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Pokémon OPEN Pocket Monster Hunters [M]

Started by PastelPhoenix April 22nd, 2018 4:31 PM
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Got guts? Have something to prove? Something to protect? The Huntsman Guild is always recruiting able-bodied individuals. Do your part to combat the rising Aberrant threat. Enlist today!

Nature exists in a fragile balance. Populations of both humans and Pokemon exist in a delicate web, each part interacting with the other to provide stability to the entire system. When one part fails it puts more stress on the others, and enough failure causes the entire chain to unravel. Thankfully, change happens slow enough to avoid a complete collapse.

At least it normally would.

The appearance of the first Aberrant Pokemon shook the very balance of nature. Old legends told of titanic Pokemon; stronger, more aggressive, and capable of far more destruction than their normal counterparts. The very appearance of these creatures was enough to rile up entire Pokemon populations and imbalance the natural order, including the destruction of the local ecosystem. Long were they thought a myth until they re-emerged once more.

Prey turned on predators, predators decimated populations. Seemingly stable populations would suddenly give rise to an Aberrant member. No one could find out how to prevent it, nor could the local communities stop it. At least, until the Guild formed. Experienced hunters found ways to slay the Aberrants, and restore order to Nature.

Now the guild has become a staple of life. With the threat of new Aberrants around every corner, the Guild has provided a front of stability for the world. Many flock to its banner, be it a sense of duty or desire for glory. Youve enlisted in the guild, and managed to pass all the basic tests for field duty.

The Basics

This RP, if it is not already evident, takes qualities from both the Pokemon and Monster Hunter series. You play as a recent recruit of the Huntsman Guild and tackle the threat of Aberrant Pokemon that threatens the land of Behyuta. You and your partner Pokemon will take up arms and claw your way up the ranks, possibly even cinching the title of Master Huntsman along the way.

No hunts are required, gameplay follows a loose sandbox where you can tackle any target (within reason, dont try to go after a Tyranitar as a rookie), however specific hunts will be provided as well. Some of these hunts will be one off events, but some will also further a storyline. You are also free to make your own personal storylines, or just contact me with an idea for a target or event that ties into one of the ongoing stories.

The Quarry

Pokemon themselves are split into 3 categories; Aberrant, wild, and docile. Docile Pokemon are the ones youd be partnering with, having chosen to live with humans long ago. Docile Pokemon are the ones closest in size to canon size (eg a Docile Charizard would be roughly 55/1.7m). Wild Pokemon are larger and more animalistic, but tend to stick to themselves and avoid humans. Some wild Pokemon do go after humans, but usually after their home or preferred prey have been disturbed in some way. A wild Charizard would be about 64/1.9m.

Aberrants, however, are much larger and more aggressive. Aberrant pokemon pose a threat to their ecosystem and humans alike. While wild Pokemon act like normal wild animals, Aberrants tend to have a certain cunning to them. Its no mistake that Aberrants of a pack Pokemon tend to end up leading their packs, and its not through sheer strength alone. Aberrants are skilled at picking out weaknesses in their opponents, making them especially difficult to hunt.

Pokemon tend to be judged in the following ranks:
D Rank - A small pokemon that is harmful to a person, but trivial to a hunter. Raticate would be a D rank
C Rank - A pokemon that poses a threat to a group of people. Aberrant Raticate and Houndoom would be C
B Rank - This Pokemon poses a threat to a large community. Aberrant Houndoom and Salamence
A Rank - This pokemon poses a threat to an entire region. Aberrant Salamence and low tier legends like Regirock
Titan Class (Worldshapers) - This pokemon is the thing of myths and legends. It's very existence is enough to radically change the environment. Kyurem is a Titan that is confirmed to have left its mark on the world.
Elder Titans - This Pokemon is nigh unstoppable. Very few Pokemon are old or strong enough to have reached the status of an Elder Titan. The mere presence of a hostile Elder Titan should be treated as a potential extinction level event for the entire human race. A fully awoken Groudon in its Primal State is an Elder Titan, and theorized to be the cause behind the rebirth of Aberrants.

Aberrant Pokemon are always a rank higher than their normal form, just for the increase to their cunning alone. Legendary/Mythical Pokemon do not have an Aberrant form. Mega Evolution does exist, and Aberrants of Pokemon with a Mega evolution are often the Megas themselves. Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Rayquaza are forms the Pokemon enter when given enough time to fully rebuild and awaken their power. Because of this they are considered a Titans, but receive and immediate bump to Elder Titan when they start displaying this power.

Similarly Hunters have their own rank. You advance after showing qualities befitting the rank, as well as successfully hunting something in the next rank. Rank ups should be approved by me, and any rank up beyond D -> C should require a bit of effort put in by the character.

Hunters fall under the following ranks:
Guildsman (D-Rank): The most common rank, as well as the starting rank for hunters. D-Ranks are pre-approved for standard D-Class hunts and wild Pokemon culling. Many within the Guild work behind the scenes, handling teaching roles, finances, and diplomatic relations, and never see combat. These people are also usually D-Rank, although a few experienced hunters transfer into these positions when retiring.
Huntsman (C-Rank): Those who have proven the ability to contend with Aberrants earn the rank of Huntsman. Huntsmen serve as the first line of defence, hunting basic Aberrants and dangerous wild Pokemon in addition to other duties such as scouting or investigative work.
Specialist (B-Rank): Specialists are hunters who have shown an aptitude for more dangerous work. They handle reports of larger Aberrants as well as face the toughest of Wild Pokemon. They may also be recruited for squads geared for specific tasks like tracking particularly elusive Pokemon, directing the path of dangerous Pokemon away from settlements, or even restraining and capturing Aberrants for study.
Veterans (A-Rank): Veterans are the elite of the elite, hunting the most dangerous Pokemon. They also lead the Specialist Squads, promoted for their knowledge and leadership qualities.
Masters: Unlike the other ranks, there are no requirements to maintain any Master ranked hunters. This is a rank given out to those who have proved themselves to be true masters in the craft and have performed extraordinary feats in service of the Guild. Most Masters have managed to come in direct combat with Titans and survived, a feat few can claim even with extensive support.

Hunting Grounds

Behyuta is home to a vast amount of environments, and Pokemon can be found in just about all of them. The landscape was horrifically scarred roughly 200 years ago by the event that lead to the foundation of the Guild. A Groudon, buried under the ground and long forgotten, had awoken and began a methodical march across Behyuta, burning everything in its path and leaving naught but desert. The creature seemed impossible to defeat and mercilessly slaughtered any resistance. It wasnt until it reached and burned the forest that the Titan King of Fairies, Xerneas, inhabited that anything could even slow it. Xerneas and an elite group of humans and docile Pokemon managed to deal enough damage to Groudon to break it out of its Primal rage. Weakened, Groudon buried itself in the earth once more, the center of the land now known as Bleachstone Desert.

The land began to slowly heal, but other Titans began to awaken as well. They began to radically change the area around them, forming areas of extreme conditions and high Pokemon density. Oddly enough, certain Pokemon were born within these lands of unusual size, cunning, and aggressiveness. These Aberrant Pokemon would eventually leave these lands and wreak havoc on nearby settlements. The survivors of the Groudon attack met once more, and formulated a plan to teach others to defeat the Aberrant Pokemon, eventually forming the Guild to greater combat the growing threat.

Now 7 of these Titan Realms remain, and Aberrant Pokemon still wander from them to terrorize humanity. These are prime hunting grounds, and any hunter worth his pay will venture into them to prove their worth.

The Titan Realms are listed below, as well as the most common Pokemon types within them. Pokemon are not bound to these lands just because of their type, theyll fit into any Realm that can support them. For example, Arcanines typing would place him in the Burnt Iron Grotto, but his body type and abilities place him well within the Twisted Weald or Canopied Wildlands also.

Hollow Fjord - Ice / Water / Ghost: A great series of gashes in the earth, stuck in a state of perpetual winter. Several of these rifts have flooded over the years, fostering a large amount of Water-types that can withstand the cold in the warmer waters. The winds conceal something more sinister, and spirits of the dead are said to wander here. Within the deepest point lies a shell of pure ice that houses its creator, The Frozen Tyrant Kyurem.

Eventide Swamp- Poison / Grass / Water: Off the Eastern coast lies fertile deltas that made the region famous. At least, it was fertile before the Parasite Titan Naganadel seeped its toxins in the soil, causing all but the most exotic of plant life to fail. Twisted roots and unstable ground has turned the Delta into a great swamp, much to the delight of Poison types everywhere. Areas closer to the sea have been flooded, granting shelter to a large variety of Water types. Watch your step, for you never know what lurks in the darkness here.

Burnt Iron Grotto - Fire / Steel / Electric: The surface was not the only place radically altered by Primal Groudons rampage. Deep beneath the surface, several magma veins were pushed closer to the surface through the sheer amount of earth the Elder Titan moved, and with it came the being who called them home. Heatran, The Molten Fortress, carved great tunnels around these veins, some of which breached the surface. Mass amounts of iron and other ore unearthed also caused a magnetic field to form within the cave, drawing several Electric types into the tunnels.

Spiretalon Summit - Fighting / Flying / Rock: One of the largest Mountains in Behyuta, Spiretalon Mountain was a destination for people seeking to master the elements. Its harsh cold and extreme winds made it difficult to climb, much less live on. At least, until Ho-oh, Phoenix of the Sun, made his great nest atop the mountain. The heat generated from the Titan melted the snow and the temporary changing of the wind allowed plant life to take hold. Now the Summit lies protected once again by the winds, but just past lies a Paradise for Flying types. Along the way up you might find fighting type Pokemon pushing their limits against the harsh winds and chill of the lands just below the summit.

Bleachstone Desert - Ground / Rock: When the Desert Demon itself wandered across Behyuta, he left naught but sand and desolation in his wake. Although time has healed the worst of the wounds, eventually restoring life to many of the areas ravaged by his rampage, the area where Groudon retreated to still hasnt recovered. He rests under the earth at the center of the Bleachstone Desert, just far enough to stay safe but near enough to influence the land around him. Life is scarce here, limited to Pokemon who can withstand the long periods of drought Groudon brings.

Twisted Weald- Fairy / Dark / Ghost: The Elder Tree that houses the King of Fairies was nearly destroyed alongside the forest, were it not for the timely intervention of Xerneas and the early hunters. Ever since he returned to his slumber, Xerneass influence has greatly sped up the growth of the Weald. However, his recovery has imparted more of his Fairy aspect on the Weald than what existed before. Thick trees blot out much of the sun, and inside its depths the forest seems to go on forever. One can find themselves easily lost and at the mercy of the mischievous denizens. Not all the scars have healed, however. Great areas of burnt trees and death still exist scattered throughout the Weald, and Dark types claim these parts as their own, alongside the ghosts from the original fire.

Canopied Wildlands - Bug / Grass / Psychic: The vast stretches of desert attracted more than just Ground and Rock types to it, it drew the attention of the tiniest Titan also. The Seed Bearer, Shaymin, wandered into this stretch of destruction and began its arduous task of restoring life to the area. It succeeded in ways none would ever had expected. Where desert once sat now exists a great jungle, bursting to the seams with life. With the sands gone more than just life has flourished there. Long thought lost, the Relic Temple has been uncovered deep within the heart of the new jungle. Psychic types have flocked en masse to the temple to uncover ancient secrets, as well as strengthen the psychic field that clings to the temple.

Tools of the Trade

Youll need more than just enthusiasm to hunt the monsters lurking these lands, youll need a sturdy weapon. Monster Hunters weapon style has always been awesome, but impractical. Giant Swords and bows, explosive crossbows, weapons that transform into other weapons, and spears that incorporate miniature cannons are staples of the series. Rather than just ripping off the weapon categories there, youre free to create whatever awesome but impractical weapon you can think of. Hunting unconventional game sometimes needs unconventional weapons.

You arent required to have some crazy weapon though, skill is the determining factor for taking down your quarry. If you want to rock a knife and fight through sheer willpower alone, go ahead. Also feel free to check the weapons of Monster Hunter and ask me any question you might have about weapons.

In addition to your basic weapon, might as well put what youve gained from previous hunts to work. Building new weapons from the Monster you just took down is also a Monster Hunter classic, since those parts often impart some of the Monsters abilities to you. This carries over here. Fighting an ice type? Well you just took down an Arcanine last hunt, why not line the back of your weapon with its mane to impart some fire into your strikes? Get creative and even feel free to create an entire arsenal for your hunter to use.

Sign up

Basic History:
Companion Pokemon (stage 1 or 2 to start with)


A Princely Birb

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Throw my WIP in

Name: Nestori of the Ice
Age: 19
Basic History: Nestori was born in the bitter cold of the North, around the site of the Hollow Fjord. With the lack of civilization up North, the Guild needed one of the many clans to set up a permanent residence around the Fjord to report on its activities. It was the Nylund clan that took up this responsibility; a recent (in the grand scheme of thing) clan, still bearing both southern traits alongside northern genetics.

Weapon: Twin tipped spear
Companion Pokemon:


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I don't usually post WIP SU's, but I wanted to show support for this while I finished.

Name : Yona Stahlarm
Age: 21
Personality: Thrill seeker, hot tempered, loves both making and eating food and drink.
Basic History: Worked as a butcher and chef, wanted more.
Appearance: Short, but strong. Mostly dark, but with a splash of color.

Weapon: Large shield that transforms into a crossbow. Collection of small knives and short swords, including a cleaver.
Companion Pokemon: Castform

Simply Dunsparce

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Name: Ralph Durham
Age: 26
Personality: Loyal, likes to plan ahead.
Basic History: Was a blacksmith prior to joining the guild.
Appearance: Average height and build. Has brown eyes, short brown hair, and a Chevron mustache.
Weapon: Rhompaia, some throwing stars
Companion Pokemon: Arcanine
"Fire the kitten cannon!"

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Is this still gonna happen?
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