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Pokémon OPEN A New Journey [M]

Started by Caecae97 June 26th, 2018 6:45 AM
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Welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Professor Spruce. This world is inhabited by mysterious creatures known as Pokemon. Here in the Orta Region, people and Pokemon live together in harmony, working together to improve life. As for me, I study the mysteries surrounding Pokemon. My main subject of research is a phenomenon known as Synchro Evolution. What is Synchro Evolution? Well, it's somewhat difficult to explain. Come by my lab in Razoray Town. You'll need to register yourself as a trainer here to get started on your journey anyway. But I should warn you, there are some people in Orta who seem to have it in their heads that Pokemon should be used for profit. I hope you'll be wise to stay clear of people like them.


The Basics
You've just become a trainer. In order to go on your journey through the Orta Region, you need to go to Razoray Town and pick up a Starter Pokemon, Poke Balls, and your Pokedex. Unlike other regions, the Orta Region does not have Gyms or Trials. Instead, there is a ranking system that tells others how strong of a trainer you are. The lowest rank is a D-Rank Trainer, which is what you will start as. In order to get to the next rank, a C-Rank Trainer, you must continue to catch Pokemon and win battles, and your Pokedex will notify you when you're able to take the test to rank up. The rank up tests vary in what you have to do to pass, but for the most part, it includes completing a specific task, or defeating an opponent in a battle with specific rules

Synchro Evolution
In the Orta Region, there are strange stones known as Synchro Diamonds. The diamonds alone are nothing more than pretty rocks. But scientists discovered that the stones can be used to evolve Pokemon in an unusual way. If a Synchro Diamond is cut and polished correctly, it can be put into a device called a Synchronizer. The Synchronizer used the power from the Synchro Diamond to fuse two Pokemon into one. Unlike normal evolution, Synchro evolution can be undone by reversing the programming on a Synchronizer. Scientists have also noticed that just because two Pokemon are compatible for Synchro Evolution, it doesn't mean their evolved forms will be as well.

Your Role
Part of your journey's goal is to become an X-Rank Trainer, the highest trainer class. But you are also supposed to be helping Professor Spruce with his research into Synchro Evolution. To become an X-Rank Trainer, you must pass multiple Rank Up Tests. From weakest to strongest, the ranking system goes like this: D-Rank->C-Rank->B-Rank->A-Rank->S-Rank->X-Rank. The Professor will give you a Synchronizer to help with his research once you become a C-Rank Trainer, and from there on, it will have to be trial and error to figure out what Pokemon are capable of Synchro Evolving.

Neo Cipher
Neo Cipher is a team that steals and uses Pokemon for profit. However, this is just a coverup to mask their true plans. Their leader was a scientist who worked alongside Professor Spruce, but was banned from the Pokemon Research Institution for trying to force incompatible Pokemon to Synchro evolve. The scientist took research data from a long dead organization called Cipher, and started using it to help with their own goals, creating the ultimate Synchro Evolved Pokemon in order to rule the world.

Grass Starter Pokemon
Fire Starter Pokemon
Water Starter Pokemon

List of Synchro Evolved Pokemon

Lucario+Ninetales= Auranthema

Sign-Up Template

[*IMAGE="Link"]Image here[/IMAGE]

Age: (10-16 for trainers)

Starter Pokemon: (Any of the starters are allowed)
Team: (Only the starter for trainers)
Dream Team:



Spouse: (18+)
Kids: (18+)


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I'm gonna give this a whirl. I'll finish the SU as soon as I can.


Sign-Up Template

[*IMAGE="Link"]Image here[/IMAGE]

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Occupation: Scientist

Starter Pokemon: (Any of the starters are allowed)
Team: Magneton, Roselia, Kirlia, Banette.
Dream Team: Magnezone, Roserade, Gardevoir, Banette

Personality: Utilitarian, machiavellan. Very narcissistic, to the point of slightly two-faced. Not good at the social department, and buries herself in her work to compensate.
History: Not much known. Lived in a foster home where she was picked on often. Escaped in her teenage years with a Shuppet she had befriended and never looked back. Planned on becoming a scientist to own those kids.

Likes: Science, her Pokémon. Tea. Power and knowledge.
Dislikes: Not very fond of people. She also curses herself for her normal desire for companionship, which she'll try to override at all costs.
Fears: Commitment, love. Also very scared of heights and death.

Crush: None
GF/BF: None
Spouse: None
Kids: Do her Pokémon count? She considers them "her children"

Name: Creamer
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
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