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Pokémon OPEN Abnormal Cake Simulator 2 Page 3

Started by Razgrey November 1st, 2016 8:55 AM
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I'm not very good at making exposition or plots.
I can make someone a villain without a good reason.
So anyways... Mischief probably does have 4 personalities at once, or has a severe case of extreme headaches, or is just plotting something dramatic.
Whenever I try making up some new story, I'm exited to make certain events, assuming that people will think that it's good when it's full of errors.
Last time I did Abnormal Cake Simulator, it was extremely random.

But anyways, I will have to change up a few things later, so it's more understandable.
If the structuring of this post looks off, then... Meh. I'm bad at typing explanations.
I will stop annoying everyone about their posts. I'm getting too lazy for it.
This is the end.


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I don't know if anyone is still here, but sorry for not being able to make an IC post in the RP. This week was Regents/test week, I've been really tired lately, and my brother has been hogging the computer most of the time. MAYBE I'll try getting a post up? Who knows.
~Calamity Trigger~
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name: lilly
species: mimikyu
gender: female
age: 12
personalty: autistic
traits: stupid, can draw, insomniac, good at decorating.
This RP is already long inactive, so I don't think they're accepting anymore, sorry!

Razgrey, if you'd revive your inactive RP and continue from where you left off, just PM a moderator to discuss it!
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