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Pokémon OPEN Tournament of Champions [T]

Started by Ozymandias July 3rd, 2018 10:03 AM
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Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions, a series of battles amongst the entire pokemon world's greatest trainers is back after its last incarnation four years ago. Taking place in the Hoenn region's Battle Frontier, the competition draws in battlers of all backgrounds to test their might against one another. Gym-Leaders, frontier brains, random trainers, anyone with a full team of six is welcome to fight their way to the top.

With all the preliminaries out of the way, we have reached the final few rounds, where you, the champions of the participating regions await your challengers. Whether it be out of obligation, a yearning for a challenge, or further establishing dominance, your champion has entered into the tournament, and are ready to take on the best of the best. Regardless of motivation, however, there can only be one winner, and whoever stands victorious at the end will be crowned the undisputed greatest trainer in the world.

The Workings

This isn't your typical pokemon rp as we'll focusing more on the battles rather than character development and the collection of pokemon. Your character is the champion of a region, and as such is already a very well established and experienced trainer. The first few battles will be against a variety of familiar faces from the games, with gym leaders and other important trainers advancing through the earlier rounds to challenge your character. However, after a couple of battles the real fun begins and only a few will be left standing. You will be battling one another in what is hopefully a series of great jp's. Who wins these battles can either be decided by the players involved or rng elements can come into play if the two can't decide.

There are only six pokemon leagues and one champion for each, so as such the maximum amount of characters that I'll be accepting is six. Because of the limited number of spots the selection of applications will be more competition based. That being said, if I don't accept your character, it's nothing personal and I will work with you in expanding upon your application if you'd like.

Your character will be going into the tournament with a set team of six pokemon that they have selected. Mega Evolution is canon in this universe and every trainer is allotted one Mega on their team. Each pokemon on your team can know up to six moves with a single egg move of your choice. They may also have an ability of your choosing from the list of abilities that they can have naturally. I may or may not change this in the future, but as of now I'll also allow one legendary pokemon per team as well. The only stipulation is that the legend must native to the region that you are champion of.

The Rulez

1. Follow all PokeCommunity/RPC rules and guidelines
2. The GM ruling is law :3
3. The rating is T for Teen, don’t go too crazy. Leave all that for the fan fictions.
4. Try to be as active as possible. I understand that we can all be busy and such, but we gotta move on. If you won’t be posting as much, let the GM know in advance. However, you will be booted off if you do not return or if you go inactive without messaging me.
5. Be respectful to one another, and have fun cause isn't that what it's all about? lolno

Sign Up

Name: (anything you want it to be)

Age: (18+)

Gender: (pretty self explanatory)

Region: (which of the seven regions is your character the champion of?)

(what does your character look like? what do they wear? Picture would be great, but even if you have one you must write at the very least a paragraph)

Brief History: (a short synopsis of your character's life before the tournament. how/why did they become champion?)

Team: (your chosen team of six. nickname, moveset, and ability go here. Check the rp workings for the details :3)

Other: (anything else you would like me to know)

RP Sample:
(you can just link a post from a previous rp here or write a short post as your character)

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Marié Light / 28 Years Old / Anistar City




Coming Soon~


Coming Soon~


Jiraya/Male/Bold/Thoroughly Cunning/Protean
Water Shurriken/Dark Pulse/Ice Beam
Night Slash/Substitute/Scald

Célia/Female/Naughty/Likes To Fight/Flame Body
Brave Bird/Flare Blitz/Tailwind
Roost/Fire Blast/Acrobatics

Rei/Female/Serious/Proud Of Her Power/Inner Focus
Flash Cannon/Close Combat/Aura Sphere
Detect/Extreme Speed/Meteor Mash

Seles/Female/Bashful/Very Finicky/Synchronize
Moon Blast/Psychic/Toxic
Calm Mind/Reflect/Thunderbolt

Chopper/Male/Jolly/Quick Tempered/Rock Head
Crunch/Earthquake/Dragon Claw
Head Smash/Ancient Power/Dragon Tail

Trent/Male/Quiet/Nods Off A Lot/Natural Cure
Horn Leech/Wood Hammer/Phantom Force
Shadow Ball/Will-O-Wisp/Poison Jab


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I'll be making either an SU for Unova or Kalos soon enough! :)


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Name: Dave Plum

Age: 60

Gender: Male

Region: Hoenn


6' 3" and built like a truck, Dave has kept in good shape despite his age. With his weathered skin, gray hair and beard, and soft green eyes, he certainly looks his age, but his eyes light up when he's in a fight. He dresses like a gentleman, with a white shirt, red tie, and black coat, brown slacks and shoes, and a black bowler hat. But sometimes he ditches the coat and hat to reveal his white shirt is actually a karate gi, the tie is a red headband, and his black belt isn't just to keep his pants up, but a proper black belt.

Brief History: 50 years ago, Dave and his best friend Susie became rivals in Pokemon battling, with the goal of setting out and becoming masters. It took years, and Susie quit the game after a particularly hard loss, but Dave stayed with it and eventually became Champion of the Hoenn region. His reign was short, as he soon stepped down to marry Susie and open a dojo. As the years went on, his brief tenure was all but forgotten, but he still told stories about it to his young grandson Hoshi. When the boy received his first Pokemon, he scoffed that while it took Dave five years to reach the Pokemon League, he could do it in one. Dave refused to stand for that kind of talk, and retook the Gym challenge, collecting badges and making his way back to the top. Dave actually defeated his grandson in the title match, earning the title of Champion again and proving that he was still as good as he ever was.


1. Holly the Roserade

Ability: Technician

Moves: Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Toxic Spikes, Energy Ball, Venoshock, Dazzling Gleam

2. Powerbug the Heracross

Ability: Moxie (Skill Link in Mega Form)

Moves: Rock Blast, Arm Thrust, Night Slash, Brick Break, Pin Missile, Close Combat

3. Drumsticks the Blaziken

Ability: Blaze

Moves: Fire Punch, Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, Work Up, Shadow Claw, Thunder Punch

4. Emerald the Sableye

Ability: Prankster

Moves: Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Power Gem, Rest, Sleep Talk

5. Saber the Gallade

Ability: Justified

Moves: Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Double Team, Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Poison Jab

6. Surtur the Groudon

Ability: Drought

Moves: Precipice Blades, Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Hammer Arm, Iron Head, Dragon Pulse

RP Sample:


i'm going on a journey

under your bed
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oh look i decided to make my own character :3

Name: Kyra Pickard
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Region: Sinnoh

Appearance: Standing at exactly six feet tall and packed with muscle, Kyra makes for quite an intimidating figure. Her tanned skin, various scars, and chiseled form are all telling of the countless hours she has spent working in the production line of Oreburgh City's mines. In line with her rowdy personality, she often lets her long fiery hair stay unkempt and tangled in knots. While her striking blue eyes may be a mark of traditional beauty, the smirk that can always be found on her lips ruins any semblance of that.

As far as wardrobe goes, she likes to keep things as simple as they get. Staying with the outfit that she'd don to work everyday, Kyra can most often be found in a white tanktop, with a black sports bra on underneath, dark blue jeans, and her khaki brown miner's jacket wrapped around her waist. The rugged look is finished off with a pair of beat-up work boots.

History: Born in Oreburgh City, like many other children, Kyra embarked upon her own pokemon journey at the age of fourteen. A talented battler, she made it all the way to the Sinnoh League before ultimately being defeated by the champion at the time, Cynthia. She continued to challenge her again and again, but could never best the young woman only a few years her elder.

Eventually, due to a lack of resources, the stubborn girl had to give up the fight. She returned home in order to work in the city's mines and help support her family. She never gave up battling, however, and challenged travelers who came through the city, defeating each and every one. It killed her to see her sworn rival continue to dominate the League, until two years ago, when she saw that a familiar face had defeated Cynthia.

A young girl that had passed through Oreburgh, clad in a white beanie and pink scarf had overcome the champion. The girl looked familiar and sure enough she had challenged Kyra during her stop through the city, being handed an overwhelming defeat by the veteran trainer.

Enraged at the thought of her self-proclaimed rival losing to this weakling that she had beaten so easily, the red-haired woman stormed through the region, making her way to challenge the new champion known as Dawn. Once again, Kyra handed the girl a defeat, this time becoming champion of Sinnoh in the process. It has been two years since then but she has yet to defeat the woman who stumped her all those years ago.



Kayla the Infernape
Flare Blitz / U-Turn / Close Combat / Mach Punch / Stone Edge / Thunder Punch
Iron Fist

Caspar the Dusknoir
Shadow Sneak / Power Up Punch / Will-O-Wisp / Destiny Bond / Earthquake / Focus Blast

Watts the Electivire
Wild Charge / Earthquake / Ice Punch / Thunder Wave / Volt Switch / Thunder Punch
Motor Drive

Shay the Sylveon
Hyper Voice / Wish / Protect / Calm Mind / Heal Bell / HP Fire

George the Slowking
Scald / Future Sight / Psyshock / Nasty Plot / Ice Beam / Flamethrower

Daisy the Garchomp (Mega)
Earthquake / Dragon Claw / Fire Fang / Swords Dance / Outrage / Stealth Rock
Rough Skin/Sand Force

how happy is the blameless vessel's lot
the world forgetting by the world forgot
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
each prayer accepted and each wish resigned


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Name: Evelyna "Eve" Nightingale
Age: 20
Hometown: Virbank City
Region: Unova

Appearance: Evelyna is rather small in stature, at only a mere 5'2", she has delicate porcelin skin, so pale that its as if she's never seen the light of day. Her long, silky, jet black hair frames her small face, her bangs often concealing her piercing amber eyes. Her hair is always straightened, and is often worn in two loose pigtails.
Evelyna has small, ruby rose lips that are continuously curved upwards in a small, shy smile. When she speaks, her voice is soft, gentle, quiet, and often sounds melodic.

Evelyna typically dresses conservatively. She generally reaches for clothing in darker shades, and typically wears a white blouse underneath a black blazer, along with a navy blue skirt over top of black nylons. For footwear, she reaches for a comfortable pair of burgundy flats.

History: Evelyna was raised in Virbank city and is from a family of musicians. At a young age she learned to play various instruments including the piano and the violin and was very passionate about music. However, she has always been incredibly shy and has suffered from severe anxiety and as a result had stage fright. Because of this, she never was able to display her talent. However, this changed when she befriended Roxie, the infamous Virbank city gym leader. Roxie helped Evelyna overcome her fears, even offering Eve a spot on her band. Over the years, Evelyna toured the Unova region alongside Roxie and their bandmates. Evelyna later developed an interest in battling after witnessing one of Roxie's first gym battles. She took a momentary break from her music and began to put her time into the training and catching of pokemon and ultimately decided to pursue a journey as a pokemon trainer. Her anxiety proved to be a setback for her, but she used battling as a coping method, alongside her music. This proved effective as she managed to defeat her long time friend, Roxie, earning her first gym badge. Afterwards, she traveled the region and challenged the remaining gym leaders and was able to collect all eight badges.

She then successfully defeated the elite 4, moving on to face off against Iris, Unova's strongest trainer at the time. After a hard fought battle Iris upheld her title as champion with Eve crushed in defeat. Iris gave her challenger some advice and Evelyna took it seriously. She knew she had to develop a new strategy in order to beat Iris, coming to the conclusion that it was necessary to utilize her musical capabilities when battling. Over the course of a few months, she trained her pokemon with the use of music, allowing them to develop more rhythmic, dancer like movements and to use music-related moves. Eventually, she challenged Iris again, claiming her title.

For a year, Evelyna has gradually developed and perfected her unique battling style, continually incorporating music into her battles. During matches with challengers, she often sings her commands to her pokemon, and doing so, has remained undefeated.



Whisper the Exploud
Moves: Boomburst, Synchronoise, Screech, Crunch, Earthquake, Teeter Dance

Zena the Zoroark
Moves: Agility, Nasty Plot, Extrasensory, Night Daze, Flamethrower, Substitute

Soprano the Altaria (Mega)
Moves: Perish Song, Dragon Dance, Sky Attack, Hyper Voice, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse
Natural Cure/Pixilate

Lyrica the Meloetta
Moves: Sing, Hyper Voice, Psychic, Perish Song, Relic Song, Close Combat
Serene Grace

Sia the Chandelure
Moves: Confuse Ray, Fire Blast, Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Will-O-Wisp

Seville the Serperior
Moves: Leaf Blade, Aqua Tail, Giga Drain, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Double Team

Other: When performing, Evelyna takes on a different persona. She typically wears a long black dress with lace black gloves, black pumps, with her hair down. She'll even occasionally wear different coloured wigs or contact lenses to further enhance her look. The stage is truly where she expresses herself to the fullest extent.

RP Sample:

Adaline Kestel
Age: 15
"Adventure Awaits"

Badges: 0
(Paris, Female)

Moves: Ember, Tail Whip, Scratch, Howl, Flame Charge

"Right, the sun is already beginning to set," she observed, walking alongside Oliver who had increased his pace. Josh was right behind them as they continued walking on the path surrounded by lush trees and vibrantly coloured flowers. Stopping momentarily, she picked a pink a delicate pink lily, sniffing it and enjoying its lovely fragrance before placing it behind her hair.

Adaline loved flowers, in the early spring she spend her days gardening with her mother and older sister in their gargantuan yard. They grew herbs, various fruits and vegetables and a lot of flowers, tulips, peonies, Gerber Daisies, roses, and everything in-between.

A pokemon suddenly crawled out of the flowers, munching on a small green leaf. Adaline reached for her pokedex, inquisitive as to what type of pokemon it was.

"Scatterbug, the Scatterdust Pokémon. When attacked by another Pokémon, Scatterbug scatters the black powder that covers its body and regulates its body temperature", The pokedex uttered.

"So you're a Scatterbug? My name's Adaline and this is my trusted partner, Paris," she said crouching down as Paris leaped out of her arms, sniffing the new pokemon. Scatterbug cowered in fear, sending a cloud of black powder which caused Adaline to cough.

"It's alright, there's no need to be afraid, we won't hurt you," she murmured softly, when the small cloud dissipated. The pokemon looked at her timidly, its black eyes gleaming. Slowly, she reached out towards it and rubbed its back gently.

"Scatter, scatter," the pokemon cried out happily, seemingly overcoming its fear of her. Paris approached Scatterbug again, licking the wild pokemon excitedly. This time, the bug pokemon didn't seem to mind.

Suddenly, a large bird pokemon appeared from the nearby treetops. Two smaller bird pokemon accompanied it and upon seeing Scatterbug, they raced towards it. Scatterbug noticed this and hit behind Paris. The fox pokemon growled, sensing the oncoming danger.

"That's a Fearow and a group of Spearow, they seem to be after Scatterbug," Josh hollered.
As if on cue, the scatterbug lept into Adaline's arms.

"Not on my watch," Adaline said confidently. "Paris hit them with ember," she commanded. The fox pokemon launched its fire attack at the fast-approaching bird pokemon.

They all dodged with ease, the Fearow hitting Paris with wing-attack.

Paris recovered quickly, responding with scratch, the attack hiting the Fearow dead-on. The two Spearow then began to peck at the Fennekin repeatedly.

"Paris, hold on," Adaline said calmly, despite her disposition, she was fearful that her pokemon would sustain too much damage. Suddenly, Paris' body was engulfed by a fiery red flame. The Spearow were simultaneously engulfed in the flame, their bodies aflame and burning brutally.

"That must be a new move," Adaline breathed in amazement.

"Flame Charge," she heard Oliver say.

The two spearow were knocked out, with only Fearow remaining.

"Alright, Paris, Flame Charge, let's go," with that, the fox pokemon smashed into the oversized bird. Fearow hit the ground roughly, before recovering and aiming another attack at Paris. Before it managed to land its attack, a yellow powdery substance came over the Fearow causing it to collapse and fall to the ground mid-air. It was paralyzed.

Adaline looked at Scatterbug who had leaped out of her arms and was now facing its pursuer head on. The Scatterbug followed up it's stun-spore attack with spring-shot, wrapping up the Fearow entirely in silk. Paris finished off the pokemon by hitting it with flame charge, sending Fearow into oblivion.

"Now Fearow won't be able to hurt anyone for a long time," Adaline stated triumphantly.

(Paris and Scatterbug):
"Thank you so much for saving me! You were totally awesome," Scatterbug said meekly.

"You were, too, it was a team effort. We make an excellent duo," Paris responded cheerfully.


"You're safe now, scatterbug. You won't have to worry about those pokemon for a long time!"

In response, the Scatterbug began climbing up Adaline's leg.

"Is this your way of thanking us? Well, I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

Scatterbug nodded in reply but didn't seem have any desire to leave.

"Would you perhaps like to accompany Paris and I on our journey?" Adaline asked.
"Scatter, scatter" the pokemon replied joyfully.

Adaline grabbed a pokeball from her purse, and threw it at the bug pokemon. After the pokeball rocked three times, it gave off a "ting" sound to signify that Scatterbug had been successfully caught.

"Now you just need a nickname," Adaline said, gingerly picking up the pokeball that contained her newly-caught pokemon. "I'll call you Vienna," she said. It seemed like an odd name for a small caterpillar-like pokemon, however it was fitting for an elegant Vivillon like the one that Scatterbug would become.

Turning back to Josh and Oliver, she said, "Now, let's head to Santalune before nightfall."

New pokemon:
(Vienna, Female)

Moves: String Shot, Tackle, Stun Spore



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This sounds fun, still accepting sign ups? Along with is Kalos taken?


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This sounds fun, still accepting sign ups? Along with is Kalos taken?
Dude, you've got to stop reviving old clearly dead roleplays. This one never even got an IC thread. Have a closer look at the date of the last post next time, alright? If you are interested in a dead rp (more than a couple of months old in both threads) try PMing the GM :)
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