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Crystal Pokémon CRYSTAL KAIZO: The Official Sequel to Blue Kaizo Page 3

Started by SinisterHoodedFigure August 27th, 2014 4:31 PM
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šoακεd ςʟoτhεš, ωε† hαïr... ςoʟd ώίɴɖ ßʟoωïηg...

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Celadon City, Kanto
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Posted May 25th, 2019
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9.3 Years
itร ʀɑiɳiɳg ѳut tɦɛʀɛ... wɛɑʀ yѳu cѳɑt, tɑkɛ yѳuʀ uɱɓʀɛʆʆɑ ɑɳɗ รtɛp ѳut Բѳʀ ɑ wɑʆk uɳɗɛʀ tɦɛ pѳuʀiɳg ʀɑiɳ...
wɦiʆɛ cʆѳรiɳg yѳuʀ ɛyɛร... yѳu ɦɛɑʀ tɦɛ ʀɑiɳ ɗʀѳpร tickʆiɳg ѳѵɛʀ tɦɛ uɱɓʀɛʆʆɑ...
tɦɛ cѳʆɗ ɓʀɛɛzɛ, wiɳɗ'ร ɓʆѳwiɳg, yѳu cɑɳ Բɛɛʆ it witɦ yѳuʀ Բɑcɛ รkiɳ...
ʀɑiɳ Բɑʆʆร
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Posted June 6th, 2018
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Alright, difficulty by general skill is one thing. But difficulty by not having enough resources is another. What I mean is this, while playing this Rom Hack, I and other people have noticed how Pokemon won't learn moves when they should. For example, I am just past Morty and have a Houndoom with the following moves

Houndoom Lv. 47
1. Ember
2. Bite
3. Roar
4. Pursuit
Not a single new move after learning Pursuit after lvl. 10(Or around there)
By now normally, it would have better moves such as Crunch and possibly Flame Wheel(you said you changed moveset's), and you should notice that NOBODY, would keep Roar on a Pokemon.
As stated earlier, I enjoy this mod, It's pretty damn good, I just have a problem with the fact that some people, including myself, are having problems with Pokemon learning new moves. And all I ask is if I can get a solution to this problem.

Also, whenever a Pokemon does learn new moves, it will stop once it reaches it's final evolutionary stage.
Seen August 18th, 2016
Posted August 15th, 2016
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Pokemon not learning moves definitely happens, my Arcanine didn't learn Crunch but I saw trainers with Arcanines that had Crunch.

Why do vitamins not work at all? I use them in regular crystal and pokemon changed stats, but in Kaizo, even though I give my pokemon 10 of each vitamin their stats don't change, and it's not the "It won't have an effect" thing, they take the vitamins but their stats don't change at all.
Seen August 21st, 2016
Posted August 21st, 2016
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9.6 Years
I really wanted to like this hack (I did at first), but I think I'm done playing it after just beating Morty.

The big reason why, is because I wanted a challenging mod. Not an annoying one. This is more of the latter.

-> Redesigned cities to make them less accessible (I have to go underground in Goldenrod to get to the other-side? wth.)
-> Likewise, redesigned routes to make them more clausterphobic (below goldenrod in particular is bad). As a result of this, goldenrod is a crappy spot to hatch eggs and its next to the day care man! ugh.
-> Enemy pokemon with movesets that are more annoying than challenging (Bugsy's annoyer, you know who I mean. Sudowoodo with explosion, Raichu's with surf which they should never have).
-> Hard to train party pokemon with wild pokemon due to poor accessiblity to certain areas (like national park, which is the ideal in between for goldenrod and ecruteak)
-> Reports of pokemon not learning moves properly. Ex Houndoom. Makes him pretty unusable to not learn flamethrower or crunch. Would be really nice to have a record of all the changes for those who don't mind spoilers.

I get wanting to redesign to make it more challenging (and force encounters), and I enjoy that in dungeons, but this went over the deep end. An example of a good map redesign would be Azalea Town.

The positives:
-> Harder game is good, especially up to falkner.
-> More complicated dungeons are nice (sprout tower).
-> Faithful to source material.

I'm sure a ton of work went into this hack, but I just can't recommend it to anyone who can't withstand extreme annoyance. Hope you'll reconsider the annoyance level in future hacks, and thanks for the effort put in.


Seen August 15th, 2019
Posted August 15th, 2019
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8.7 Years
This isn't a specific reply to anyone, but I am going to have to address some commonly asked questions, including the movesets of 247 Pokemon that were modified in some way.

Not all pokemon are created equal. Magcargo and Typhlosion are proof of this. Clearly one is better than the other, and nobody would want to use the inferior one. How could Magcargo compete? By getting better moves earlier.

Pokemon Go introduced a concept of capturing brand new pokemon to replace the old, and it is the only way to do well in that game. Pokemon Crystal Kaizo does a similar thing; (that came before the app ironically), it encourages you to catch newer, fresher Pokemon with better movesets. Wild evolved forms with good default movesets help immensely, and often, single stage pokemon can eventually learn the most advanced moves they could possibly get, such as Heracross, where it eventually becomes one of the greatest pokemon a player could have in Crystal Kaizo. For the difficulty scale, some moves take longer to learn than others. Again, Magcargo vs Typhlosion, the game encourages you to use different pokemon than starters. Its sad that you have to replace some pokemon, but on the plus side, it reduces level grinding that even the original games still have major issues with.

If you really want to keep using the pokemon you caught, you'll have to be patient when they are learning moves. Most moves like leer, growl, tail whip, defense curl (moves that the AI cannot use effectively no matter what subroutines are done) have been removed so that the default sets have mostly attacking moves. The problem is that some pokemon, like Houndoom, movesets don't have additional attacking moves between the filler support moves. It learns Crunch at really high levels.

Fun fact, the original GSC game's rhydon and Golem doesn't get a rock move stronger than rock throw. And lets not go into the horrible learnsets in the original RBY. Leer, tail whip, and rage Tauros anyone? It will take some time to learn new moves for older pokemon, while you fight the weaker pokemon with strong moves, while the boss fights have more powerful pokemon with strong attacks.

That's why TMs are available for use. Goldenrod City gives TMs from the Casino to the Department store, as a reward for winning battles. Fire types with fists can learn fire punch, and some can even learn thunderpunch. Exploration is key.

As for the annoyance from the game? This is not some "slightly harder" mod of the original. This is a Grade A "Nintendo Hard" mod of the game. Encountering annoying strategies is inevitable; many of them are competitive play strategies after all. Gamefreak gifted certain pokemon with event moves; like Pikachu with surf for example. I hear some of complaints that "the game isn't hard, its annoying!" As if its unfathomable that a game could get challenging enough that it could also be annoying.

The player has his or her advantages (Badge Boosts, previewing enemy pokemon, immediate switching, catching any pokemon they encounter, changing rosters before battles, hundreds of healing items) that the NPCs lack, while the NPCs have their own few advantages (every NPC has the best default sets they could possibly have, apart from the complete dud that is Delibird).

"Why is a Psychic type doing in a Poison Gym?" Ask Gamefreak why Kadabra is present among the NPCs in Koga's gym. Or fighting types in a Ground type gym. Or Venomoth in Sabrina's roster. Lots of questions like that.

And its not anything really new. The boss has pokemon with moves you don't have? Just like in the original GSC, or even RBY. Misty has a Starmie; you can't get starmie until you get surf. Lance's Aerodactyl had Rock slide in GSC as well. Ad infinitum.

And for the more legitimate complaints, some map designs. They are really just annoyances from the original games taken to a higher level. Unavoidable grass in a pokemon route? That would hold more water if every beginning town in every original pokemon game didn't force unavoidable grass without repels. Or caves without repels. Like in the original games, you just gotta press forward, and be prepared for the next route.

Cerulean City had no convenient exit in the original RBY; the two exits came from a shrub blocking the way, and a hole in a wall that a criminal made. In-universe, no one could get the surf HM at the Safari Zone in the original RBY. Some map areas are claustrophobic, just like in real life streets. Yes, real life streets and routes leading to dead ends do exist, as hard for you to believe that happens.

And the original game does force you to use HMs until they stop putting obstacles; you still can't remove the HM move until you reach the move deleter (unlike RBY where you are stuck with it forever). The "challenge" of the HMs comes from decision making; do you have strong pokemon that uses HMs that you use through the whole game, or do you swap in HM users with stronger battlers? Its nothing new in Crystal Kaizo; all of the original games force you to use "HM slaves. Even bosses like Lt. Surge and Erika force you to use Cut users. Does it excuse the HM usage? No, so treat them like "kaizo traps" to defuse, and make sure you have good pokemon with weaker movesets that can use an HM.

Does that add to difficulty? Not really, just being consistent like the original games. However, the rosters of every single trainer in the game, including default sets, do contribute drastically to the difficulty, and they use whatever moves they can use to win. The disabling of revives during battle also increases the difficulty, you can't lose certain pokemon, or you could lose the battle, just like in wifi.

A lot of people that "lecture" me about "tedious =/= difficulty" do not understand the real life concept of "penalties." Backtracking is a punishment for those ill-prepared, just like losing a battle, and the HM obstacles and long routes and caves are intended to discourage such failures.

Sure its inconvenient that you have to go underground in Goldenrod, but its technically safer; you can't run across the tracks of a high speed train after all. You can ride your bike underground at least, and it helps with egg hatching, and you can access a PC downstairs. Its slightly longer length as the above ground in the original. Also, the basement in Goldenrod's pokemon center will help immensely with egg hatching due to sheer length.

Most of these obstacles are so that you have to fight trainers, which give off money, experience points, battling practice, locations of newer wild pokemon, and an idea of what level you should be. Gauntlets are important since the end bosses are a massive and very difficult gauntlet.

Next Pokemon Kaizo hack will tone down the map edits and HM usage though. Documentation is currently underway in the planning stage. I already lost documentation for the previous Kaizo hacks due to a hard drive corruption, and I'm regretting it now.

Sorry if I sound harsh, but some of the complaints I've been hearing seem extremely entitled and poorly thought out. Fortunately in this forum, the complaints are legitimate, and thank you all for taking the time to read this. I hope my advice does help in some of the more rough or annoying gameplay incorporation in Crystal Kaizo.
Pokemon Kaizo Hacker


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Posted April 17th, 2019
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Omg this hack have a long list of features that I didn't even know was possible in crystal, but impressive!. Love that it is challenging and that you don't have use of certain items in-game. I played some of it and boy was I amazed, Wow, SinisterHoodedFigure!

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Seen August 15th, 2019
Posted August 15th, 2019
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8.7 Years
The link to the IPS file is not working, will there be a mirrored source?
Ok so I tried fixing up the link last night, and it was blocked today.

Has this happened to anyone else's sideshow showcase hacks before? Does my hard mode hack, which isn't even in the same category of hacks that are eligible for Hack of the Year, really warrant a DMCA takedown? And it's only Crystal Kaizo ips that was removed from mediafire; my other hacks are still up.

And it wasn't from Nintendo that it was taken off, some UK company that I never heard of made the DMCA. Has this happened to anyone? What is going on?

Try Romhacking Crystal Kaizo on google, another site has the same ips may still be up.
Pokemon Kaizo Hacker
Seen July 26th, 2017
Posted July 26th, 2017
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2.4 Years
I thought that giving some trainers what seems like an endless supply of hyper potions or full restores is absolutely lazy difficulty design. I found myself relegated to just tapping a for 10 minutes straight just to get through some trainers. I swear some trainers had 5 hyper potions they just constantly spammed on one pokemon. There are other ways to abuse the ai in your 'difficulty' which changes it from 'hard' to 'annoying'.

The fact that for the first part of the game you winning is 99% based on RNG is just absolutely unforgivable to me. You can make it harder, sure. But when all i need to do to win is just win a few coin flips (use poliwag hypnosis, just restart if RNG isn't good to you), it isn't depth at all, and again, becomes just tedious work. I found myself training a growlithe all the way to level 37 to one shot and outspeed all of bugsy)

I thought the puzzle design had a lot of good things.

I suppose the main issue is that it is very hard to actually make these games hard without breaking the balance inherent to it's mechanics. The game shouldn't devolve into 'flip a coin'.

These are my notes so far up to bugsy. I do enjoy this mod,
but difficulty curve matters, you can't force the game into being about RNG so early on like you did. you -really- should of toned down that aspect in specific. Basically every pokemon I fought within the game so far had some RNG based crap or another. Again, random is not difficult, random means I just have to be willing to be patient enough to restart the game if my hypnosis misses, or if somehow the enemy gets magical crit missiles many times in a row. I swear sometimes the RNG here made me feel like it was programmed to disobey rng and just do what it wanted, but that's probably just confirmation bias.
Seen September 22nd, 2019
Posted April 2nd, 2019
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6.5 Years
I'm surprised to see so many people complaining about the difficulty of this game. They clearly don't know what Kaizo actually means. About a year ago I decided to make guides on this game to show everyone that there was a hundred percent win condition that you could exploit. It seems like a lot of people might have use of those videos. From my perspective the game plays exactly as it's supposed to. Annoying difficulty is exactly what Kaizo is supposed to be but there is an answer to every question that the game will throw at you if you think ahead. Sinister was nice enough to put a link to my guides in the original post under the AceGames TV play through and I thank him for that as well as making an outstanding game with plenty of fun exploitable difficulties. If anyone is reading this and thinking about making a post about why this game is not fun for them because of the difficulty I encourage you to watch some of these videos and get a better understanding of ways that you can not only exploit the AI but easily counter the difficulty of the game with some preparation. Thanks again to Sinister and anybody who has helped to make games like this a reality as a difficult Pokemon game is something that is sorely needed in 2017 and onward.
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