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Seen September 23rd, 2018
Posted December 10th, 2017
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Future Update Notifications@:
Everything except Post Game, I'm currently quite exhausted, but by the time anyone makes it that far, it'll be completed.

If you post a cia/these files elsewhere, please give credit by linking back to this thread.

That's right, I'm back and this is happening. Just like last time, these hacks aim to be in the "Drayano" style, but unlike last time I took a lot of liberties. I decided to go all out, and the game is even harder than Rising Sun/Waning Moon was. To put it in perspective, the Elite Four the first time around has level 90s. However, of course you are expected to have level 90s-100s by that time.

You shouldn't have to grind much in this romhack. To help you out in a situation where you do have to grind, I shortened the process down quite a bit by making lucky eggs purchasable.

Much like last time, I base my romhacks off of feedback and lots of testing from people besides myself. While there were some beta testers, nobody has currently made it through the whole thing besides myself. PLEASE, give feedback. It really helps make this a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Video Tutorial:

  • All Pokemon (with the exception of some legendaries at the moment) are obtainable throughout the four islands.
  • Weaker Pokemon with lower Base Stat Totals have had their stats buffed to become "viable" throughout the game.
  • The following Pokemon have received type changes/modifications: Farfetch'd, Volbeat, Illusime, Noctowl, Golduck, Shinx Line, Pidove Line.
  • Many Pokemon have had their movesets either slightly changed, or revamped.
  • A majority of the Pokemon have their less impactful abilities swapped out for their Hidden ones. If a Pokemon's Hidden Ability was something quite useless, like Minus or Plus for example, they retained their original abilities.
  • Some Pokemon have new abilities they didn't previously have, such as Queenly Majesty on Vespiqueen and Nidoqueen.
  • Of course, the game is much more difficult and comes with a revamped level curve.
  • All Pokemon that previously evolved through trade now evolve through normal methods such as using the held item required or leveling up.
  • All Alolan Evolutions can now be avoided by leveling up the Pokemon with the held item instead of using it. (Example: Level up a Pikachu while holding a thunderstone for normal Raichu, while using it would result in Alolan)
  • All Evolution stones are now purchasable for convenience.
  • And of course, much more that I may have forgotten to include here!

- Latest nightly build of luma. (Get this through the .cia updater)
- The hack's GARC files (the stuff that actually overwrites the original assets) Get it from the Google Drive link

Luma Game Patcher Method:
  • Navigate to SD:\luma\titles
  • Create a folder with the game's title id as the name (00040000001B5000 for Ultra Sun, 00040000001B5100 for Ultra Moon) inside titles.
  • Move the contents of the "00040000001B5100" folder inside of "GARC Files.rar" into whichever game you are using. (So move the contents into 00040000001B5000 for Ultra Sun and 00040000001B5100 for Ultra Moon)
  • Make sure "Enable Game Patching" is checked in luma3ds setup.
  • Start Ultra Sun/Moon
  • Thats it! Easiest way to tell if its working is by starting a new game or checking your Trainer Passport.


Plans for future/definitive edition:
  • Rotom Dex "Advice" is useful information about the hack, such as type changes and methods of evolution, etc.
  • Overworld model swaps/edits where needed.
  • Dialga "Mega evoltuion" into Primal Dialga. (For the final battle against me)
  • Fix up anything I might have missed

Obviously, I am only human. I apologize for anything I may have missed, and ask that everyone reports any bugs/missed edits that they find. Huge thanks to everyone that played Rising Sun & Waxing Moon and motivated me to keep on going with this Romhack as well!
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