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Posted June 5th, 2019
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Embark on an All New Journey in the Petrite Region to discover over 100 never before seen pokémon! Choose between the three starters, Hailamb, Torrill, and Ignifly to be your companion through the region as you travel through a large new region full of people and new pokémon with a deep connection to the World of Pokémon's past.
There's an image file attached to this which shows off the region and a few Pokémon arts that we can't post in here yet as this is our first post.

Positions Available:

- Sprite Artists (In-Battle Sprites like Pokémon and Trainers)
- Sprite Artists (Overworld)
- Artists (Pokémon/People/Region artwork)
- Musicians (Music for the game, Battle Music and Overworld Music)
- Programmers (Preferably for RPG Maker and Pokémon Essentials)

Current Team Members:
- Lullaby/Serenity - Co-Director
- Giltallic - Co-Director
- This Autumn Eve - Region/Pokémon Concepts
- VHSlaughter - Concept Artist and Ideas
- Cyto - Concept Artist and Ideas
- Icecreamdog - Idea Pitching
- Syluke - Competitive Supervisor
- TheDandyRedPandy - Idea Pitching and Concept Arts
- Tooscoo - Lead Artist

General Synopsis:
You and your brother embark on a journey throughout the Petrite Region, a region closely tied to the ancient history of the Pokémon World, meeting new pokemon, and old, and throughout your journey, defending the region, and places beyond time from threats that come. Complete your pokedex, discover never-before-seen pokémon, and uncover ancient pokemon from eons before as you collect your badges and take on the Petrite League to become the Champion! Travel alongside your brother and your rival Violet throughout the region with each your own goals and discover the story of Pokémon Epoch.

Less Story-Impacted Info: The game uses a hybrid tileset, with gen 4 overworld tileset and gen 3 battle sprite styles (However this is subject to change until we get more members who could convince the team to upgrade to gen 4). The game features a new type that is yet to be revealed and quite a few fun and interesting mechanics that we are excited to unveil in the future.

We can't do this without your help, and we'd love to have additions to our team, so please think about aiding in this large project. There's so much more to discover in Pokémon Epoch, this barely even the tip of the iceberg so please consider helping this project become a Reality ~