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make your own poke ranger episode

Started by apokemoncoordinator September 27th, 2019 8:39 PM
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you know that show poke ranger that you can watch in pokemon x and y? make your own episode.
I'll start.
Poke Ranger: Here you are! Ability Villain!
Pixilate Girl: I'm Pixilate Girl! My normal-type moves become fairy-type moves and get their power boosted by a little.
Poke Ranger: Well, I brought my steel suit today, so I resist fairy.
Pixilate Girl:Oh no! What can I do?
Narration: Good thinking, poke ranger! steel resists fairy! don't get beaten, poke ranger! fight, poke ranger! type matchups are important, poke ranger! to be continued!
Your Pichu went and evolved.


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I’m uh... not of the belief that this will fit anywhere as is, so I’m going to close this instead of moving it. But have a chat with one of the mods of the pokemon game sections if you want to try expand it more.
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