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Pokémon FULL Darker than it Seems [OOC] Page 17

Started by Gray-_-Hatred April 15th, 2015 11:06 PM
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Oh my lord everyone! I am just re reading through this rp and I loved it so much! I was such a bad writer back then hahaha. But this brought back some major mems. Would love to try and revamp this or something? Is anyone even still around?
(Well damn. This still exists. As do I! Man, I was so bad at this back then too. XD I would probably be open for another shot.)
I suggest you make a Workshop thread (or Interest Check) over in the main Roleplay Theatre forum! As this has been dead for 4 years, it's a wonder you found each other haha. It's certainly better to make a new revamped RP at this point than to get this old thing going again. Look back at it fondly and for inspiration, of course :)
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