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Mimikyu Month!

Started by HeroLinik October 2nd, 2019 8:17 AM
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As the spooky month of October commences, Mimikyu is finally given some time in the spotlight! A Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon introduced in the current generation, it is jealous of Pikachu's popularity and dresses up under a rag resembling Pikachu just so it can be loved.
What do you guys think of Mimikyu and have you had any memorable moments with Mimikyu?

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man, I remember when people went nuts over Mimikyu right before SM was released. nowadays, I don't feel as strongly about it as I once did, but I still think it's kinda cute. :o


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Since my main exposure to Mimikyu is through the anime... that thing's portrayed as genuinely terrifying. The way it moves, the things it says/is implied to say, the sounds it makes... god. The fact that it literally almost murdered Meowth??? Like, I'm not scared of it really because... it's a cartoon and I'm an adult etc but it still manages to make me uneasy. Props to the anime team for that.

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hahaha! Mimikyu was the first totem that i found challenging. It wrecked my team because of Arceus knows what reasons. And in the second try, it wrecked my team again, and i managed to beat it with Decidueye(literally 1 HP remaining). Mimikyu is also an important part of Trick room teams these days. It not only sets up a trick room, but is also a good attacker if needed. Lately, I've been seeing more Mimikyu on Showdown than anywhere else.

Edit: Forgot about Lurantis when i said challenging. But it's not spooky.

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I love it! It's adorable and I like it more than Pikachu. So it doesn't need to worry. :>

I bred a shiny one a few months ago in US, and will be bringing it to SwSh. 👍


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I didn't really give Mimikyu a chance in Sun, but used one on my team in Ultra Moon, and it quickly became one of my favorite party members. I love its Ghost/Fairy typing, and even though I thought its ability was a little overpowered, I'd still love to use on again on my team in the future.


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I like it! It’s actually an extremely good mon. I was originally unsure about it, but after using it a few times I grew to see that it’s actually a solid battler. Having a free turn to yourself is really good and it has pretty solid stats to boot and a nice typing as well. Overall great mon I wouldn’t mind to use again.
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