:


Forever paired with machomuu

Age 23
Seen 3 Weeks Ago
Posted May 22nd, 2019
571 posts
3.5 Years
Old username: Symphony
New username: Lize


Whatever It Takes

Age 15
Pallet Town
Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted October 15th, 2019
80 posts
2.2 Years
Old username: AshKetchum000
New username: Braze
That's my Discord Username so...

Join Discord Braze#8237
PC Account Braze

For Sure, I love Pokèmon!


Take my hands now

Kansas, USA
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Posted 1 Day Ago
10,997 posts
14.3 Years
Old username: Jonghyun
New username: Green

I will always love Jonghyun BUT
Back on my Pokémon BS ways.

That username has a last login of 2008, so I think it's fine :>


edit: i'm realizing the posts aren't at 0, so i'll think up something similar if I gotta !

Sapphire Rose

For someone's who thinks they mean nothing, you sure like to fight for your life.

Age 23
Over the hills and far away.
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Posted 4 Days Ago
2,821 posts
8.2 Years
Hi there! I would like to combine my current username to my old one so here goes

Old username: Rose Quartz
New username: Sapphire Rose
We can see through others only when we can see through ourselves

erik destler


Age 27
Online now
Posted 1 Hour Ago
7,398 posts
14.4 Years
Administrator Post
Old username: Awanshazwan
New username: Awan2407
This username is already in use. If this is your account, please PM me and we'll see if we can get something worked out.
paired with Cherrim ; cred

Midnight Umbreon

Life is a conundrum of esoterica

Age 14
Not Delaware
Seen 6 Days Ago
Posted October 2nd, 2019
887 posts
1.4 Years
Old Username: Calzone407
New Username: Midnight Umbreon


I'll get angry, and take a nap.

Age 25
Kalt Island
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Posted 2 Days Ago
188 posts
343 Days
old name: wanderlustmage
new name: wanderlustdemon


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Posted 1 Hour Ago
27,265 posts
13.1 Years
Owner Post
And that's a wrap. The next wave of name changes will open in November! Remember that if you're a supporter you're eligible for extra name changes every year on top of these two yearly threads, which you can request here.

Thanks all!
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