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It's a Pokmon Journey RP.

Objectives and Mechanics
You assume the role of a trainerwhether you are a seasoned veteran or greener than grass will be entirely up to your discretion. Nevertheless, you are applying for a position at a research faculty in the Kanto region. The job involves embarking on various expeditions out in the wild to help conduct some research, and objectives will primarily center on capturing Pokmon. The objective to help the laboratory fill up their exhibit and the RP will reach its conclusion once all targets have been successfully contained.

This job you're applying for is clearly clarified as piece workthe more leg-work you put in, the higher the pay! After completing an expedition, you will be rewarded with Affinity Points (AP) based on your accomplishments and overall performance during the expedition. The longer and more thorough your report is, the higher your scorethough you should not deliberately elongate. The level of AP will directly affect the amount of you earn at the end of each completed expedition, and you can choose to invest some of your personal funds for special tools to aid you on your upcoming voyages. Note that a fee is required for expeditions to help pay for preparations. All players automatically start with 10000 , and most entry fees will be at 1000. In the off chance you are completely broke, you will end up paying with AP instead.

Be aware that it is also possible to lose AP if you have made any decisions deemed unacceptable by the authority figures who will overseer all activity. To ensure a positive score, you may choose to bring one gift per expedition for one of the authority figures to obtain bonus AP. Each authority figure will have their personal needs and interests, so it is a good idea to pay careful attention to their behavior and reactions. However, you will never lose AP in the off-chance you bring them a unwanted gift; at worst you may receive some off-color remarks regarding your judgement and taste.

Cooperation and Sabotage
Though players are entirely free to solo their expeditions, there may be times when two or more players are set in the same area. These will allow an opportunity for players to cooperate with each other to earn extra AP, as a reward for contrived camaraderie!

Or you can just grief your opponents via sabotage. Such skulduggery is typically discouraged and disliked by your authority figures, but sometimes playing dirty will be permitted by one of your superiors.

Regardless of your own intentions and moral compass, your actions may inadvertently affect other players in numerous ways.

You can write your application however you like! You can choose to be completely free-form or rely on a format you are most comfortable with. The following are all that is required: NAME, SET OF SKILLS & PERSONAL HISTORY. As for appearance, a picture and/or a very brief description will suffice.

If you're not sure what to write then just write your application in-character, either choose to write out an interview or a resumeyour character is applying for a job, after all.

Your Partner
Unlike most Journeys, you are only allowed a single Pokmon to take on your travels.

You are allowed to have any speciesbarring legendaries and mythicals, of course. Unevolved Pokmon will specialize in utility and thus they are capable of having six moves at their disposal. On the other hand, fully evolved Pokmon are only allowed a maximum of four moves in exchange for stronger attributes. Only one special move (TMs, move tutors and egg moves) will be permitted, and the rest must derive from your selected partner's natural movepool. The use of HMs are exclusive for fully evolved Pokmon. I ask for everyone to run off Gen VII learnsets, and I'll personally be fact-checking through Bulbapedia.

A secondary Pokmon may be borrowed from an expedition or they can be rented using available funds. Secondaries may only be used once per expedition so it is imperative for you to rely on your primary in most situations. Certain expeditions may also lend a special Pokmon you may need to complete a task, and you are free to use these temporal assets in any way.

Beneath your application, you must write out a prompt to demonstrate and showcase your Pokmon's capabilities, personal traits and the kind of relationship it shares with its trainer. This will replace the writing sample section and give me a decent idea of how you'll utilize your Pokmon.

Authority Figures

The Professor
Waking up every morning before sunrise to sip on hot coffee is a standard routine for Kanto's Pokmon expert. Though his reactionary attitude and traditionalist values may dismay the new generation, the Professor refuses to allow anyone else to take over his life's work, and his tenacity is probably the only thing that is keeping him alive.
To say he is a bumbling individual would be a gross understatementhe seldom remembers the names of his own grandchildren and struggles identifying genders. But he is staunch and takes his profession seriously; he will provide guidance and assistance for others if need be.

Rumi Paku
Perhaps a scientist and a rancher makes for an odd pairing, but this marriage brought a assiduous hard-worker into Johto. When she's not out riding her motorbike, Rumi spends most of her time as a recluse studying the biology of Pokmon; she made it a personal goal to correct the erroneous research found in Pokdex entries.
Though her blunt approach and dry humor may imply irreverence, she is genuinely courteous of others and rarely goes out of her way to antagonize unless incessantly provoked. Given her rural background, her accent is a little thick but she tries her best to hide that southern dialect.

Colette Hastingues
Somewhere in Kalos, there lives a family of radicals who live for ostentation, and their oldest child was taught to act just as posh and pretentious. But the life of a pampered performer quickly bored this beautybringing her syrupy demeanor all the way from Lumiose, Colette aims to establish herself as a daring explorer and make new discoveries.
She is impulsive and lively with her crude humor and her over-enthusiastic remarks reek of smarmy vibes. She is rarely organized but as a devil-may-dare go-getter, she isn't one to shy away from a challenge. Her vocabulary consists of long-winded words, many of which are archaic.

This RP is rated T, so keep the content tame and not too risque. Please respect my authority as GM and adhere to the standard rules found in RPT.

This RP takes place in its own universe and only borrows base assets from the Pokmon franchise. Lesser life-forms like cockroaches exist for the sake of acknowledging proper ecosystems and professions completely unrelated to Pokmon are a lot more prominent. View this work as a personal interpretation that isn't set in any specific canon, and please avoid making any direct references to canonical characters for your own work (e.g., don't make a character who happens to be a relative of Lorelei).

Q: So, where does this RP take place in?
A: You're applying for a job from one of Kanto's research faculties, but expeditions sometimes involve traveling across the globe and visiting different regions.

Q: Different regions? So we can travel from Kanto and go all the way to Alola?
A: Yes. Well, not exactlythe exact details on the locations you explore will be issued in the assignments given, but ultimately exploration is a bit more limited compared to traditional Journeys due to the current system. Each expedition is meant to be seen as episodic or standalone shorts rather than the whole RP strictly following whole arcs. But that's not to say there's no overarching plot; this is merely meant as convenience to allow flexibility.

Q: Since it seems like expeditions primarily focus on capturing Pokmon, how exactly will catching Pokmon work in this RP?
A: If you're wondering if I, as the GM, will determine whether or not you succeed in capturing something based on some arbitrary factors, well, I won't. You are entirely free to choose whether you successfully capture the target Pokmon or not, just as you are free to write out the events in your posts.

Q: What if I just write one post for my expedition? What's stopping me from completing my objective in a short amount of time?
A: You can totally do that. You'll probably get little to no AP and basically squander a mission. But you can absolutely write in a jejune fashion if that's what you truly enjoy.

Q: If I start with an unevolved Pokmon, can they evolve later on in the RP?
A: Unfortunately, evolution or anything that completely changes your primary will not be permitted, period. Whatever Pokmon you decide on is the one you will keep throughout the whole story.

Q: Is Mega-Evolution allowed?
A: For the same reasons as above, this is also not allowed.

Q: What about shiny palettes or alternative formes?
A: For both, yes. You can even customize your partner's color scheme. Just make sure it's a cosmetic feature and you don't suddenly change it mid-way.

Q: How active should I be?
A: To be honest, this was designed to be a pretty low-maintenance RP. While I always appreciate players who demonstrate good attendance and activity, I won't really be enforcing any deadlines.

Q: Is the "Professor" character Oak?
A: Who knows.

Feel free to ask any questions here in the OOC. Alternatively, contact me through PMs (no VMs please).