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FireRed Pokémon DarkViolet (Full Version Released) Page 56

Started by Chaos Rush November 17th, 2012 4:12 PM
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Nothing interesting here...

New Bark Town, Johto
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Its just an opinion, Deal with it.



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Umm actually no it doesn't Red Chapter deserves it more than this game
Those two are different hacks with different goals and contents. Comparing them results in nothing but a flamewar. Just because you find one of them more entertaining than the other doesn't give you the right to judge which is the better for all players, let alone a competition which runs on democracy.
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Hello ChaosRush! I created a Pokecommunity account just so I could be able to download this new patch... Your hack is too cool to pass up TuT

I have a question though, would it be possible to merge this .ips patch with the 2014 version of DarkViolet? I accidentally downloaded and played the 2014 ver. without reading it stops after 7 badges :(


The Psycho Pokemon

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lack of reusable TMs is painfu, same with lack of reusable move tutors. I do like some of the evolution changes like Mankey evolving sooner, but shame that there doesnt appear to be any unique movepool changes save one or two instances. I say this because I started with Bulbsaur and I got a crapy hidden power variation from it (speaking of why Hidden Power doesnt have a base 60 attack power regardless of type outcome is another issue I have) and without a third special attack outside of the grass or poison type it is really going to struggle...I did notice that Blue's charmeleon has a new move called Dragon Bullet, does the bulbasaur line get any new moves added to their selection? Would be nice if Venusaur could learn Earth Power.
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